Palin’s Troopergate Report: Liberals Settling for Bacon Grease

Poor liberals.  They got short-changed two years ago when Plamegate gave us a phony perjury charge against Scotter Libby, to which President Bush issued a pardon.  Nobody outed Plame.  Rove, Rice, Bush, and Cheney were charged with revealing her name and liberals after months of hysteria had to settle for bacon grease.

With Troopergate, liberals were sure they would be delivered the actual bacon.  And in the far-off land of liberal-reporting in the MSM like the following MSNBC video, they are still pretending they have it by outright lying. 

I believe it was politically planned to release this report on a Friday night to keep all the conservatives on talk radio like Rush and Sean from delivering the truth on the MSM’s portrayal of this until Monday, giving us an entire weekend of Palin-bashing.

Palin’s “abuse of power” in the report merely charges her for not stopping her husband from contacting her subordinates, contacting state representatives, and others in the Alaskan legislature to get Mike Wooten fired.  Suddenly, liberals are against any state or federal citizen contacting state or federal officials to express concern against policies or decisions made? 

What a strange way to get liberals to admit that they do indeed support the Patriot Act!  In fact, they want it massively amended!

Speaking of “abuse of power” – Rachel Maddow of MSNBC abuses her power as a broadcaster immediately in this video in opening up the segment by saying:

“Governor Palin abused her power in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner.”

Then seconds later quotes the report as saying:

“Governor Palin’s firing of Commissioner Monegan was a PROPER AND LAWFUL EXERCISE”

It then goes on to describe the complaint of the Palin family going to state officials.

Many articles online tonight and broadcasts on MSNBC are headlining the “Abuse of Power” and some like Rachel Maddow are even going so far to continue to implicate that the report concludes Palin was found guilty of it for firing Monegan, which liberals have proclaimed all along.

Now that it proves them wrong, liberals are again living off the bacon grease.

Should we expect anything less of the darlings?


7 thoughts on “Palin’s Troopergate Report: Liberals Settling for Bacon Grease

  1. “She did nothing wrong, but she broke the law anyway!”

    I see you understand the world of Liberals. Up can be down. Up can be up. Up can be both at the same time.

  2. Did you all hear how Rep. Lewis – D (Georgia) compared John McCain to George Wallace? I knew the race card would get played sooner or later.

    In one poll Obama is leading in Pennsylvania 51% to 39%. Yet he is campaigning like it is dead even. You know what that means? Look for the race card to get played again when Obama loses.

  3. “I get it now! Life is a Dr. Seuss book!”

    Yes. If he were alive his new book would be called: Barak Raises a Tax. The book would also feature Joe Biden as Thing 1 and Hillary Clinton and Thing 2. Bill Clinton will make a cameo as The Grinch.

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