Palin Wins!

Americans aren’t stupid! 
Philip in his post acknowleged much of Biden’s stupidity.  Both pundits on ABC and Fox both conclude about eight large factual inaccuracies on his part regarding McCain’s voting record as well as Obama’s.

However; to be fair, we know both sides can mis-characterize history to get jabs in.

But the ideology and intrinsic “I’m with you” appeal is with Palin as it was with Ronald Reagan. Talk about fresh blood, youth, and a breath of fresh air. I believe she should be on top of the ticket.

People who work a 40-hour or more week and most like myself who combats full-time school in pursuit of our Masters Degrees don’t want BIG GOVERNMENT like Obama/Biden taking control of hundreds of billions of additional dollars in the economy now and having the audacity to tell us “we will divide it up this way.”

The Democrats don’t trust us with our own money is what it boils down to.

Big Government Democrats want to get into office and search their big-government hearts to ESTABLISH MATTERS THAT BELONG IN THE PREROGATIVE OF AMERICANS!

If we want a bigger piece of that pie, we’ll use our efforts to work harder.

That’s the America I love. If you are anything but, you need to move to communist China.


27 thoughts on “Palin Wins!

  1. Palin is the next Cheney, well see wants to have more power than Cheney. Is that really a good thing????

  2. Wrong.

    There’s Hundreds of Billions of Dollars out there right now.

    You’re an American, right? A hard-working American, I presume and I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here to be respectful.

    Listen carefully: let’s say Obama/Biden decides to send you $500 a year from his robbing American earners hundreds of billions of dollars. (How’s that for “power?”)

    Is the limit of your worth $500? Are you really willing to be so underestimated?

    As I stated, establishing matters that belong in your prerogative and mine as Americans is NOT being an American.

    I work a lot and I go to school a lot. I want a bigger piece of that pie if it’s okay with you.

    I am worth more than $500. How about you?

    We should be encouraged to use our efforts to reel in as big of piece of that pie as we want. But the only way for that to happen is to keep government out of our pockets and out of our bank accounts and to control the spending they already have.

    Do you really NOT agree with that point?

  3. I am a full time student, wouldn’t mind getting a little government help. I am sorry but paying taxes isn’t the end of the world. Government isn’t invading my space and if they are helping people than that is not bad at all.

  4. Yea! Down with big government!!!

    Oh…unless it’s about getting into people’s reproductive choices or fining them 10,000$ for owning a vibrator(actual law in Alabama). Or preventing people from burning flags because I’m too much of a pathetic pussy to watch someone make a statement I disagree with!

  5. “Government isn’t invading my space and if they are helping people than that is not bad at all.”

    The American way of helping people is providing them with the same fishing pole I have.

    Hundreds of billions of dollars are being seized by the government.

    The American way is for us to determine our own wealth by using our own efforts.

    Start paying taxes, and you’ll see.

  6. A perfect nation according to Tom:

    1.) High taxes
    2.) A nation of vibrators
    3.) The glow of burning flags to set the mood.

    I’m glad, Tom, your positions never seem to change.

  7. Sarah Palin proved her mettle last night. I am gald she called out Obama/Biden on focusing on George W. Bush who isn’t running!!! Finally American got to hear that.

    I loved the way she quoted Ronald Reagan with her, “There you go again…” Shades of 1980!

    Obama/Biden and their plan for Big Government is easy to describe. Here is how it works on a personal level:

    Reduce the number of hours you work each week by 50%.

    Increase your spending by 50%.

    Go bankrupt.

    Obama/Biden want to increase taxes on businesses and that will kill jobs. So, we as a nation work less.

    Then they will spend billions on new government programs. This is the spending increase.

    Next, comes bankruptcy.

    You can’t reduce revenue, up spending and expect to remain solvent.

  8. “Government isn’t invading my space and if they are helping people than that is not bad at all.”

    We can all do with a lot less government help. Government help dooms people to stay in dead end jobs due to economic subsidies like Section 8 housing and the Earned Income Tax Credit. When you get these perks, the more you earn the less perks you get. So, people don’t want to work more and earn more because it doesn’t pay to do that.

  9. Did any of you notice Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin do not support same sex marriage? That’s no surprise from McCain/Palin.

    But, if Obama is the canddiate of change then you’d think he’d embrace one of the biggest changes of them all.

    On a totally different note, McCain has shut it down in Michigan. Wow. I did not think he’d win Michigan. Maye he shut it down because Pennsylvania is a state he can win and he wants to focus more resources there?

  10. I am a full time student, wouldn’t mind getting a little government help. I am sorry but paying taxes isn’t the end of the world.

    I’m sorry, I’m trying to be nice here. But when did I start to owe you a college education?

    I worked HARD for mine – full time midnight shift at Denny’s of all horrid places, then class from 8 – 12, then home to study and take care of my child. Then the whole thing again. There were weeks when, because of work and school schedules, I didn’ t get a day off for long stretches.

    I never once felt like someone owed me my college. I still don’t. I made an investment in my future, and two years of not sleeping (it wasn’t so hard in the community college portion) were the price.

    EVERYTHING has a price. You can choose whether or not the price is worth it. But you should NOT be able to choose for someone else to pay your way. You didn’t earn that money, why are you allowed to steal it from those who did?

  11. “EVERYTHING has a price. You can choose whether or not the price is worth it. But you should NOT be able to choose for someone else to pay your way. You didn’t earn that money, why are you allowed to steal it from those who did?”

    Amen Air Force Wife! If you want to play then you have to pay.

    You and I were owed one thing and we were paid in full. We were owed a fair opportunity to get a college education. We both got our respective opportunity.

  12. I was thrilled to hear Biden articulate that he and Obama were against same-sex marriage. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% for it.) Reason I was thrilled: so many of my friends seem to think Obama is the Gay Messiah. I’ve been working hard to point out that Obama’s position on the issue is the same as McCain’s, but with nicer phrasing. Of course, most believe “Well, he’s for it but has to say he’s against it to please the voters.” OK … that’s character.

  13. Small point in all the less than chimpanzee IQ level partisan badgering about taxes.

    Palin lost.

    According to your beloved Fox, by a lot.

    That is unless you’re under the impression that presidential elections are determined by pundits, then well, you’re beyond all hope.

  14. Um…I was pretty sure I heard everyone on Fox say that Palin won, Marc. And I watched the debate as it happened. Immediately afterward they started pointing out the glaring mistakes Biden had made, particularly about Spain being with us in Iraq and Afghanistan. They pulled all of their troops out after the Madrid bombings. They’re no longer with us.

  15. Right… the pundits… not the people Fox polled. The “people” who “Vote” said that Biden won by alot, according to the Fox poll.

    I mean, you could just check the provided link. That’s why it was provided.

    In case, you know, you didn’t want to take my word for it.

  16. Marc,

    Did you read my entire post?

    I’m telling you, Sarah Palin won on the basis of reaching the true American people. She understands us. She is intrinsically qualified to communicate, as Reagan was, to move this country forward.

    As I stated, do you really believe it is in your best interest for politicians to take control of a huge portion of money in the economy now FOR THEM to decide where it goes?

    Are you not man enough to use your own efforts to decide how much of that money is yours? Or are you one to believe that being treated like a number and sitting around waiting for your welfare check from the government is what you’re worth?

    Well, I’m worth a lot more. Obama’s tax hikes on businesses will only create higher prices for the same consumers receiving welfare checks. But the kicker is, the trillon he will receive from this “plan” is not going to taxpayers in its entirety.

    He’s using his big government head to establish matters which belong to us as American voters. He doesn’t have any basis to offer an assessment on me, he’s not qualified! Those matters belong to me.

    Palin conveyed that last night while explaining personal responsibility from the consumer level to the executive level.

    She won.

  17. Why do Obama supporters have to be so naive? Thats not a rhetorical question, I am actually waiting for someone to provide me with an answer. I’m continually baffled by their ignorance. I for one would never hop behind a candidate simply because of their skin color or campaign slogan. I would read their platform, figure out what was important to me and choose my candidate based on the number of views we have in common. Most Obama supporters are voting for him because he’s not Bush. What they need to realize is that McCain is not bush either. All republicans are not equal. Just as all Democrats are not equal. To me Obama is a petulant child who has been misbehaving since the start of the Primaries, and he’s long over due for a spanking. Well I guess when McCain spanks him in the November he’ll finally get what he deserves.

  18. “Why do Obama supporters have to be so naive?”

    I am glad they are naive. This makes it easier for McCain.

  19. “I’ve been working hard to point out that Obama’s position on the issue is the same as McCain’s, but with nicer phrasing. Of course, most believe “Well, he’s for it but has to say he’s against it to please the voters.” OK … that’s character.”

    Perhaps this is the Change that Obama speaks on and on about?

  20. Wow, you guys are hardly even worth arguing with.

    My point had nothing to do with support of Obama or McCain. There are many, many polls out there that either put the debate tied or with a Biden win. You guys are using the words of pundits and one crazy live group of voters, comprising a ridiculously small sample size. I’m using objective poll numbers, you’re using subjective opinions and unscientific studies.

    It’s not a matter of support it’s a matter of objectivity, and you all clearly have none. Look at my own blog on the subject, not that any of you had the bravery to comment there (we’re all on the WPBA), where i declare the debate a win/win for both sides.

    Look at you Steve. She understands the “true americans.” You can call yourself whatever you want but it’s simply a matter of opinion until you come up with some objective evidence that proves hordes of true Americans shared your opinion.

    Sarah Palin and I share alot in common that I’m sure she could reach me on, hunting, we both have lived in hockey towns, I’m actually a supporter of the decisions she’s made with her family, including Bristol, doesn’t mean I have to like her a choice for the vice-presidency.

    And man enough, excuse me if i digress a second to say f–k you. I’m man enough to speak my mind and vote my mind according to who I think will best manage my taxes, and as far as recent events go, McCain/Palin supported the same bail-out. McCain’s healthcare plan represents a direct tax on benefits providing businesses. So I’ve though long and hard, and yes, i feel comfortable in my decisions.

    Hotrod, use some facts, or at least allude to a single one, before you call me naive.

    And finally, if you really thing Palin and McCain have the been the big bad debate winners then I’m more than willing to make you a bet. If John McCain wins the election, I will stop writing politics on In One Ear…Out The Other. Completely. If Obama wins, you’ll have to stop writing politics here.

    Everyone agreed?

  21. Marc –

    You can hardly believe that the bailout is a political issue. Sure, it’s been Democrats like Obama that like to spend trillions at a time (thus his new spending plan) that we disapprove of.

    But just like the bailout itself, we all can agree that issues leading to it has been happening since the Carter administration and it has been well-documented. That’s not blaming ONE party, that’s putting responsibility on all of us as Americans who contribute to the problem on the consumer level, the middle man, and the executives all across the board for an attitude adjustment.

    Yes, Biden answered some questions regarding bills signed by Obama and put his spin on them. I much liked his final thoughts on John McCain being a “maverick.” He says he was a “maverick” on all issues except for the ones important to Americans. Thus, erasing the reason of even saying “maverick” to begin with.

    He knows he rejected Obama’s policies and supported many of McCain’s before being selected for the VP. She pointed that out.

    But getting past the spin on both debaters, which one has been in the Senate for 26 years?

    We have four choices:

    1.) Biden, a 26-year veteran who has been involved in the legislative processes all through the years, and here we are today.

    2.) McCain, a long-time veteran as well. Some good, some bad elements.

    3.) Obama, whose only answer to irresponsible government and citizens is to hike taxes to the point where businesses and employees will be affected along with new high prices for goods and services to compensate for them. This is the SAME, with us getting screwed.

    4.) Palin, a newcomer with enough executive experience to realize mistakes, have a world view that is strong yet open for discussion, have a strong approval rating in her state, have a true record as a leader with a servant’s heart who gave up luxuries to make herself no better than anyone else. An honest person whose personality leads us all to KNOW that she’s on our side. Intrinsic, within, and non-scripted.

    Last – it wasn’t me who claimed you weren’t a man. That’s Obama’s position. I believe you have the talents and the efforts to make your life good, to reel in as much of the money out there for yourself as an earner, not as a welfare recipient to the United States government.

    And whether you win or lose or Obama or McCain wins, your political opinions are always important because it inspires discussion. You are in the same boat as us as an individual at the end of the day, and not Obama.

    Finally, it was you who said we weren’t “worth arguing with.” Please don’t take a question out of context to imply I insulted you when you directly insulted everyone else in here.

  22. By the way, fact after fact of her actions as a governor proves my point.

    And I’ll never stop – if Obama wins, it’ll make my job as a blogger much more fun.

  23. Steve,
    you may keep writing, but not in a way responsible enough where you feel comfortable in backing up your assertions.


  24. Marc – there isn’t evidence of a clear Obama record of leadership. There is in the case of Palin.

    There’s a reason you keep coming back.

    Think about it.

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