Obama’s Poll “Security”

We’ve already got confirmed reports–caught on camera–of members of the New Black Panther party standing “guard” outside polling places in Philadelphia.  According to FOX News, where I first read it, at one polling place there were two, including one carrying a nightstick.  A FOX poll watcher approached them to ask what they were doing; they reportedly said “white power doesn’t rule here.”  The other flipped off FOX cameras and said he was a “certified observer” (whatever that means).  Police were called and had to ask the thugs to leave.

I then read on Michelle Malkin’s site that another polling place had caught them on camera as well, but that the New Black Panther Party had also held a press conference (linked above) during which they all but threatened white voters and, in fact, encouraged black voters to chant “black power!” when leaving the polls.  Translation: white power doesn’t rule, but black power does, and we’re here to snuff out the white man.  If Obama doesn’t tolerate this sort of behavior, then I demand that he immediately come out and publicly decry these actions and the violent statements made by the NBPP leaders.

So much for freedom!


3 thoughts on “Obama’s Poll “Security”

  1. “white power doesn’t rule here.”

    What does that mean? Someone please tell me about all of this power I have because I am white.

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