Sex Offenders for Obama!

C’mon, did you really think child-preying sex maniacs were actually going to vote for Sarah Palin?  After all, she’s too old for them!

Poor liberals are so desperate that they are using this fella‘s youtube video as an example of folks who are voting for McCain.  Many say Obama is a terrorist, others clearly state that Palin’s experience is more impressive.  All in all, you can indeed see that none of those Americans are indeed threatening.  The main reason they say he is a terrorist though is because they are badgered by the cameraman until they actually say it.

He then asks about how long ago have they heard about Obama vs. Palin.  That’s the problem, all we keep “hearing about” is Obama, whereas Palin has an actual record of leadership and is loved in her state.

To this sex-offender, I say – we don’t think Obama is a terrorist.  We’re just frightened over his idiotic economic policy!  Perhaps if this blogger had a job like the rest of us, he’d be frightened, too.

Just another example of the type of folks going for Obama. 

We certainly saw the ones ACORN has been rounding up as well.  But, the good news is, last night, a federal high court ordered Ohio’s Jennifer Brunner to set up a system by Friday that personally inspected every voter registration submitted and that the results of that inspection were to be made available.


9 thoughts on “Sex Offenders for Obama!

  1. IF we lose this election, we’ll just have Ann Coulter and others begin plans for impeachment hearings.

    It took us a day to prove Clinton and crook, I tend to think it won’t take yearly that long for Obama.

  2. “so what are you guys going to do when you lose this election?”

    Lose? Ever hear of The Bradley Effect? In 1982 Los Angeles Mayor Bradley was running against George Dukemejian (sp.) for Gov of CA.

    He was up 10 points in the polls and lost. Plenty of people said they were going to vote for black man and did not.

    Obama’s wife thinks things have changed forthe better. They have. They are worse. Much more political correctness exists in 2008 vs. 1982. You can bet people are telling lies in the tracking polls because they don’t want to be labeled as bigots.

    The only thing you can believe in Election day are the votes that get counted. Don’t believe the exit polls. People will lie on those too.

    How do I know this is true? Obama is leading in Pennsylvania 51% to 39% yet he is revving there like it is dead even. He knows about the Bradley Effect. If you are up 12 points in a state then you focus your resources to other states that are up for grabs. You don’t spend and spend to guard a 12 point lead this late in the game.

    Here in supposedly blue CA there are presidential campaign ads running. If California is so secure for the Democrats, why are they spending money here?

  3. Well, A:
    Clinton wasn’t impeached, and it took you all of about 6 years despite his infidelities in Arkansas.

    B, the pollster for the Republicans during the Bradley election actually said the Bradley effect didn’t exist. What had happened is pollster’s had built in a projected momentum they expected but which never happened.

    So the bradley effect is just bad polling.

    There are also ads in very Republican Alabama where I live. They’re called “national ads.” Everybody gets them.

  4. And today McCain’s trail has gotten a little smaller in the Zogby and the Gallup.

    I’m telling you, impeachment must be desired by the people along with a team full of really good lawyers.

    That’s why it was successful for Clinton and it failed for Bush.

    Now I will grant you, after all those years of losing to Republicans, this year should be a blowout for your team, as it should have been in 2006 in the Congressionals (as it was not).

    But we understand that it will take a mere year of Obama to remind Americans why you don’t raise taxes on businesses during a recession…

    The impeachment will be supported by the people and our lawyers will be more than happy to go to work.


  5. Actually Marc, Clinton was impeached. As per the US Constitution, the House impeaches, and the Senate tries the case. The House did impeach him, but the Senate did not convict. It is must like the Grand Jury and the trial court.

  6. Obama is loved in his state as well Steve.

    Americans opposed Clinton’s impeachement by an unprecendented margin of about 40%.

    And because of that Clinton left office with the highest end-of-office approval rating in history. Thanks! lol 😉

    The camera man was just bullying him? HAHAHA! What is it with this right-wing paranoia? lol. I’m just surprised you didn’t say he was hypnotized the aliens! This is beyond parody…

    And no the polls are not 12-year-olds voting. Polls are polls. Bill Clinton is beloved. His impeachement sent his approval rating higher that Reagan’s highest point. I ‘d have to thank you guys for that too!

    Accept defeat Steve. I love ya as a friend but you have a problem accepting when you’ve been defeated…

    Just accept it….

  7. Mr. Tom,

    Obama is not loved in his state. Where in the hell are you getting that from?

    I live here. We have the highest sales tax, property tax, and corruption here among Obama’s crowd. NO REPUBLICANS HERE, TOM.

    Next, you parade as a “libertarian.”

    Do me a favor and explain to us Obama’s economic policy. His tax policy, etc.


    You have a moderate Republican and a reformer from Alaska who fought members of her own party and the other one as well.

    You have a moderate Republican who worked with Democrats and wants to keep money in the pockets of ALL Americans, not just the ones who don’t already pay tax.

    If you’re telling me you are supporting Obama, then you can never get angry at me for calling you a liberal ever again.

    Finally, we have 2 weeks. We’ll see what happens.

    BTW, I hope Sarah Palin in booed tomorrow night on SNL so that Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania can say to themselves “wait, New York City hates her, she might be our guy!”

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