“Racism” My Backside

I don’t ever want to hear anyone call FOX News a “racist” station again.

They’ve just called the Presidential election.  Barack Obama has won enough electoral votes, including Pennsylvania and Ohio, that it is now a mathematical impossibility for John McCain to recover.

Forget the shotglass.  I’m just swilling it straight from the bottle now.


15 thoughts on ““Racism” My Backside

  1. With a nice dose of Xanax…

    Just think of all the wonderful topics Obama/Pelosi/Reid will give to the blogosphere!

    Good night, Gracie…

  2. Brit made me vomit awhile earlier. What the hell was he saying, please? My G-d.

    Someone just told me: “2 Years. A long 2 years, but still 2 years, not 4.”


    As gay conservatives, we must make sure that we are heard, seen, and included in what will become the New Improved Republican Party. A Republican Party that is truly conservative, but actually a bit nicer to the gays in their ranks, will be able to MURDER the Democrats next time. The people will soon see what a terrible mistake they made, and will swing back our way, *provided* that the lingering hatred in the party towards gays dissipates. They don’t have to support the legalization of gay marriage, or even same-sex couple adoption rights. But they’re going to have to come up with something. Perhaps play up the separate-but-nearly-equal thing by supporting civil unions, and giving more speaking gigs to folks like Tammy Bruce. I have to believe this. I mean, liberals have consistently painted Republicans as hateful bigots. Soon, the race card will lose its power. What’s left after that? The abortion issue?

    All liberals seem to think that if a person is gay, then they must also be a Democrat. Like we were *born* to be tools.

    We’ve got to win the mainstream of the Republican party over. Otherwise, I fear they will take a turn for the worse where gays are concerned, and we won’t have any political home.

    I don’t know. I’m a conservative Libertarian who swung Republican this time, in an effort to help protect my country from a man I believe to be a Marxist, and a congress I know to be full of Socialist villains. Thinking of becoming a real Republican, but on the fence. They gotta wise up. Why didn’t the McCain campaign listen to Dick Morris?

    I have been praying over this matter for awhile now. But always asking that the Lord’s will be done. Perhaps an Obama presidency–at least for now–*is* his will. Perhaps Obama will be found to be a citizen of Indonesia before Inauguration day, and be deported. Perhaps it will be proven that McCain would have won if it weren’t for voter fraud, leaving the court no choice but to put our warrior in the big chair.

    The Lord said to pray for our enemies. I remembered this when I was in blueprint class this afternoon. We need to pray for Obama. (Those of us who pray, that is.)

    Damn, I’m a *ussy. Thanks for letting me vent. I’m going to go cry now.

  3. Longview, I’ve sent out a massive e-mail to fellow gay bloggers tonight trying to get their support for a joint “Palin2012” venture.

    I agree with your perception on a couple of points but for the fact that I think all people – both parties – that the liberal bases are the issues with gays.

    Let’s observe what Palin did in Alaska. She vetoed the Senate bill that would have blocked gay benefits for partners of state employees. Alaska voted against gay marriage in 1998 and Palin put the bill she vetoed to a vote as well in an attempt to be fair. The people voted as she had, which was to avoid any personal opinions they may have but to do what was fair under the Constitution. THAT’S PROGRESS! It may not be marriage overnight, but it certainly moved the people in the right direction far more significantly than any Democrat has.

    Let’s observe Arizona who rejected the ban on gay marriage – a red state.

    And as you know in California, in 2000 it was banned by the same voters that were voting for Gore. We’ll see how Prop. 8 turns out.

    Finally, Oregonians voted to ban gay marriage in 2004. They also voted against Bush in 2004.

    I agree, we need to vote in a way where it’s a bit more apparent that Republicans like us more and care less about our lifestyles than the liberals do who only care when its time for us to serve at their electoral pleasure.

    We can start by screaming those few above facts from the rooftops and moving forward as a responsible part of our community, so I enthusiastically join your efforts.

    Thanks for visiting us,

  4. The facts were readily available about Barack Obama, but people ignored them. They didn’t want to hear about Rev. Wright – they wanted it to be “no big deal.”

    People didn’t feel the Ayers association was a big deal.

    People didn’t feel the stuff he actually said in his books was a big deal.

    I’m not sure pushing the facts will help anything at all.

  5. I’m going to post my first vidblog this weekend about the gay marriage issue, and it’s not going to be nice. Californians, who overwhelmingly voted for Obama, also voted to pass Prop 8 and take away our newfound marriage rights.

    I might not agree with gaining rights at the hands of an angry lynch mob, but if I’m required to be liberal because I’m gay (I hear you there, Longview and Steve), then I wanna hear a damn good reason for it, ’cause I don’t see the liberals doing anything for us.

  6. “I might not agree with gaining rights at the hands of an angry lynch mob, but if I’m required to be liberal because I’m gay (I hear you there, Longview and Steve), then I wanna hear a damn good reason for it, ’cause I don’t see the liberals doing anything for us.”

    I agree. The Gay Left has had 40 years to run the post Stonewall Era of the gay rights movement.

    It is time for the Gay Right to take over this task.

  7. “I’m not sure pushing the facts will help anything at all.”


    I think this time around too many people voted with the checkbooks instead of their brains. If October had not been such a rough month then we might have had a different outcome.

    On a totally different note, if I see one more crying black person then I swear I’ll go postal. Enough already!

  8. “Oh, John, I’ve long since lost my lunch. I’m runnin’ out of barf bags.”

    What really makes me want to hurl are the ones who sob and they are too young to have experienced segregation, Jim Crow, and the real crap their parents and grandparents received first hand.

    Crying? What for? They’ve only read about such troubles. Other people have lived them.

  9. Palin/Jindal.

    “Indeed, the only good thing about McCain is that he gave us a genuine conservative, Sarah Palin. He’s like one of those insects that lives just long enough to reproduce so that the species can survive. That’s why a lot of us are referring to Sarah as “The One” these days.

    Like Sarah Connor in “The Terminator,” Sarah Palin is destined to give birth to a new movement. That’s why the Democrats are trying to kill her.”

    Ann Coulter, 11/5/2008

  10. “Bring on the trash can…”

    I need a large dumpster.

    Dare I remind these teary eyed people Obama was raised by a single white mom and two married white grandparents? Where was the Obama side of the family in this mix? You’d these Barack would tout and chime every single contribution his paternal family made to his life. Funny, I ‘ve never heard him mention them.

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