The #1 Reason Why Obama is WRONG on Gun Control

Early this morning, a 23-year-old student at the University of Arizona–just two hours South of my Phoenix home–was getting ready for class at his off-campus home when two men he didn’t know forced their way into the small guest house he was renting.  Most people would have just done what they were told to do; not this kid.  He whipped out his handgun and shot both intruders to death where they stood.

It’s exactly what I would’ve done, what my dad would have done, and what any hot-blooded American should do when anyone invades their home.  When any person forces their way into your home when they know you’re there, you should expect that they have every intention of harming or killing you.  In that case, you should be incensed.  You should be completely enraged that anybody would have the gall to threaten you or your loved ones, and if you’re not willing to fight for yourself or your family…well, I guess you’re a liberal.  Barack Obama has consistently voted against the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and if he’s elected–if left up to him–like Nasty Pelosi and Dianne “this is the evidence we have against the night stalker” Feinstein, he will see our rights stripped and our guns confiscated.  Were it up to the libs this young man would have been dead because he wouldn’t have been allowed to have the weapon that saved his innocent life.

Anyway, detectives from Tucson PD are already pretty much convinced that the kid did nothing wrong.  His name isn’t being released due to the nature of the crime; it’s possible that the men he killed have friends who would retaliate.  Kudos to that young man for standing up to the bad guys.  Everyone should display such courage.

Keep pushing those gun control laws, Barry O.  If we just had a few more laws, maybe they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on all those drugs, either.


8 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why Obama is WRONG on Gun Control

  1. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


    Archie Bunker on gun control:

    “Woud you feel better little girl if they was pushed out of windows?”

  2. People may kill people, but watch out–if you’re not careful, that gun sitting quietly in its holster might jump right out and kill someone!

    John, I love that Archie Bunker quote!

  3. Anon,

    95% of Americans WILL NOT receive a tax cut.

    40% of Americans who do not already pay taxes as is will get welfare, 55% will get a slight decrease, but corporations footing the bill will impose the imposition onto workers, jobs, and hike up the costs of goods and services basically making the cut pointless for those 55%.

    Nobody in this country is going to do any better under any big government plan. Someday; be it sooner or later, people will be forced to work again and take responsibility for their own financial ruin.

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