“Burn Their Churches To The Ground”

I cannot believe what I’m reading today. If I could get to a camera tonight, I’d do that vidblog now, but since I can’t, I’ll save my true argument for tomorrow evening. In the meantime, the news now is that gay and lesbian citizens of California are practically rioting. In the wake of the passing of Proposition 8–the law that is to overturn the state supreme court’s ruling that gay marriage is legal–thousands have taken to the streets. But more than just protesting, they’re calling for actual violence.

I’ve gotten into a discussion about it on Michelle Malkin’s site, and have even gotten in a few hits with JoeMyGod himself for his and his readers’ outright bumbling stupidity. I might be able to understand being upset about it, but seriously–you idiots are trying to preach against hate and you’re calling for gays and lesbians to “burn their f—ing churches to the ground and tax the charred timbers”? You must be joking!

This is unreal. Un-be-friggin’-LIEVABLE. I cannot believe I’m reading comments from gay and lesbian people saying things like, “I’m a radical on a mission to make them pay for all they’ve done.” For WHAT, exactly? Have they put us in camps? Tried exterminating us? As I recall, they haven’t put up much of a fight to overturn the US Supreme Court’s decision striking down all laws against sodomy; they’ve pretty well accepted that what we do with our lives is our business. So will someone please, PLEASE explain to me why one reader is saying “I could murder someone with my bare hands today,” and another is saying, “I warn [mormons and catholics] to watch their backs!”

Where the hell do you people get off behaving like lunatics because this thing wasn’t defeated? I’ll touch on your liberal fanaticism tomorrow, but I’d really like one of you idiots to explain what makes you right and them wrong! They didn’t vote to require us to go to “sexual re-orientation therapy,” but you’re acting as though we’ve all been told we’re about to be rounded up and sent to Auschwitz!

Right here, right now I want every one of you to shut the hell up. I refuse to look like a fool because you don’t know how to behave. I have friends who are Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, you name it–very few have ever expressed real hate towards me, and the grand total of TWO who have aren’t real Christians, anyway. I have experienced more hate coming from you than from them. You are not going to win this battle by threatening violence, and if you actually carry it out, I will personally lead the charge to put your ass in prison for the rest of your life.



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  1. Exactly, Mel, exactly. So-called “leaders” haven’t learned that they will ever overcome “marriage” and try a different tactic. And their gay sheeple (gayples?) are making all of us look like idiots. You’d think someone would have a molecule of common sense. You’d think someone would be knowledgable about MLK and Ghandi and learn how to affect real change.

    But then, that is California… Some gay mecca that is…

  2. I have long maintained that the only way we Christians are going to get anything done is to hold a few large and dangerous riots. Chop off some heads, hit some innocent people in the skull with bricks, burn down some things, or some people…

    It’ll never happen, because that’s not our nature. But it sure seems like that’s the route to take for more press, more airing of grievances, more ‘leaders’ to take up our cause, etc.

    America has now seemed to accept this behavior as indicative of someone who has been treated badly and must vent. But what it really is is simple– it’s terrorism. The cause does not matter. All you need to hear are the threats of deadly violence, uttered specifically to frighten people into changing the way they live, talk and think.

    That IS terrorism. Violence, or threats of it, to change the way things are done.

    Never thought I’d see gay terrorists and Islamic terrorists in the news on the same day.

    But for perspective, maybe those angry men can imagine what would happen to them and their love lives if they were taken over by Sharia law.

  3. OH, and by the way– according to breakouts, the brand new Obama voter, the newly registered black or hispanic California voter, is the reason this prop was passed. Blacks voted 70% in favor, and of their 10% share of the registry, that means 7% was added to the YES total by them. It passed by half that, or less.

    Obama liberal black folks voted down the gay liberal folks. Dem vs. Dem. Always wondered how that ‘group of groups’ thing was gonna work out for the groups, and now I have an inkling.

  4. Thank you for writing on this and being a kind of comfort for me. The hostility is getting out of control. If gays banded togther and made it so schools would be banned from teaching any topic like homosexuality till a child is at least old enough to have had a childhood where he is not having to even think about it…where religious institutions’s freedom to choose who they will allow to marry is not threatened, that nobody could sue…I would have honestly NOT voted for prop 8.

    I did not want to vote for prop 8. But the fringe…the ones that act up…I felt they would push their agenda if given that opportunity. I am sad about my vote as I now am an outcast to some of my gay friends who know and think I am an outright bigot.

    thanks for this again.

  5. Duchess, I bet you’re a nice person. I don’t have anything positive to say about prop 8, or the act of voting for it. That does kind of suck. But your feelings are understandable.

    Hey, as long as you didn’t vote for Obama, I’d still call you a friend. Be well.

  6. Duchess, I honestly can’t blame you for voting the way you did. I will say, though, that it’s a far stretch between gay marriage and hate speech laws. Religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution; these people can sue to force churches to marry them, but in reality, it would be completely against the Constitution and the First Amendment to allow such a lawsuit to set any sort of precedent.

    I disagree with hate crimes and hate speech laws. Neither is effective.

  7. “OH, and by the way– according to breakouts, the brand new Obama voter, the newly registered black or hispanic California voter, is the reason this prop was passed. Blacks voted 70% in favor, and of their 10% share of the registry, that means 7% was added to the YES total by them. It passed by half that, or less. ”

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I saw nothing from the protestors about that. But in my ranting about this I’ve run into gay liberal apologists telling me how we need a positive response to the black vote on this issue.

    Sheesh. The LDS church can fund a campaign and that’s horrible. But, people who actually voted get away it what they have done?

  8. “But for perspective, maybe those angry men can imagine what would happen to them and their love lives if they were taken over by Sharia law.”

    This is one of the generational disconnects that is happening in the gay world.

    I am 44.

    I know what it is like to live in a state with no employment or housing protection laws covering sexual orientation. Forget about same sex marriage. In those days we wanted to keep our jobs.

    In CA gays and lesbians have many laws that protect them. Younger gay grew up having these laws. They don’t know life without them. They also came of age in a more tolerant society too. Some of us did not.

    It is awful same sex marriage has been shot down for now. At the same time we have our other legal protections. It is not the Apocalypse for gay people. But, people are either too young to remember the “old days” or they are old enough to remember them and have forgotten how different it used to be.

    It’s one thing to read about oppression and intolerance. It’s quite another to live it and see society change.

  9. “Hate crimes/Hate speech. Those are stupid. All crimes are done out of hate. All of them.”

    All crimes? I politely disagree.

    There are people who deal drugs because of the money to be made. They are not turning people on to using drugs who have never used them before. They are selling drugs to current users. Where is the hate in that?

  10. “I did not want to vote for prop 8. But the fringe…the ones that act up…I felt they would push their agenda if given that opportunity. ”

    I don’t agree with your vote. But I understand your reasoning.

    Yes there are elements in the gay community who like to push things to unreasonable ends. This is why we have courts of law.

    I have a coworker who had extreme problems with his child being taught about marriage in school. He considers that his job. But he voted No on 8. Why deny rights to everyone because of a few fringe players?

  11. “But then, that is California… Some gay mecca that is…”

    If you liket to think and act for youself, then don’t move to California and be openly gay or lesbian. Free thought is not allowed. Free thought is a hate crime.

    Now if you are like me and don’t mind a cat fight or dog fight then go for it. It’s quite fun at times pointing out to these gay liberal apologists their inconsistencies and double standards. It’s not for everyone. But, for those who have a game for it, go for it.

    Right now the best way to get them by the nads is to ask them why the LDS church is the villian for putting up the money to fund Measure 8 and racist Black Obama supporters get away with their decisive evil Yes votes?

    They don’t have an answer for that and they never will.

  12. Right, all these antics are bad press.

    Video of Anti Prop 8 activists screaming at and berating an old lady (including stomping her styrofoam cross to bits) made it on Fox News. Just lovely.

    Article on some bizarre group that posed as churchgoers and then when bananas during the service, screaming obscenities, throwing around condoms and making out in the pulpit.

    Antics like this only server to make the gay c0mmunity seem like bullying, bizarre and controlling in the eyes of middle America.

  13. Would anybody happen to have a link to that story about the church Debra just mentioned? I think it was a church in Lansing, MI, but I can’t find anything on it.

  14. I have often wondered if gays feel there is nothing wrong with what they do,then why don’t they just stay home with their lover and privately do whatever they want?
    Why is it they constantly demand that I we pay attention to them or that society condone or say legitimize their behaviors and lifestyle?
    They should not have the right to try to force their agenda on good GOD fearing people.

  15. And Stephen…..why should you be the sole person setting the standards on what is “God-fearing?”

    I’m not certain what you classify yourself as, but God loves everyone. That Christ fella died for all of us and His blood has already paid our debt for us.

    As far as Public Displays of Affection go, I think the same standard should be set for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. It’s tasteless to do otherwise.

    In the end, people have ideals based on their own personal beliefs, but just as the biggest gay extremist has no business running around and screaming about gay rights 24/7 making the rest of us look bad, christian extremists have no business running around screaming about “God fearing” souls making the rest of decent Christians look bad.

    You don’t counter one extremist by being one yourself.

    It will never work.

  16. Stephen, you have no idea how often some of us wonder the same thing.

    The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the disgusting Folsom Street Fair come to mind. Eugh.

  17. “They should not have the right to try to force their agenda on good GOD fearing people.”


    If you are talking about employment protection, housing protection and government recognition of our relationships (civil unions or marriage) then yes, I have an agenda. Every person in America should have those protections.

    There extremists who don’t want gay people to have those three basic things let alone the first two only.

    We all have a right to hold a job and have a home. Who can disagree with that? People do. But why? If I owned a business I could not discriminate against straight people in hiring because CA law forbids it. So, these employment laws protect everyone. If I owned rental property the same rules would apply. These laws apply to all of us not some of us.

  18. “…and the disgusting Folsom Street Fair come to mind. Eugh.”

    Prior to the early 1990’s, the Folsom Street Fair was a lesbian/gay thing only. As bizarre as it is and was, it was our party for those who were into such things. Straight people did not go unless they have gay friends who took them.

    Things change in the early 1990’s. The Fair became popular with straight people. That is when I stopped going because I felt like a animal in a zoo. I was dancing with another guy at a gay country western bar. There were two other same sex couples on the floor. We danced.

    All around us were straight people gawking. My attitude was, ‘Don’t watch, grab someone and dance!” But those folks were there to gawk and watch the “animals.”

    I don’t know if we as a community should pull the plug on what was our party. I have mixed feelings about that.

  19. […] found on the anti-Prop.8 website “JoeMyGod,” are common across the left-wing blogosphere: “Burn their f—ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers.” Thousands of gay-rights demonstrators stood in front of the Mormon temple in Los Angeles […]

  20. “I might be able to understand being upset about it, but seriously–you idiots are trying to preach against hate and you’re calling for gays and lesbians to “burn their f—ing churches to the ground and tax the charred timbers”? You must be joking!”

    Your maturity is very refreshing.

    True, one can be upset, angry, disappointed at the result, but the hypocrisy of this reaction among homosexuals is stunning.

    And if this keeps up, these protesters will see that their actions will not generate any support, but (perhaps) a backlash in the realm of public opinion.

  21. Joe,

    I’ve read enough to know what you represent. And sadly, until your entire way of thought is wiped out, our entire community shall remain enslaved to the left anti-religious lunatics of the world who figure it’s best to counter religious extremism with what else – ANTI-religious extremism.

    People who go protesting in churches , in front of churches all across this great land could easy go bowling with Shirley Phelps-Roper because they have the extremist-quality to concur on.

    Blaming Christians when indeed you should be blaming liberalism (which would require you having a true regard for facts) only contributes to our demise and isolation.

    In the end, the community that behaves this way only screws the rest of us.

    It’s just gotten worse since 2000 when gay activists attacked Dr. Laura who never called any of us a “biological error.” Yet, after Prop. 22 passed (just like Prop 8 passed) in California, the liberals and the activists blamed the wrong crowd. Why Dr. Laura and Christians made it happen!

    Sadly, giving no regard to the fact that California is a massive blue state, just like Oregon in 2004 – we now know what the liberal party thinks of us.

    They scapegoat the issue, Joe, to win your heart. Then you attack Sarah Palin because she has the sack to at least come out and say what they are thinking.

    You are hurting the community. Your speech happily sits back and says it’s OK to allow Democrats to use us as their electoral pleasure so that they can pursue the rest of their country with their real motifs like high taxes, socialism, and abortion.

    Call them out for once. Don’t get angry at folks like us who have the ability to be objective.

  22. I’ll agree with you on several points about me.

    I *am* anti-religious. Militantly, devotedly, angrily so. I will settle for nothing less than the complete and utter removal of any mention of or influence from religion on public policy.

    I *am* pro-abortion.

    I *am* pro-socialism (in the European-style context.)

    I *am* for higher taxes on the wealthy and the multi-national corporations.

    You do know that Sarah Palin’s church is affiliated with Joel’s Army, don’t you? They are a violent Dominionist sect that declares that they want nothing less than the end of constitutional law and the imposition of a strict Biblical theocracy. It was members of Joel’s Army that were in the Castro on Friday night. Among other niceties, they advocate the stoning to death of homosexuals. Read what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about them.

  23. Also: Are you going to change your headline to one of the thousands of thoughtful comments that I allowed to stand on my blog? Or stick with that one deleted one that has been parroted across the wingnut blogosphere?

  24. See, there you go again.

    Anti-religious extremism by exaggerating Sarah Palin’s religious points.

    Here is where I challenge you, Joe. Go to google, type “2005 Veto Sarah Palin Alaska”

    There you will learn that Alaska voted for a gay marriage ban in 1998 (long before Palin). THEN, you will learn that in 2005 the Alaskan Supreme Court ruled to grant rights to gay partners of state employees (health benefits, etc.) Then you will learn that in response to that ruling, the Alaskan Senate developed a Bill that would have overturned that Supreme Court decision – and the Alaskan Legislature used the 1998 vote by the people as precedent.

    The Bill was written up and all ready to be enacted. But guess what happened Joe? That horrible Palin VETOED IT saying it was Unconstitutional to overturn a Supreme Court decision, utterly pissing of the Republican Alaskan Senate. I wonder how she managed to keep all this from her friends in “Joel’s Army?” Got any thoughts?

    Afterwards, Palin did allow the issue to be put to a vote, wanting to do right by the people. Guess what, Joe? They voted in support of gays getting the benefits!

    What changed in their minds since 1998? Could it be that their Governor; who has gay friends, who is religious, who is pro-life, who is pro-tax cuts, acted FAIRLY and not by her personal beliefs (according to you because of her alleged affiliations).

    Don’t you see, Joe. THIS IS PROGRESS. No, it’s not marriage overnight. But it was a solid step for our party to have a higher-up do right by our community.

    Scour Obama’s record and Biden’s. Somehow Palin’s infamous veto escaped the MSM. Not one liberal politician has worked to advance us and Palin only did so by being fair.


  25. Joe,

    Are you going to stop being a fanatic with regard to anyone who is pro-life, anyone with a belief and God, and learn to be a little more objective when it comes to facts?

    Nah, didn’t think so.

    Moreover; it’s not my headline to change.

  26. Thank you, Steve. You said it well.

    Joe.My.God: no, I will not change my headline. As long as you’re saying crap like that, I will continue to help expose you. Your extremism is destroying us; it’s setting us back light years in our quest for true equality.

  27. *I* didn’t say it. A reader did, and it was promptly deleted.

    As for Palin, she only vetoed that bill because it was unconstitutional under Alaskan law and she was FORCED to. Fortunately for the rest of the civilized world, we’ve heard the last of Sarah Palin.

    You Quisling idiots are standing there wringing your hands and hoping that one day the Christianists will decide to love you. Newsflash- they NEVER WILL. Keep on sucking on Malkin’s homophobic titty. You deserve her.

  28. Nonsense, Joe. That’s nonsense and you know it.

    Sarah Palin acted fairly and decently.

    That idiocy utterly proves, you’re more interested in being a parrot for the left than you ever could for being a well-meaning spokesperson for the gay community.

    The fact is you knew nothing of that. Palin could have signed the bill, just as Bush signed the Patriot Act.

    Just don’t lie. It’s incredibly girlish.

    As for hearing the last of Palin, for God sake Joe, tell the media to shut up about her already! She’s getting more headlines than Obama!

  29. And Joe, you’re the “quisling” idiot standing around thinking that the left loves you.

    This is just like Ellen blasting Sarah Palin for being against gay marriage but getting jiggywith Barack who’s also against it.

    You’re sincerely the Shirley Phelps-Roper of the irreligious and certainly no better than she is.

  30. Okay…Joe, Palin wasn’t FORCED to veto anything. If that’s the case, then your governor would also be forced to veto Prop 8, right? It passed by popular vote the same way, but he won’t veto it because he knows it would be political suicide. Palin vetoed that bill because she used her brain and decided that it was unfair to allow such a bill to pass. Once she explained herself to the people who voted for it, it was put back up to a vote and they voted it down, too.

    Read the facts, buddy. If Malkin (or Hannity, or any of the others I read and comment on) were truly homophobic, you wouldn’t have known about what I had to say because she wouldn’t have linked to it. Have you ever tried to just have a conversation with the people you disagree with? You might be surprised if you do. They’re not the hatemongers you claim they are.

  31. I just love all these “tolerant” people on here, such as “joe”, who is whining about people not being for him and his beliefs/lifestyle/what-have-you, while at the same time using some of the same or worse language and diatribes than were seen and read on anti-Jewish posters, fliers and newspapers in pre-WWII Germany as it relates to Christians and anyone else who does not fit into his little world.

    My goodness. Have these people even bothered to look up the definition of “HYPOCRITE”?

    Do they really think that these attempts at “Mob Rule” are going to win over people? I hate to break it to them, but if anything, you can rest assured that they are losing people left and right who once advocated for Gay Rights, just based on these actions and the bitter, hate-filled bigots like “joe”.

    No, you need not point to any other comment over there. I think the man ‘s own words he used here are more than sufficient to show everyone EXACTLY what they need to know.

    Great post, by the way.

  32. I don’t know how much lower a gay person can sink than to support a pig like Sarah Palin who’s OWN CHURCH is a Dominionist member of Joel’s Army – a group that openly calls for the execution of homosexuals via stoning and advocates for the overthrow of a our democracy and the institution of a Biblical theocracy.




    “Sarah Palin’s churches are actively involved in a resurgent movement that was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949. This is the same ‘Spiritual Warfare’ movement that was featured in the award winning movie, “Jesus Camp,” which showed young children being trained to do battle for the Lord. At least three of four of Palin’s churches are involved with major organizations and leaders of this movement, which is referred to as The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. The movement is training a young “Joel’s Army” to take dominion over the United States and the world.”

    Go ahead, morons. Hand Palin a basket of rocks.

  33. Joe you are a fact-avoiding whack job.

    Your journalistic integrity is overwhelming.

    You could have also produced a youtube video as a source that questioned the birth of Trig, too! Why didn’t you just go all out and quote the US Weekly article?

    The fact is Sarah Palin is not, or has not ever been involved directly with any radical groups – the video you produced has not been credibly reported on nor do anything of the questionable extremist scenes (that exude the same extremist element that you produce yourself but for the fact that you’re just batting for the other side) have Sarah Palin in them. If there was one ounce of truth to it, it would have been picked up by the NY Times, CNN, or even Time Magazine.

    Even MSNBC skipped it, miraculously! Where was Rachel Maddow when you needed her, Joe?

    The basket of rocks; my friend, seem to be lodged between your ears.

    Mel and I explained in detail Palin’s fairness with the gay community.

    Your only counter to that was producing posts from the crazy Kos-kids, the Bluffington Post, and a youtube video.

    It’s amazing, liberals have no issue whatsoever with accusing Republicans of using fear when it comes to factual instances like a lunatic such as Saddam Hussein making a threat to the United Nations, bringing up 9/11, or holding terrorists at Guantanamo (by the way, I’m certain Joe you’ll have no problem when Obama dumps them off in your neighborhood).

    But when it comes to Sarah Palin, a woman who goes to church, has one husband, has five babies under one wedlock, comes complete with executive city council, mayoral, and governorship experience, and happens to be pro-life – why it’s the end of Joe’s world!?

    How about Joe just become a better person? How about you raise the standards of behavior on those crazies in San Francisco chasing out the “scary” Christians?

    Nah, that takes focus, discipline, and energy. Something gay liberals have yet to demonstrate by any kind of behavior other than showing up at churches and attacking a 69-year old woman.

    That’s not manly or courageous. That’s called “being a sissy!”

    Your blog and your sorry excuse at an exchange of political repartee is all the proof that Christians and Americans need to determine that there is no way possible you’d respect the sanctity of marriage.

    Your kind barely respects the sanctity of life.

    Your concern lies in hating Christians, loving terrorist detainees, loving hardened criminals on death row, loving hairy uncivilized creatures in Alaska all while hating newborn babies or any decent American that believes in a higher being or wants his taxes cut.

    Your “religious right” mantra has always been a farce. Your extremism as an irreligious fanatic is what isolates you.

    That’s fine. Just don’t take the rest of my community down with you.

  34. There is no such thing as “the sanctity of marriage.” Sanctity means “holy” or “sacred” and as there is no god, therefore nothing can be sanctified.

    And yes, I am a sissy. Proud of it.

    Have fun at Palin’s church’s next Ex-gay convention.





  35. Sorry, Joe. 76% of the country are Christians.

    Basically, we’re asked to throw in with two individuals. Jesus Christ or Richard Dawkins.

    You go ahead and throw in with a guy who lost a debate to Bill O’Reilly where he admitted that there was no evidence of everything starting from the big bang theory.

    I throw in with Jesus Christ who managed to escape having to market a book for $29.99 so that pinheads like yourself can follow.

    The fact is, a belief in Darwinism or the big bang theory requires just as much faith as the 76% of Americans that believe in God must have to do so.

    The only difference is that you paid $29.99 to join that club. I haven’t paid any cash to Christ on the other hand.

    Funnily enough, you could have mentioned that Sarah Palin also refused to ban evolution or that her parents believe in it or that her dad was a science teacher.

    Also, you failed to mention that your left-winging articles lie when they say that Palin wanted Creationism taught; when what she actually said was that it should not be banned if brought up during a discussion.

    The Time Magazine article makes no mention of Joel’s Army. Everytime you attempt to prove that case, your position becomes more transparent.

    You’re more of an extremist about your position as a non-believer than I could ever be about my position as a believer and you’re so far sunk into it that you’ll take anything you can get.

    Finally, I’d like to leave you with the theory of random mutation and natural selection:

    Under the theory of random mutation and natural selection of Darwinism, any species which mating practices refuse to reproduce or create life is a species that is eventually exiled from the gene pool.

    I don’t know about you, Joe, but as a gay guy I don’t necessarily take that as a compliment.

  36. All those links discuss Palin’s church’s support for ex-gay conversion therapy, which I presume you support.

    Meh, I’m done with this. I’ll leave you to your blog and its tens of readers. Toodles!

  37. Right, enough to keep you coming back and crying.

    None of those links confirm anything outside the norm of any other church in America.

    And if you really have had the time to scan all the posts on this blog to count the commenters, then I assume you really do have reason for voting for Obama.

    Perhaps if you had a job like the rest of us, you’d have less time on your hands.

    The fact is, your sources were left-winger smears with one Time article than mentions nothing about anti-gay extremism.

    The fact is, you’re a tool for the left who got fed up with an actual debate.

    Having no basis or ability for debate = a crazy extremist who supports extremist behavior.

    Thanks for confirming that here today.

  38. Damn, I think I just heard cats screaming in the background…

    Joe, whether you come back or not, I’m going to post this: even YOU started somewhere. Steve started this thing long before I came along, and I’m glad to be a part of it. In case you’d missed it, though, dude, we’re certainly raising some eyebrows.

    As for Palin’s church supporting ex-gay conversion therapy…all churches that are not “open and affirming” (which are all as howling liberal as you) believe in that. They’re only going to become more stalwart in their beliefs with pricks like you spouting the lies, deceit and malice that you froth at the mouth with. The more you behave this way, the bigger and stronger they become.

    YOU ARE NOT WINNING ANY ARGUMENTS. Learn to be civil, be nice, stop screaming about intolerance and hate and as I said before–you might well be surprised at the reaction you get. I’ve found people are far more willing to hear my position when I’m willing to smile, shake their hand and talk. Is it really that hard for you? Or are you genetically predisposed to be a d—head?

  39. If its an “inconvienient truth that extremist gays are rioting to
    remove my right of choice then,
    If the shoe fits wear it in pain
    I will not be intimidated, I challenge your most militant to F__K with me!
    I won’t dissapoint you by shirking any fight!You wanna piece of me? I voted for prop 8 and I voted my concience.
    Try to make me take it back FROGS!
    I’m ready to do you real good when you try me!Don’t for your own good and
    Try peace for a change.
    If not then
    Leap FROGS!
    I will get a bigger stick than you have I assure you if I feel threatened.!
    Thats a promise to your violent ILK!
    If you want to live in peace thats OK by me.
    If you want a fight thats OK by me to.
    If you want to hurt mine be prepared for the consequences that surely will come from following that path.
    Your spokesmen remind me of ARAB maniacle terrorists. ABOUT as honorable as murderers all.
    I’ve been trained to deal with that. Have you been trained?I took my training very seriously.I fight to win.
    You will need all the training you can get if you mess with mine!
    Not a threat!
    A piece of well worn advice to you,
    Don’t threaten strangers.
    You might not like what that will dredge up. Many unfortunately never learn and repeatedly try your tactics.
    I believe in nonviolence when there is an alternative. I however have no problem facing oppressors
    And I don’t intimidate easy.

    KEEP threats to yourself, haven’t you learned anything about the foolishness of threats?They tend to lead to awful promises,,,,
    Work with people, that is how you get things done that are worth doing.
    Those who live by the sword take note, It is not fear that disuades us, it is civilized upbringing that shows in our
    tolerance for differences and in this country which is greater than any one of our social groups as codified in our constitution.
    I respect my forebearers and will defend the promise that was bestowed on our great country.
    Join the best and your children shall
    enjoy the fruits it so generously offers.
    Try to steal AMERICA’S heritage and you will find the silent armies that stand in wait to defend it.
    I will be among those.
    Chose nonviolence or put your future in peril. When given a choice I will chose nonviolence.
    But mess with mine and all bets are off!

    Threats are cheap and will be dealt with when action is taken.
    Hopefully among these disaffected are Islands of stability.
    Hopefully our least powerful members will remain protected by constitutional authority.
    That includes you as well as me..
    When my IRISH family came to America half of them died of starvation .
    But we kept on and we were assimilated into a larger universe than that we knew of in the old countries.
    We would like reparations too but we knew that the past eventually is going to be behind us and we paid the heavy price that being different costs every disnfranchised person.
    Not just blacks and gays.
    Quit bellyaching and build your future with your sweat. That is the path that leads to inclusion. The path you are taking is not going to end well .
    Your children depend on your
    acceptance of what is and your willingness to work past that which you can change peacefully.
    That is the path to eventual victory over ignominy. JUST DON”T THREATEN . Or you will get promises you shouldn’t have to embrace.
    I have dealt with threateners and bullies and I deal harshly in order to get respect.

  40. Actually, violence is inherent in the christian doctrine. Crusades, inquisitions, political terrorism (Ireland). Hello! Not to mention conservative group sponsored domestic terrorism (abortion clinic bombings – white supremecist organizations). Have you ever heard of “terrorist” drag queens bombing a church? I think not.

    However, here is a list of murders on gay people by people of the “christian” faith. I challenge anyone to compile a similar list of gay people killing straight people for coming on to them.

    • 1972 Arson of the Upstairs Lounge killing 32 gay people
    • Assasination of Harvey Milk – 1978
    • Terry Knudsen – beaten to death
    • Les Benscoter – beaten to death while the killer shouted “fags must die” 1979
    • Decan Flynn – beaten to death in 1983
    • Charlie Howard, 1984
    • Rebecca Wight, 1988 – shot to death
    • James Zappalorti, 1990, knifed to death
    • Julio Rivera, 1990 beaten to death for being gay
    • Brandon Teena, 1993 – beaten to death – Boys don’t cry was a film about Brandon
    • Scott Amedure, 1995 – killed after revealing his affections for a friend on a TV talk show – by that friend
    • Mathew Shephard, 1998, dragged into a field, crucified, sodomized, and beaten to death – for being gay
    • Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder – gay couple killed by White Supremacists
    • Danny Overstreet – gunned down in a Roanoke Virginia Gay bar by Ronald Gay (claiming God told him to kill gay men and lesbians)
    • Sakia Gunn 2003, stabbed to death after telling her attacker she was a lesbian
    • Richie Philips, 2005 murdered and stuffed into a suitcase – family of the attacker said he did it because he hated gays
    • Glen Kopitske, killed by a man he slept with who claimed insanity after announcing that murder was less offensive than gay sex
    • Daniel Fetty, beaten to death with bricks and boards in Ohio by two men because he was gay
    • Jason Gage, 2005, killed by a man for “coming on to him”
    • Bar Patrons: An attacker asks in New Bedford Mass. if the establishment caters to gays – and when told yes – takes a machete to the patrons
    • Six men: leaving San Diego gay pride were attacked – one beaten so severly he required facial reconstructive surgery
    • Roberto Duncanson: Murdered in Brooklyn for flirting with a man in 2007
    • Lawrence Larry King: 15 year old shot in Oxnard California by a 14 year old classmate for being gay
    • Steven Parrish: Murdered by fellow gang members after they found “gay messages” on his cell – and worried having a gay friend would make them appear weak – May 2008
    • Tony Randolf Hunter: Died after a severe beating for walking hand in hand with his partner. Sept. 7, 2008 Washington DC
    • Lateisha Green: Transgendered man shot to death for being “gay” in Syracuse NY, Nov. 14 2008

  41. Very, very few of those crimes you listed were committed in the name of God. Simply saying “fags must die” does not mean that the perpetrator is doing it in the name of their “Christian” faith.

    There is no true Christian doctrine that supports these types of crimes. Any person who commits such a heinous act because they say God told them to is likely suffering from either schizophrenia or delusions of grandeur. You have not made your point very well.

  42. I’m so tired of the irony of your blog.

    Spend time doing something for your community, like building one, not splintering off.

    Fighting back is the only way to achieve freedom. Please just check out some of the violence against gays around the world and in your hometown…Please don’t be the gay that will walk by as I get beaten up or threatened.

    Read the book “Faggots” by Larry Kramer, and start to get a clue about your history.

    Stop spreading Hate please, Conservative Gay…thank you

  43. […] found on the anti-Prop.8 website “JoeMyGod,” are common across the left-wing blogosphere: “Burn their f—ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers.” Thousands of gay-rights demonstrators stood in front of the Mormon temple in Los Angeles […]





  45. Kory, that kind of attitude will only harm us.

    If you notice, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made greater strides toward equality than any civil rights activist in American history. He never saw the civil rights struggle as a war; when you’re fighting a war against an idea that doesn’t include all-out murder, you’re fighting to lose. There are times to put up your dukes and actually fight and there are times when cooler heads should prevail.

  46. that the tradition of mrariage has been unchanged since the dawn of time. That only shows their ignorance. And since no one likes to be proven to be stupid, it’s impossible to have a debate with them on it.While prop 8 is bad in its own right, it wasn’t the only step backwards. The worst of all of these has to be the one passed in Arkansas. This one bans unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children. The proponents of it unabashedly claim it to be an effort to keep gays and lesbians from being foster parents.This one is quite infuriating in that children who need a home are used as weapons to push a hateful agenda. They suffer along with those who *want* to be parents. If prop 8 was to protect mrariage, then it should also ban divorce. If this Arkansas thing was to protect children, then it should require a married couple to be a foster or adoptive parent. The hypocrisy is sickening.Is there a silver lining? In a way, perhaps. The people of Arkansas just handed the progressives in California a very useful tactic. When the issue of mrariage comes up again (and it’s just a matter of time), those who are against same-sex mrariage can now be accurately compared to the people of Arkansas. The other side likes to divide the country into us versus them camps. Since they obviously can’t take what they dish out, then it should be interesting to see how they weasel out of being compared and combined with the backward, hateful, people of Arkansas.

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