White Pride! White Power!

As I was trying to recover from the fits of laughter after talking to, quite possibly, the absolute dumbest human being I’ve ever talked to…it had to end at some point.  I was having an okay day until I had to stop at the local grocery store.  I was about ready to be happy about going to jail.  It’s gettin’ cold here, so I wore my black duster and cowboy hat.  I’m a Texan.  It might not be an Arizona thing, but where I come from, that’s cool.

I get done buying groceries for the weekend and head out to the truck and two black kids, likely not older than 17 or 18, stepped out immediately in front of me.  I mean, they were literally inches from the front brim of my hat.  One of them throws his arm out in the Nazi salute and says, “white pride, white power!” at the top of his lungs, naturally drawing the attention of everyone within earshot.

I’m absolutely clueless, so I said, “dude, what the hell are you talkin’ about?”  The other kid, already laughing, jabs a hand at my duster first, then at my hat (nearly knocking it off–NOT cool) and says, “what’s with the getup, cowboy?  You miss your KKK meeting?”

Oh, hell no.  Them’s fightin’ words, boy.

The first hand that came towards my duster again got smacked away, but before I could bury my palm in his chest like I wanted to, the cop stepped in and said, “alright, guys, leave ‘er alone, you don’t even know ‘er!”  I didn’t say another word.  When they mockingly goose-stepped past me and shouted “WHITE PRIDE!” again, I just walked away.  I could’ve given ’em a lecture, but why?  They wouldn’t have heard it.  These were two fine specimens of young black kids brought up to believe that everyone’s out to get them and that all white people are racists.

Four years?  I’m not sure I can take four years of this garbage.  Racism my backside.  The only racists I see are the ones crying about it.  The only racists who came out on election day were the Black Panthers.  And I’d really like to know why it’s okay for a black kid to wear a t-shirt with a raised fist and “black power” in big, bold letters, but somehow wearing my cowboy hat and duster–and simply being white–makes ME the goddamned racist.


19 thoughts on “White Pride! White Power!

  1. I think its a pretty big leap to say that one lousy interaction with a couple of punks foreshadows the next four years. In fact, I think it more accurately speaks to how rarely your personal space has been arbitrarily invaded by racists, bigots, or self proclaimed protectors of the planet.

  2. There are idiots and racists of every color. You just seemed to have found the two kids stricken with both in your face. I’ve been there. But if you did anything, somehow you would have been the villain. You did the right thing to walk away.

  3. “There are idiots and racists of every color. You just seemed to have found the two kids stricken with both in your face. ”

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

    There is one thing I love about this Obama win:

    No More Excuses for anyone.

    I do not want to hear about the struggles of single parents, racism, poverty, or any other “reason” why someone can’t make a go of it in life. You don’t have to become President. But there are no more excuses for not making something of yourself.

  4. Mel – I live in Chicago’s south burbs and have had many black friends throughout the years. I do notice that when some are faced with breaking the law, they cry out racism whenever it’s time to pay the consequences.

    But this was horrible. This was a disturbance to your peace as a citizen and you were verbally assaulted. I have no idea why they had the freedom to walk away at all.

    Calling someone a racist is just as bad as punching them in the face in my opinion. Because of something you wore, they pre-judged you and (in the words of our wonderful president) “acted stupidly.”

    This world is frightening but you’re a good person and have the power of smarts on your side. They know that, so what some race mongers will do is find another instance of racism and say “well you proved us wrong this time, but here’s THIS example for ya, can you blame us now?”

    The fact is, racism is no longer a major issue in America. Claiming it is keeps some people employed and gives others something to defend their own bad behavior and weaknesses with.

  5. I’ve gotta ask thejamminjabber what his point is in posting that link here. Yes, I know about the Gaede sisters, I’ve known about them for quite some time. But their existence doesn’t mean white supremacy is a huge problem, nor does it give anybody the right to call me a racist based on the fact that I like to wear cold-weather cowboy attire during the winter.

    The black kids who did this didn’t even know what to look for. These days, white supremacists are NOT cowboys wearing the Texas flag, a black duster and a black hat with khaki slacks and biker boots.

  6. As I stated above, when people are accused of racism and they shoot it down and expose the race mongers for what they are, someone runs out to quickly divert and say “well if that wasn’t racist, THIS WAS!”

    Being a victim of racism nowadays is like waiting for your turn on the ferris wheel.

  7. “Being a victim of racism nowadays is like waiting for your turn on the ferris wheel.”

    LOL. We can thank Johnny Cochran for taking the Race Card play to major league level.

    But, not to worry. We have Justice Sotomayor and her wise Latina experience. Everyone knows Anglo experience isn’t worth crap.

  8. “But, not to worry. We have Justice Sotomayor and her wise Latina experience. Everyone knows Anglo experience isn’t worth crap.”

    True that!

  9. Dude that’s unfortunate to hear that! Its not right nor is it cool. It really shows how far we came as people and really no where we are really at! As a child I was just as bad if not worse. And I can say from my own perspective stand your ground voice your opinion and tell really how you feel about what’s going on. I am a black man 31 6″2 and 190 pounds from
    oakland xa and I can say from experience
    That one thing I always respected was strength and wisdom. And I hate to generalize but by not speaking your mind and not being heard is what makes ignorance fester and grow into pointless problems such as above and you deserve to be heard! By cop not doing his job and doychebag kids successfully marking your outfit as racist and whatnot basically it just made it okay to target others in such a gettup ad racist basically all cowboys and whatnot. So if it happens again just talk and stand your ground. Not towards groups though unless your packing lol jk BTW I really don’t know ugh well anyway I am really sorry to see things are still going on like that well I may not be the one who did it but for them I would like to apologize for there ignorance I hope things can be better between us all as people and may God heal our battered souls and cure our imperfections. God bless

  10. 350 years of slavery… murder, hangings, rape, torture, disrespect, being whipped with a bull whip like an animal, serving our lives out to white people, doing there bidding, picking there cotton, building there country, stolen from Africa, chains on our ankles, braces on our wrists, rags on our bodies, women separated from their children, men separated from their wives, prejudice, unfair wages, unfair lifestyles, people say that it was all in the past and it is true, also what happened to Jews was in the past… but they never forgot their past, and neither will I. Your lucky they didn’t kill you.

  11. “Blacks Sands of Time”. O Vicarious Victim Dude, you were not “stolen” from Africa. You were captured by your own Black kind and brought to the coast where the slavers were doing business and sold to them. Your own Black people literally sold you out. Whites never penetrated very far inland in West Africa during the slave trade and could never have captured the massive numbers that other Blacks did for them. Why don’t you fantasize about killing THEM?

  12. Whites should have never taken, or purchased slaves. By doing that they will always have their hands dirty… karma is a bitch.

  13. Dude your so dumb.. I’m actually gay… well bisexual. And my lover tells me that if it wasn’t for slaves this country would look like shit. “White’s can’t really do anything on there own and they’re lazy bums” is what he said. Even though I don’t fully agree, I’m white and I’m proud no matter how many people I enslaved, murdered, raped. Fuck all races, fuck em! Imma be white until I die Black bitch of sand.

  14. And this is why people are racist till this very day, that’s why those fuckin kids treated that man the way they did, because hillbilly white trailer trash fags like you will always keep it going. Have a nice life motherfucker.

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