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5 thoughts on “Other Notables

  1. Well, at least I got to keep my conservative Republican Representative (Price) and my moderate Republican Senator (Chambliss).

  2. Prop. 8, the same sex marriage ban passed in CA.

    I don’t know who ran the No on 8 campaign, but that person should pack up and leave the state. That son of a beeyatch ran a horrible campaign.

    I will never forget the tag line, ‘Regardless of how you feel about marriage, it is wrong to deny people civil rights.”

    Excuse me? It’s o.k. for you to have intolerant views? Just don’t act intolerant?

    Not one single No on 8 TV ad featured any same sex couple in a speaking role. Wow! Let’s protect people from their own homophobia by showing them our own homophobia. That will work.

    Then there was the “if you are not with us then you are against us” crowd. If you don’t support same sex marriage then you are a hateful racist bigot. That sure opens dialogues and changes minds.

    Next up? Let’s tell lies that can be easily exposed as lies. Maybe we will fool some of the people most of the time. In CA, legal marriage and Registered Domestic Partnership provide the exact same state protections. But, the pro same sex marriage crowd tried to convince people the two were not equal. That lie was easily exposed.

    This campaign was winnable and easily winnable too. But the Gay Left decided the path to victory would be paved with homophobia, hatred, and lies. That strategy would defeat the fear the anti same sex marriage crowd was spewing. Negativity does not overcome fear. Positive actions defeat fear.

  3. I know, John. Prop 102 passed here in Arizona, the marriage amendment that we defeated last time. It passed overwhelmingly. I believe that both the lack of a campaign against 102 and the negative actions by those who defaced pro-102 signs contributed heavily to the measure passing.

    At least we killed Prop 105–it would’ve defaulted a “no” vote for every voter who didn’t participate in an election.

  4. This is really disgusting.

    7 out of 10 black voters voted to ban same sex marriage in CA. Far and away the black community slammed the gay community into a brick wall. If those Yes votes became No votes then Measure 8 would have failed.

    Let’s see the Gay Left defend that.

    Obama urged people to vote No on 8. The blacks in CA have declared war on the gays. This can’t go unpunished.

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