Democrats and Media Miraculously Loving McCain Again

This caught my eye – so important to make a headline on YAHOO’s homepage:

Democrats say McCain can help mediate standoffs

“There’s a need for the old John McCain, a leader who worked in a bipartisan way,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday.

Suddenly the bipartisan maverick is back!

I think I’m going to switch the name of this blog to “I-told-you-so! DOT COM.”


4 thoughts on “Democrats and Media Miraculously Loving McCain Again

  1. So much for “Bush 3”, huh?

    Of course he’s a bipartisan maverick! Why the hell did they think I voted for him? I wanted a more moderate President, not the most liberal senator they could come up with.

    I guess they want to kiss up to him and get his cooperation now that they’ve had their way and gained the White House. You know, to stifle the conservative revolutionists.

  2. True. True. A lot of us Dems liked him a couple years back. Then we heard his concession speak a few nights ago. It was very respectful and touching. I gained even more respect for the man. While he did vote with Bush 90% of the time, I do believe he is a maverick – for real. I never really hated him – so to speak. I was more turned off my Palin for many reasons that we can agree to disagree on.

  3. As a Democrat, you’re supposed to co-exist with us peacefully.

    But, you’re also supposed to HATE our candidate. Voting with Bush 90% of the time was many votes that Democrats went long with, too.

    You forgot about him working with Kennedy to grant amnesty to 20 million illegals. (He voted with Bush that time, too). You forgot he voted against Sam Alito. You forgot he voted against the Bush tax cuts. So when he did vote against Bush, it was those defining moments that let us all know, he’s not conservative.

    Sorry to say, this country still loves conservatives and conservative values and if you’re not going to have a record of standing up for them like the issues of taxes, defense, and guns, the country will punish you as they did with McCain.

    You cannot sell out the social conservatives and Christian conservatives. It will ever work.

    This is why moderates like McCain lose.

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