Voter Fraud: ACORN’s Problem Areas

Courtesy of the New York Post:


3 thoughts on “Voter Fraud: ACORN’s Problem Areas

  1. This kind of thing scares the bejesus outta me. If we don’t vote McCain in, these investigations WILL stop.

    Where’s all that indignation they had during the last two elections–you know, when they claimed Bush stole the Presidency? Oh, wait, I forgot. That’s reserved for people who think like them.

  2. Wow! All of it!? “denbunked” – SAY IT AINT SO!

    The video I have in the previous post SHOWING voter fraud among Democrats and ACORN “volunteers” means nothing.

    It’s all been “debunked!”

    “Debunked” is what I called the allegation of Palin abusing power in firing Walt Monegan. That’s an offical “debunk” but unfortunately we won’t be hearing any annoying made-up liberal terms coming out of your mouth in that case, will we?

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