Calling Out Cowards

Palin denounces her critics as cowardly!

Amen, sister!

We love you, Sarah!

***Update*** (Sarah on video)


14 thoughts on “Calling Out Cowards

  1. It’s great that she addressed the sleazeballs and called them out but this article is still pushing the idea that all of it is true. I love the commentary disguised as the closing paragraph… especially the use of the phrase, “shopping spree”. Has ANYONE EVER questioned any man about his WARDROBE???

  2. sad that people believe someone who has been proven to be a liar.

    thanks but no thanks on that bridge?

    auctioned the jet on ebay?

    cleared of any ethical wrongdoing?


  3. future:

    sad that people would vote for someone who made no clear plan on what he was going to do to deliver all of these empty promises.

    First, she did kill the bridge after she considered it as any governor would do. The money received the “she kept” was a previously negotiated infrustructure grant which was ultimately used on infrustructure such as airports.

    Second, she did not say she auctioned anything on ebay. In her speech she said “I put it on Ebay” – she eventually sold it off of e-bay. But God Forbid should liberals understand the big picture – she gave up the jet to put that money back into the pockets of Alaskan taxpayers.
    I know, honor and decency is not allowed in the Democratic party.

    Third, she was indeed cleared of ethical wrongdoing. The second report itself concluded that Branchflower in the first report had not interpreted the law properly.

    She was cleared, she is innocent.

    It’s not embarrassing when we have facts on our side.

  4. They are simply politicians in the politosphere that don’t want to blow their chances at success in their party. Surely, they are cowardly, but name one politician that is honest. If the little people in the party complain about the big guys, they are selling themselves out. I don’t condone it. I wish everyone could be honest. But they are just trying to protect their chances. I’d do the same thing too.

    Typical politicians. They’re all cowards. I found Palin herself cowardly when she was asked simple basic questions in her interviews that she never answered to which she blamed the media for. Obama is cowardly too in the sense that he’s turned centrist to please the right-wingers as we know he’s really Left field.

    It’s the name of the game.

  5. Actually, Palin was never afraid to speak her mind on issues that were important. The questions she was asked were the stupidest questions nobody would ever be expected to answer and I know no other Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate asked such a stupid question like “where do you get your news?”

    That was a “gotcha” question. No matter what she said, someone would have attacked her by proclaiming the sources to be biased one way or another.

    Look what they did to her over a wardrobe? Then ask yourself, what would they have said if “Time Magaine” or “Fox News” would have been her answer.

  6. Yes, they were stupid questions, but she still didn’t answer them. She lost credibility because of that. It was cowardly to not answer as she was afraid that the media would attack her for her answers or she couldn’t admit that she doesn’t read. Either you’re about “straight-talk” or you’re not. You can’t pick and choose.

    That was a “gotcha” question. No matter what she said, someone would have attacked her by proclaiming the sources to be biased one way or another.

    But people like Palin aren’t supposed to be afraid of media critics. Don’t you remember when she told Hillary Clinton to quit whining about the media attacks?

    Palin set herself up for great expectations of a direct shooter and one who’s not afraid of criticism. Those are the tough people and ones whom we admire whether the questions are “gotcha-like” or not. If she didn’t have anything to hide, it wouldn’t have been perceived a a “gotcha question” anyway.

    Look at the Roe v Wade questions and about court cases. Those same questions were asked to Biden as well. Palin didn’t understand what Roe v Wade protected (which was privacy) and she couldn’t talk about any other cases. When it came to abortion, she wasn’t even straight forward about that either. This is scary for someone who could potentially run the country. So, we sat there and watched her skirt the issues.

    You can’t blame the media especially when the Republican party stands for personal responsibility.

  7. Actually Palin never whined about the attacks. She specifically stated in many interviews:

    “I know many Americans are taking it on the chin a lot harder than what any reporter has to say about me, and if I can’t take it now, I could never be prepared to be Vice-President.”

    I don’t want a President who thinks that giving the time of day to reporters who are biased like Couric and answering the dumbest questions ever are going to take care of issues that are important to me. There was no personal responsibility for Palin to claim here.

    She paid her dues being a good leader in Alaska.

    She paid her dues energizing the Republican base.

    Moreover; she did answer the questions about Roe V Wade, and again, pressing her on the spot about other Supreme Court decisions does not inform Americans about what she’s going to do for us.

    Those questions were never questions asked of ANY OTHER Presidential candidate.

    Please find me one that was asked to Biden or Obama or McCain.

    I know Couric asking Obama “when was the last time you cried?” was what one would consider “hard-hitting” journalism.

    None of those questions were useful to Americans to begin with. Couric walked into this interview annoyed because Palin is a conservative who was an accomplished, energetic, intelligent, and effective conservative who has RESULTS rather than a blatherfest of long-winded words and speeches under her belt.

    She could have asked:

    “Governor, you were successful in Alaska, you lead Alaskans with a budget surplus, you lead the Alaskan energy conservation committee and helped to lay a natural gas pipeline, you put the government on the side of Alaskans, you vetoed a bill from the Alaskan senate which wanted to take rights away from gay couples despite your personal opinion – I’d like to know; Governor, how would you have applied that to our country in the last eight years and what will you do going forward?”

    Nah, Katie wanted an essay on Supreme Court cases and American journalist sources.

    We do take responsibility to the fact that we allowed the media to hand us a sure loser as a candidate – John McCain; who other than his POW service, did nothing for me than give us Sarah Palin as a true conservative candidate.

    “Moderate,” “Maverick,” and “Independent” does not get you elected.

    Ask Bob Dole.
    Ask Goldwater.

    Then, check out the stats on the landslides brought in by ultra-conservative Ronald Reagan (who loved hunting as much as Palin does) and get back to me.

  8. Palin could have always replied firmly, “I’m sorry. I just don’t find these questions relevant.” That would have been more respectable and honest as opposed to her looking like a dear in the headlights dancing around the questions.

    For the sake of argument, let’s just agree that Katie really did have it in for Palin. Why does it have to be jealousy? I dislike GWB. But I’m surely not jealous of him. If a female version of GWB come to surface, I will dislike her too.

    You know, you can be a housewife and mother and still be accomplished and successful. People that don’t like Palin aren’t necessarily jealous of her. Hillary Clinton is even more accomplished politically, but nobody was jealous of her from the right-wing. They just disagreed with her policies.

  9. Well fine, then argue the policies. Do that in lieu of asking her which Supreme Court cases she agreed with.

    When asked about her position on abortion, did Palin dance around it? No.

    When asked about her position on gay marriage, did Palin dance around it? No.

    When asked about her position on Iraq, did Palin dance around it? No.

    When asked if wealthier Americans making over $250K should foot the bill for all of America’s problems and alleged injustices, did Palin dance around it? No.

    Why not just ask her the questions directly?

    And I never said a housewife could not be accomplished. I personally think putting a good person out on the face of the planet is the most important thing anyone could ever do.

    Her daughter is not aborting her child for the sake of inconvenience and is marrying the father. I think that’s noble.

    Her son is in Iraq right now fighting for our right to have this discussion. I think that is noble.

    When we’re old, how her children behave and respond to other humans – as well as the children of the mother who thought Obama was going to pay her car payment and for her gas, will have a massive impact on us. Yes, being a mother – and a good one – is more than noble and deserves the utmost praise.

    And finally, I do not think Hillary is more accomplished politcally than Palin (if that is what you meant). Palin is successful and loved as a politician based on her own merits and accomplishments with all the strong points racked up in her corner.

    Hillary married a guy who was President and sacrificed her self-respect as a woman and stayed with him after he cheated on her numerous times in order to keep her name in the political spotlight.

    Palin did everything the right way. She worked, she earned, and all of those accomplishments made her tougher than steel.

    She didn’t have to marry someone who brought her along for the ride. She’s a principled woman who has been honest with us every step of the way.

    Finally I said that Couric was annoyed at Palin. Palin has strong pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-hard working values that leave the elite out in the cold. I don’t think Couric’s media-elite crowd think that Sarah Palin is something they aspire to be. It’s less about jealously.

    Palin demonstates to young women that you can live your life with values, come from a small town, be true to yourself as a real woman, and make a big difference in the world one day.

    Her views and actually walking the walk to exude her belief in her views; be them moral, political, or religious, are what terrify people like Couric.

    Suddenly, being reproductively healthy, attractive, trendy AND conservative is a massive possibility.

    So in lieu of simply saying, “yes we agree, you can be pro-life, successful, pro-gun, religious, and a success as a politician and look even better than every liberal woman in Manhattan” they take all of those qualities and either attack her on everyone of them, or portray her as a hateful hypocrite in hiding.

  10. So no one missed this:

    “The continent versus the country when we talk about Africa there”

    Oh, it would be a slip of the tongue of course.

  11. Nobody missed it. Americans overwhelmingly just don’t believe it.

    I would argue that saying “Africa, the country” in lieu of “Africa, the continent” would certainly qualify as an average slip more than in the case of Biden who claimed FDR was President during the Great Depression and made a speech on TV in a time TV’s weren’t even invented yet.

    You could also argue that Obama saying the United States had 57 states is or isn’t an innocent slip.

    Something tells me you’ll grant amnesty to one, but not the other.

    Moreover; it still hasn’t been proven that she even said it…so we are jumping the gun here.

  12. hey steve i was talking about palin not biden, palin has made heaps of ignorant gaffes and the mjority certainly do not appear to be accidental i take no pleasure in the republicans choosing someone that ignorant just because she sounds good. there is no way she was ever ready for the job, we should be expecting more from our leaders, also “something” tells you wrong please don’t make partisan assumptions just cos I don’t like palin because i still think biden is an arrogant tosspot and obama an elitist snob and mccain too browbeaten to stand up for himself. it was loselose on all sides

  13. Liz,

    I WAS talking about Biden because I knew you were talking about Palin.

    And you’re no different than any Obama-supporting liberal if you’re going to come on here and speak as if Biden’s MANY gaffes in this campaign were irrelevant if you’re seriously going to lay this type of unreason at the feet of Sarah Palin.

    If you really were a conservative, you’d have known that Sarah Palin was the only conservative in this race with the most experience possible. Not one Senator has won an election since 1972, until now. The rest were Governors and former VP’s.

    “Something” tells me you would rather rely on stupid questions asked by Katie Couric rather than the clear record of reform, stomping out politics as usual in Alaska as governor and her direct tone with Americans on the issues.

    We knew where she stood on abortion, taxes, guns, national security, gay marriage, etc. She never danced around any of those questions. Please explain to us which part you were confused about?

    If you were a real conservative, you would have known that it was McCain’s moderate status that lost him this election. Wanting to foist 20 million illegal aliens on us with amnesty, voting against Sam Alito, and voting against the Bush tax cuts I’d say is a pretty clear record. Plus, Goldwater and Dole lost and ran as moderates as well.

    McCain’s brow-beating came at his own hands and nobody else’s.

    Good riddance to him, and good riddance to any “Republican” stupid enough to ignore Palin’s political accomplishments and strong approval ratings and listen extra carefully to stupid questions asked by Katie Couric.

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