Idiot Pelosi Set to Music: And liberals think Palin is stupid?

CLASSIC!!  Go to the video and leave the artist many many kudos!


13 thoughts on “Idiot Pelosi Set to Music: And liberals think Palin is stupid?

  1. Marc – oooh I read the shrillness in that.

    It’s no secret liberals think Sarah Palin is stupid based on a couple lines she spoke in an interview.

    There’s blunder of blunder documented on Biden and Obama but media isn’t saying anything because Palin is the star in this show now.

    But what Pelosi did was absolutely the most fundamentally STUPID thing ever! They had votes, they had what they wanted. And right before they get the lines signed, she gives a horrible, untrue, partisan speech.

    That is like saying “F*#K You!” to your brain surgeon right before the operation.

    And you want to talk desperation, check out newspaper articles on Palin and the attacks.

  2. Pelosipig is a fake leader. Her district includes the east side of SF. It’s full of welfare whores, disablity con artists and a plethora of thugs looking for handout after handout. These people don’t pay taxes. They hate America. But they sure do love the freebies they get and demand more, more and MORE.

    If she had to campaign in a real district with taxpayers, then her tax and spend agenda would be met with a stinging defeat.

  3. Marc – Pelosi’s in charge in the House. She couldn’t even deliver enough dems to pass this bill – and she only needed 12 more.

    Aside from that SHE is IN CHARGE. This happened on HER watch.

    You don’t have to like the President to admit that She failed as much or more in the job she was entrusted to do.

    Plus, she was totally bitchy about it. That never helps.

  4. Listen,
    The dems were never going to vote for this without bipartisan support, and they said so from the get-go.

    And can you blame them? It is the largest government expenditure to bail-out the private sector in history, so, no the dems weren’t all going to vote for, and they said so.

    As it was a precondition for the bill to pass prior to negotiation, and boehner was standing there all the way up to the night before the bill saying they had the republican votes to pass (even kucinich was prescient enough to see it wasn’t going to pass), still not sure how you rationalize this being Pelosi’s fault.

    Also, I don’t like the President, or Pelosi. I do, however, have eyes enough to pay attention and keep track of the facts as they crop up.

  5. I didn’t say it was Pelosi’s fault, I said it was her failure.

    There’s entirely too much worry about who’s going to take the bullet for this mess on Capitol Hill. I personally think that any legislation should have, in addition to a strict spanking for business leadership in the middle of causing this meltdown, a caveat that every single legislator has to leave government service and go away. Clean slate.

    At some point in life, people need to do what is right, even if it costs them their career. I have no sympathy. Their inability to do anything at all for fear of being voted out is ridiculous. That should disqualify them for office right there. Leave. Immediately. A meeting of managers from McDonalds and Burger King could work together with less manufactured rancor.

    In any case, The buck stops with the person in charge. This time it was Pelosi. If she weren’t so ridiculously partisan and they had a Democrat with some sense in the #1 position in the House, there might be more working together.

  6. This woman is the biggest idiot I have seen yet. She needs to keep quiet, but that is virtually impossible for mouth she always needs to grandstand. And after watching that speech she gave, she don’t even do that well. How did that sneak up on us so quick. Like little cat feet???HUH

  7. I missed the speech altogether, and I’m SOOOOOO glad that this hasn’t passed as of yet. Who will bail me out if I make bad decisions with my money? No one.

  8. “I missed the speech altogether, and I’m SOOOOOO glad that this hasn’t passed as of yet. Who will bail me out if I make bad decisions with my money? No one.”


    It’s not too late. Go out, buy a home you can never afford, put no money down, and finance it with a negative amortization loan. Don’t make any payments because the bank doesn’t want another bad mortgage on its books. The bank won’t foreclose. The bank won’t even send you a notice of any kind. Then wait for Pelosi to get it right and BINGO, you’ve got yourself a house!!!

  9. “This woman is the biggest idiot I have seen yet. ”


    Yep! Just look at the past and present competition she had to pass to reach that level. She makes O.J. look like a Rhodes Scholar.

    When McCain wins, she is history. The Blue Dogs will devour her like a can of Alpo.

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