Should Sarah Save Michigan?

Absolutely!  Palin Questions McCain’s concession of Michigan

I respect McCain and praise his choice in Palin as VP.

The debate is over, there is new energy.  And while McCain has to focus on the national eye, I think all rallies and speeches should be left to Palin so that energy can be used to its extent. 

Palin is the ticket to a win.  70 million people tuned in to see the biggest Political Event in the history of this country. 

Palin; for the remainder of the campaign, needs to snub the stupid media and go right to the voters.

1.) Michigan rallies and visits to working plants as she suggested.

2.) Ohio rallies and speeches to voters.

3.) Pennsylvania and Virginia rallies and town hall Q&A’s.

4.) Florida as well

McCain can use her energy to get through the next two debates while focusing on Obama’s lack of record.

The Democrats are terrified and are freeze-framing the windows on the web showing Obama’s lead in all the battleground states.  There’s a reason they are doing that.

On that note; in a state recently turned to Obama in the polls, Florida – today “Gov. Sarah Palin’s public rally in Southwest Florida on Monday has been moved to a bigger venue after overwhelming public interest.”

She’s a star and the real people love her.  Get her out there, get her in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.  She should rotate rallies every other day in everyone of those states from now until November 3rd.


One thought on “Should Sarah Save Michigan?

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