Proof of Palin’s Hope and Energy as our Next Reagan

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After a few days of liberals and John McCain urging all of us that it is now time to work together – as if we are all supposed to believe that after the way they treated our President for eight years, the media and many others seem to have a very different tenor towards Sarah Palin.

I’m begging you all, do not be fooled!  Rush urged the same of his listeners today.

This is the same media that gave us John McCain as a presidential nominee.

The day started of course with the anonymous McCain staffers portraying Palin as an uneducated and impossible-to-work-with superbitch.  The story started on Fox News last night and has ran through today. 

First, why would McCain staffers decide to say such things and leave the man they campaigned for to explain this?  I can see Keith Olbermann now: How could McCain continue to force this dangerous airhead on to America in good conscience?  She doesn’t even know that Africa is a continent!  John McCain and his two staffers for one day have reportedly earned the top three spots on Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” segment (assuming that Ann Coulter didn’t make him cry for saying “good evening” to a homeless man). 

In a sad effort to erase the fact that McCain himself was not a conservative and had no business on the top of the ticket to begin with – thus losing the election not only for himself, but for America as a whole, they decided to make up the most ridiculous stories about Sarah Palin so that they can relieve themselves of the responsibility of their own incapabilities. 

Aside for the fact that I owe McCain the respect as a P.O.W. and the “maverick” that the NY Times loved to call him, he is the most ignorant politician around who believes that “crossing the aisle” to work with left-wing nuts is in the best interest of the country.  In fact, if he and his entire camp of advisers were to convert to Democrats tomorrow, the overall level of effective political wisdom would go up for both parties.

If these things were even close to true, then these staffers and McCain himself have announced themselves the most dishonest and repugnant people available.  They’re either lying, or like with the entire election in general, were terrible at planning for the long-term. 

Their names should be exposed so we know to get rid of them along with John McCain who had no business running as the representative-in-chief for Americans who love conservatism as a whole.  Which way is he really dishonorable?  Is it because he kept someone on his ticket who didn’t know the difference between a continent and a country?  Or is it because he’s refusing to now step out and address these rumors?

Sarah Palin was the winner in this campaign the very first time we read the slanderous story in US News Weekly.  She won my heart the minute Obama sent hundreds of investigators to Alaska to try and discredit her massive tangible record of success.  She didn’t need the media on her side like Obama had.  She didn’t have billions of dollars in campaign funding like Obama had.  She didn’t have the most liberal voting record when it came to illegal aliens, voting against Bush’s tax cuts, and crafting a campaign finance bill with Feingold like McCain had.

Sarah Palin received a bashing from the media.  That was a great thing!  It means she appeals to more Americans and the left needed their help to tear her down.  It’s our responsibilities as real conservatives to properly detect the game-playing involved.  If this were 1984, we would be ganging up on Reagan if we were indeed counting everytime the liberal media portrayed him as either plain-stupid or senile.

McCain caused the loss.  If it weren’t for Sarah Palin, McCain would have lost by 20+ million or more in lieu of the mere seven million.  Want proof?  Examine every other “maverick” or “moderate” like Goldwater or Dole and review those losses.  Then observe Ultra-Conservative (or what liberals today call “neocon”) Ronald Reagan’s results of two landslides that put Barack Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s victories to shame.  Then come back to me and tell me that Sarah Palin is not ready to lead us in 2012 as Reagan was in 1980.


33 thoughts on “Proof of Palin’s Hope and Energy as our Next Reagan

  1. I have yet to see how Palin was anything other than the ‘diva’ and ‘idiot’ the staffers claimed she is. That is not to say she IS either of these, but Palin’s shopping spree serves as some nice evidence to those points. Her interviews never showed her to be any more than average. I will agree that most of the media was extremely biased against her. But until these two points can be proven wrong over the evidence that supports them, I’ll accept them.

    I think the McCain staff were looking for the homerun here with two outs in the 9th, but got a bunt. They thought that by picking a conservative female would woo the Hillary voters, and also energize the base. The problem was, the base didn’t need energizing, so McCain should have sought someone with more established reputation. Additionally, I think McCain’s staff made a monumental goof in not vetting her further, which gave the Democrats fodder to bring up her ethical issues in Alaska.

    Because of her spotty past, issues that disagree with the majority of Americans, the fact she was an unknown with a funny accent (to most of the country), and the fact that she really struggled with questions that weren’t soft tosses, I think quite the opposite: She may of cost McCain the election, or at the very least didn’t help.

    McCain would have been better off picking Lieberman, which could have swung some of the northeast, the Jewish vote, and pulled many moderates (which are the bulk of voters) over to his camp. That would have been a true maverick idea, and he wouldn’t have been so obviously pandering. Bloomberg would have been another smart choice (if willing).

    Me? I liked McCain in 2000, pre-pandering, and “Banana”. This time around, he became as fake as the next politician in the mix.

  2. First, the way you portray Palin’s “shopping spree” portrayed her as Eva Peron or Imelda Marcos storming through Neiman Marcus surrounded by bodyguards grabbing anything expensive because she “had to be rainbow high” (a note Madonna should have never attempted to try and hit).

    Nevermind that Obama and every other male candidate in the history of politics showered themselves in expensive haircuts and $400 suits. Was Palin supposed to campaign in sweat pants?

    The fact is the RNC and their workers purchased these clothes for Palin with money from the RNC and the clothes were then donated after the campaigns ended. Also, no personal workers actually paid money out of their own pockets. When they used personal credit cards for supplies or clothes for Palin, they were reimbursed through expense reports – another thing the media isn’t telling you.

    There is a reason the media is out to get her.

    It’s the record turnouts she had at rallies.

    It’s the record number of viewers SNL got when she appeared on there.

    It’s the record number of viewers the vice-presidential debate got making it the most watched political event in history.

    It’s the record level of popularity she had in her state as governor.

    It’s the fact that she gave up luxuries like a plane and housekeepers and chefs because she felt the taxpayers should not be paying for those things.

    It’s the fact that she was in charge of the Alaskan national guard.

    It’s the fact that she was an expert on energy sitting on a very important board in Alaska.

    It’s the fact that she got rid of rotten Democrats and Republicans alike to put the government back on the side of the people.

    It’s the fact that she led Alaska in a budget surplus.

    And rather than asking her how she would apply those same intrinsic qualities as VP to the country, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric decided it was more important to ask her about the Bush Doctrine and what magazines she reads to get her news.

    More importantly, it’s the fact that you seem to know every answer she gave yet I bet you couldn’t memorize one gaffe uttered by Joe Biden or Barack Obama during this campaign, nor could you tell me what either one of them said to those same stupid questions – oh wait, nobody asked them those stupid questions! Apparently those were reserved for Sarah Palin.

    McCain was a phony politician ever since he helped legislate McCain-Feingold and tried granting amnesty to 20-million illegal aliens.

    He was the worst choice possible and was handed to us by the media who convinced us that he was the furthest candidate away from GW Bush, only to have him referred to as “Bush’s third term” by the same media and their darling Messiah candidate.

    As for Sarah Palin, she brought the base alive – the night she was merely announced to be her running mate, McCain’s campaign received 4 million in donations within hours – the largest money they raised in that short amount of time.

    Top that off with the fact that more people cheered at her rallies since, that more people watched her speech than they did his or Obama’s, and that people all over the country cashed in on her look, I’d say she did pretty well at gaining the interest of Americans.

    Hillary and Palin have no business being put into the same category. One of those women were able to gain ample political experience without the help of her husband.

    Guess which one I’m referring to.

  3. Steve,

    There’s a difference between $400, and $150,000. What was wrong with her existing wardrobe, or similar? I don’t care where the money came from, that was not my point, I was alluding to the ‘diva’ accusation. When she couldn’t answer simple questions like “what kind of magazines do you read?”… not even throw out a name, it showed she was either ignorant or unprepared, as the campaign alleges.

    People were interested, not by her qualifications, but moreso just trying to find out why this unknown was instantly embraced by “the base”.

    SNL’s ratings went through the roof, because most of “the base” never watches SNL, and their additional viewing created huge numbers. It’s not because undecideds thought they would tune in to see her.

    She energized the base, the way a car without an alternator is energized by the battery… it started up, but it didn’t last. People realized that it was likely McCain would not have survived his first term as president, leaving us with Palin as president. That scared a ton of people, and was a major factor in McCain losing votes.

  4. Loud,

    If you are willing to dig so far into the entire clothing bill of a candidate – as well as make the proclamation here and now that males candidates continue to campaign tirelessly for entire 12-24 month periods in the same suits without additional expenses for other grooming accessories, then I’d like to see you produce the entire “look” bill for John Kerry, John McCain, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden. Professional clothes cost money. This has never been a mystery until now.

    Take a look at the released tax returns of the Palins versus the tax returns of the McCains, the Obamas, the Bidens, or the Edwards’ and then we can chat a bit further on who the “diva” is.

    SNL’s ratings skyrocketed because Sarah Palin created a strong interest. She immediately became a pop culture icon attacked by every celebrity and even mainstream news publication across the land, which in and of itself was Reaganesque.

    If indeed Sarah threw out any magazine or news publication, you don’t think she would have been attacked by one person or another for whatever it would have been? How many news sources do you get your news from? And why would you name those?

    What were Obama’s or Biden’s answers to those questions?

    Finally, I gave you a long list of massive accomplishments of the only person in this race who had executive experience who carried it out with success. You’re still going on about the wardrobe and the answers to Couric’s idiotic questions rather than to acknowledge the only tangible evidence important in this discussion.

    That means that the media frightened you with their stories. It means they got you to ignore the stories and to totally forget the fact that Obama had no experience whatsoever to become President. Don’t feel bad, they did it with half the country!

    But to act as if McCain ever had a shot to begin with knowing the historic failures of running “liberal Republicans” as “conservatives” like we did with McCain who wanted amnesty for illegals, voted against Sam Alito’s nomination, voted against Bush’s tax cuts, voted for a campaign finance reform bill that only hurt him in the end, and attacked Christians every chance he got implies that somehow that you’re unable to recognize these same failures in the past.

    Barry Goldwater did not lose because of his running mate.

    Bob Dole did not lose because of his running mate.

    They lost in landslides. But, if they would have brought ona candidate like Sarah Palin as their running mate, they would have gotten much closer like McCain did.

    “A ton of people” should be able to look at the political records of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama to determine who one of those two would have truly scared them. If you’re sincerely telling me that you’re more comfortable with Barack Obama, then perhaps this conversation is one that will go on for days.

  5. One more thing –

    Let’s review two pieces of facts:

    1.) The RNC spent $150K to dress her.

    2.) She gave up a $2M private jet reserved for the Governor, chefs, and maids because she thought it was an unnecessary expense to taxpayers.

    Tell me, why are only one of these points talked about over and over again in the media?

    1.) She answered Couric’s questions in a way you don’t like.

    2.) She has massive accomplishments as a leader with a record of more success than Obama and Biden combined.

    Why is only one of those things talked about over and over in the media?

    Finally, why are the media’s selections of points the ones you are selecting.

    Don’t the second points in both carry more weight with you?

    Certainly the year journalism drew it’s last breath.

  6. Steve,

    You don’t have to dig for a $150k (which is nearly the annual income for the Palin family) clothing bill. If she was sensible, she would have refused this.

    Again, as I stated before, SNL’s ratings were due to a flash in the pan due to a non-typical viewing base taking a look, not because people were falling in love with the woman. And people were not hacking at Reagan like this, partly because he didn’t have the negatives Palin does.

    Your statement of “She has massive accomplishments as a leader” is ludicrous at best. Massive would indicate large or many. I’ll give you she had more than Obama… but that’s not saying much.

    Yes, she answered Couric’s questions in a way I don’t like: She embarrassed herself. She couldn’t or would answer several questions that should have given her a more intelligent or human appearance.

    I gave her a chance, but found zero real value that she brought to the ticket. If McCain wanted a female on the ticket, he should have at least gone with Olympia Snowe, who has a real track record, and has a positive reputation. The problem with Palin was that she was an unknown. But once she was information, and the media began to expose her background, she lost her luster quickly.

    You’ve really got to pull off the blinders, and throw down the pompoms. Let’s see how she looks in a few more years, but for now, she was a huge blunder for the McCain campaign, and was one of the 3 reasons he did not get my vote.

  7. “You don’t have to dig for a $150k (which is nearly the annual income for the Palin family) clothing bill. If she was sensible, she would have refused this.”

    Maybe she did?

    It’s pretty sad when your opponents have to start taking pot shots at how much money was spent on buying clothes for you. When that happens then desperation or vindictiveness is at work.

    Sarah Palin had to look the part. I bet someone in the RNC decided her wardrobe did not pass muster.

    Speaking of clothes. The Obama’s are headed for the White House. They like previous First Families will be dressed by a name fashion designer. Who will pay for that? Why does a name fashion designer have to do this? Can’t they make a run to Macy’s, Target, and JC Penney?

  8. “Because of her spotty past…”

    What spotty past? Troopergate? She could have fired the head of the Alaska police for no reason. He held an At Will political appointment. Case closed.

    California (my home state) has many appointed positions that change hands when a new Governor is elected. The people who accept these appointments know they are At Will.

  9. Loud,

    You’re way off here and history proves you wrong big time.

    First, history tells us that McCain lost this election all on his own without the conservative principles required to win over half of America. Guess what, he didn’t and he never will.

    The preposterous nature of your post reveals itself when you say that Palin’s major (yes, MAJOR) accomplishments were ludacrious, then follow up to admit that they were at least better than Obama’s. Well, the media convinced Americans that he was more qualified than she was. Subsequently it looks like they have convinced you that male candidates use only one business suit throughout their entire campaigns to parade around in. At least the dry cleaners are kept employed, right?

    The entire wardrobe dispute is precisely why she is the best man for the job. The idea that the media was so desperate that it decided to make a mountain out of per diem usage and her clothing purchased by the RNC so that people like you can say “me too” for he sake of being Little Sir Echo, makes me energized by her, I can only hope you continue.

    You know it’s a fact that she have up million-dollar luxuries by her own free will, yet you manage to suggest she was demanding and overspent on clothes that she didn’t get to keep. Nor did she personally purchase herself. With all this clothes shopping, one would wonder how Sarah had time to campaign at all! Boy, those hockey moms sure invent the art of multi-tasking.

    Then you say her accomplishements aren’t massive and refute my position with a generality.

    Then you use another generality to say she embarrassed herself on Couric when I specifically concluded that Biden, McCain, or Obama were not asked those same stupid questions by either Couric or Gibson – yet you avoided those details. It is my conclusion that Couric and Gibson embarrassed themselves as journalists. Something you seem to be used to and are willing to accept.

    You’re either someone who voted for Barack Obama; or even worse, someone who really thinks John McCain was a real Republican worthy of the conservative vote.

  10. McCain’s defeat is the best thing that could have happened to Republicans and Palin. The Bush presidency has equated to socialism light. McCain destroyed his own credibility by backing the pork filled bailout. Let us be clear, that is what destroyed his own presidential run.

    I like the Palin that I read about before the nomination. I hope to see a return of that Palin for 2012. That Palin embodies Reagan/Goldwater/Taft. As much as ya’ll hate Ron Paul, the Palin I read about embodied him more than any ultra conservative out there.

    Let me be real Frank, I voted for McCain but at the same time feel his loss is a blessing to Republicans. As a party, we can now rid ourselves of these “Social Conservatives” (the biggest oxymoron of our generation) and begin to rebuild in the spirit of 1994, in the spirit of Reagan/Goldwater/Taft. It is time for us to get back to our roots. It is time for Republicans to remember what it means to be Republicans. Just the other day, our county chairmen came up to me and told me that me and mine are the future of the local party. I feel that us “Ron Paulers” are the absolute key to rebuilding and should be consider a vital role in rebuilding and educating the next generation. Whether we always agree or not, we are the base, we are Sarah Palin. Republicans need us now more than ever for we will remain ever vigilant to the Socialistic tide that is about to consume America.

    I endorse Sarah Palin for 2012 and feel the McCain staffers are nothing more than crying sour grapes rather than examining their own faults of social conservatism.

    Side comment : Watching Obama election night reminded me of the late 1930s when Hitler spoke to his masses. I feel sick and scared for what is to come. For the first time since 1964, Indiana went Democrat. That time they blamed it on someone being “to conservative”. This time I blame it on a nominee that wasn’t conservative enough. WE have nothing but ourselves to blame. As I watched Obama’s speech, I thought of the words Christ had said on the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they have done”

  11. Steve,

    “First, history tells us that McCain lost this election all on his own without the conservative principles required to win over half of America. Guess what, he didn’t and he never will.”

    — I’m not sure what history you’re referring to.

    “The preposterous nature of your post reveals itself when you say that Palin’s major (yes, MAJOR) accomplishments were ludacrious, then follow up to admit that they were at least better than Obama’s. ”

    — First, why don’t you list some of these MAJOR accomplishments. Second, apparently you are narrow-minded as is evidenced by your assumption that I voted for Obama. I thought Obama was horribly underqualified, and Palin wasn’t far behind.

    I don’t care about Palin’s wardrobe, but the 150k shopping spree that either she initiated or allowed (as evidenced by her wearing some of the attire) shows she didn’t either realize that this might be a bit innapropriate or that she thought she deserved it. Again, I’m only backing up the campaign staff’s assertion with the ‘diva’ label with reasoning. I’m willing to bet that the 150k spent is equal or greater than Obama, Biden and McCain’s total wardrobe expenditure for at least the last year… hers was in less than 3 months.

    You forget that McCain has already been through this, and Biden being in public office for so long has gotten these questions. Obama was getting these questions all along, and frankly, those were in his wheelhouse. I don’t think the others got stumped by questions on magazines, or simple supreme court questions. She may not be an idiot, but she was completely akward and unprepared at the very least. I find it hard that these are features that energize “the base”

  12. John in CA,

    Hey, I thought the trooper was a scumbag, but she didn’t follow protocol. Neither did she when using taxpayer money for unneccessary family travel, etc, or using paid city employees to work on her campaign. These are all glaring issues when looking at a person with only 2 years of national experience.

    McCain could have served himself well with a previously vetted candidate like Huckabee, or Romney, or someone else without so many surprises and that the party knew how they could handle the action.

  13. I seem to remember Biden and Obama suddenly cutting off a number of reporters who asked questions they didn’t like. Palin, on the other hand, continued to give interviews to everybody.

    Why hasn’t this been discussed?

  14. Hi, I was googling “Gay conservative”, and this site appealed to me. I’m a teenager from the once-was Republican stronghold of FL. Tampa Bay, especially was strong when GWB ran for office, and has been ever since election night of ’08. I was sick when I heard the Obama speech, I watched 2 videos and compared him with Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, and other People like Karl Marx. People haven’t understood the backgrounds of either party. Today republicans are against rights for gays and won’t even allow an anti-gay hate crime policy. Wasn’t it the republicans that fought for civil rights for blacks? And now blacks are held in the clutches of the party that once enslaved them? Abe Lincoln is probably tossing and turning in his grave along with other past presidents, including Washington. Our conservative base has wandered from the point. To give people their personal freedoms, liberties, and choices, and to have less government inteference and to be a intellegent, prosperous nation. I love Palin, she’s my kinda politician, no nonsense, down to business, forget party lines and the media…. Thats what we need in a president. I’ve been appauled at the way our media has acted upon blaming everything on GWB. Remember, congress controls what goes on to the president, and half of the bills that the house composed, never even hit the presidents desk…. So the media needs to understand, presidents don’t have power, they can only veto. Dictators have power, they bring on tyranny… I’ve been laughed at from my friends, family, and the gay community for being smart, intellegent, and realistic. Its time we went back to our roots and started over… Our party has gone too far, and now its identical to the democratic party. The democrats have us by our neck, and we have to prove that they are the bad guys….. So lets get Palin to run in 2012 and lets elect her as the 1st lady POTUS. The world is happy that we chose Obama, so they can prove that we are arrogant. They knew that McCain was the better choice, they just wanted to test us and see if it would work, and we fell for it…. We can’t let these other countries test us and bring us to our feet. I love europe and asia, and all of these countries, and I know what a loss it has been to us that our respect has fallen. Americans were desperate, so they changed parties, they changed platforms, they changed tones, and the African Americans were to hasty and wanted to make history, and elect the wrong coloured person to be president. I have nothing against a coloured president, it was just that they should have chose more wisely….

    Isaac G of Tampa Bay, Fl..
    Keep FL Red! Don’t be Blue!

  15. Elf,
    This should be a poem dedicated to you entitled “I explained already”

    You said:

    “I’m not sure what history you are referring to” in regard to what I said about it being history that explained McCain’s destined loss.

    –I explained already that ultra-conservative Ronald Reagan won in two historic landslides. I explained how Bob Dole and Goldwater were liberals on social issues and tried being tough on national security. They lost. Also, according to history – and I am starting to wonder if you understand this or not – running on a conservative ticket that requires conservative votes usually carries a prerequisite of that candidate exuding conservative qualities; unlike John McCain who exuded many liberal policies.

    You said:

    “First, why don’t you list some of these MAJOR accomplishments. Second, apparently you are narrow-minded as is evidenced by your assumption that I voted for Obama. I thought Obama was horribly underqualified, and Palin wasn’t far behind.”

    –I did. I mentioned her approval rating as a governor. I mentioned her control over the Alaskan National Guard, I mentioned her getting rid of stupid spending and governor luxuries like a jet, a maid, and a chef, I mentioned that she enraged both Republicans and Democrats in Alaska to be a conservative who put people first before the politicians. I mentioned her experience as a mayor and I mentioned her experience in working to help lay the natural gas pipeline and serving on the Alaskan conservation committee.

    Suddenly, you erase all that to rely on a question she answered to Couric to develop your “factual” and “well-thought” opinion.
    Since you’re so hell bent on it, tell us what McCain did other than to oppose the Bush tax cuts, other than to promote amnesty for 20 million illegals, other than to reject Bush Supreme Court nominees, and to work with every left-winger possible to earn that pre-primary “maverick” moniker assigned to him by the NY Times. Being a moderate; somehow, didn’t help him after the primaries did it.

    If Palin was the reason he lost, then why did the same media turn on him to proclaim McCain to be the next GW Bush? Now they love him again, along with Chuck Schumer.

    This is a media game developed to tell you how to think, and it appears to be working.

    So saying “Palin isn’t far behind” admits her being more qualified than Obama. But then you proclaim that Americans were afraid for her to become President, but at the same time, those same Americans voted for a man less qualified?


    No Obama, Biden, or McCain ever received those kind of idiot questions. But one thing for Couric I must admit, the “when was the last time you cried?” to Obama was effective.

    In fact, it was that question that probably defined ultimately why Obama was so successful. I personally don’t care when he cries, he better be able to dry his eyes and get to work.

    Sorry, I appreciate your input. But your words are incredibly self-contradicting.


  16. Ferg,

    Your post made a lot of sense.

    I will say this about Ron Paul: the man is aboslutely brilliant and I love every position of his other than the current state of national security and becoming an isolationist country. I’d love it if there were no airplanes in the world.

    Palin at least wants to finish in Iraq which we are almost done anyway and move to become energy independent which will move us closer to what Paul would like anyway. If we don’t need their energy, we won’t need them and can then become less concerned with what happens to them.

    Palin’s message is America First and I absolutely agree with that.

  17. Isaac, welcome. Come by any time.

    Ferg, I agree with Steve on Ron Paul, but I also have little stomach for his support of some of the 9/11 “Truther” conspiracy theories. It kinda drives me nuts. Cynthia McKinney is worse, but hey…

    Speaking of miss bee-otch, I noticed her name on my ballot. Did anyone else see that?

  18. Steve,

    I guess my poem for you would be: “I explained, you didn’t get it, and repeated yourself.”

    Ronald Reagan was only a social conservative, as he oversaw the largest peacetime increase of government size and spending in history to that date. Additionally, he won because he followed a bungling Carter, and the country wasn’t going to vote Democrat after that performance… much like what happened to the GOP this year. Remember, Reagan barely got 50% of the vote his first term. He did better the second time around because a) he was an incumbent, and b) Mondale was Carter’s VP. I liked Reagan, but try to shed some realism here.

    On Palin’s accomplishments: A high approval rating is nice, but she hasn’t finished her first term. I attribute this mostly to the success of big oil in her state, and the windfall tax slapped on the oil companies, which resulted in checks to the citizens… not a conservative idea at all. All 49 other governors have control over their national guards as well, so this does not set her above any other governor in this right. Reducing spending is great, and I’m glad she did it, but many governors have done this. So again, I’m looking for the MAJOR accomplishment. It seems that this may be major for Alaska, but is not impressive to most other states. Now, before you go off half-cocked, I believe executive experience IS superior to that of just legislative, so I’ll give her that positive mark.

    For McCain, being a moderate was the reason he won the primaries. If only conservative Republicans voted in GOP primaries, the outcome would have been different. Unfortunately, “the base” of the party is a minorty therein. Adding more weakness to weakness is not how you get strength.

    The media turned on McCain because he’s not Barack Obama. They bought the snake oil he was selling. This feeds into my point, is that it’s easy to lead sheep. There are lots of Americans eager to be told how to vote and react. In Palin’s case, the GOP unveiled her, and instantly she got fierce support, despite her short track record. The have the sheep shears that night…

    You really need to reread your arguments for Palin being some great addition to the McCain team. She had a couple positives, but had more negatives. I’m rarely impressed by BS or hollow shells. For me, she’s a hollow shell until she finishes at least a term. She was 4 years too early for the VP pick. Like I’ve said, if he wanted a woman, McCain should have picked Snowe from Maine.

    Now Ron Paul… he’s the white-haired GOP guy I would have voted for.

  19. Elf,

    I’ve explained it over and over.

    But first thing I’d like to correct you on, Reagan won 489 electoral votes – every state but three. But I’m glad you’re interested in comparing, but because of Sarah Palin McCain lost by a much smaller margin than Carter lost to Reagan. So, if the GOP of the last years was really all that bad, then apparently we didn’t feel it like Americans felt Carter.

    Reagan’s spending: Reagan had to increase spending for the military and on issues of national security since Carter allowed the Shah of Iran to be deposed of by Islamic fanatics. In addition, Carter left Reagan with unemployment at 19 million, the highest inflation ever in American history, and national interest rates at 21%.

    Reagan spent wisely. He essentially bought all Americans their very own fishing pole and gave them the tools required to re-build. It worked. By the end of his first term, unemployment had plummeted, interest rates were down, and inflation came down.

    Unlike Obama who wants to hand out whales with nothing that will actually stick with Americans and eventually, those same people will need another handout, thus resulting in a system with more Americans taking from the government than putting in.

    There isn’t anything wrong with government spending as long as its providing tools to Americans to improve their lives to put back in the economy.

    Think of it on a smaller scale. Think of a friend or a member of your family. You have $500 extra in your bank account and you choose to help them. Do you buy them a flat screen TV or just hand over the cash? Or do you use that money to buy them a nice suit to go on job interviews? Perhaps a class at the local community college would be nice. Anything to let that person know that you expect them to be able to pay that forward to another American in need someday, or back to you in case you need it.

    That’s what Reagan did on a much larger scale. The only ones who hated him for it are the ones that wanted the quick-fix whales and not the fishing pole to catch their own damn fish.

    I’m curious, since you wanted Snowe from Maine, let me know what she did. What were her major accomplishments? How do they put Palin’s to shame?

    I feel you’re purposely undermining Palin’s accomplishments. The idea of a great leader is someone who has the best interest of the masses at heart. She exuded that over and over again. She didn’t cater to interest groups, she didn’t pander to Republicans or Democrats. She ran as a conservative and when the oil situation in Alaska got out of hand where oil executives were acting like Stalinist dictators who were once patted on the back by other politicians, Palin stripped them of their subsidies.

    Like Reagan, Palin won in a landslide. She was already loved before standing up to big oil.

    But for all your talk on BS or hollow shells, you still contend that Americans were frightened of her of becoming President.

    Then you admit she was more accomplished than Obama, yet not quite as accomplished as Snowe. But as we know, we see that Americans overwhelmingly had no problem with Obama, did they?

    So, please strip away your first response as to why Americans rejected the McCain ticket by blaming Palin saying that she wasn’t ready. Because apparently this wasn’t the case since they chose Obama.

    Something was different there, wasn’t it? Why was it that Americans rounded up by ACORN believed Obama to be more qualified?

    Why is it that Palin made her stance on every position crystal clear to us on abortion, energy independence, taxing small-business owners and corporations, gay marriage, and religion – yet Katie Couric still felt it was more important to get an oral essay from Palin on Supreme Court cases and her favorite magazines she reads?

    As I stated in another thread – it was fear.

    Liberals and “moderate” (wussies) Republicans were terrified to see a beautiful woman who was reproductively healthy, bright, unapologetic of her positions on social issues, remain pro-life and religious, all while appearing trendy and effective.

    It wasn’t her “inexperience” or her lack of accomplishments.

    Frankly, if it were, you would have had a long list of Snowe’s or McCain’s ready to counter Palin’s rather than simply denouncing all of hers as “BS or hollow shells.”

    I’m sorry again, but your reasoning in and of itself is a “hollow shell.”

    If you haven’t already done so, I’d much rather you just do a complete crossover to the liberal wing of this country that takes away our talents and individuality and believes in allowing the government more power to establish matters which belong in the prerogatives of us as Americans.


    Palin is the Republican Hillary Clinton in terms of unelectable devisiveness. Except Clinton went to Yale Law school vs SIX different colleges for a degree in journalism lol.

  21. Anonyomous,

    You also forgot to mention that unlike Hillary, Palin also failed to marry a horny sleaze-dog who successfully won the Presidency to stay with him through various high-publicized extra-marital affairs and sacrificed her self-respect as a woman to stay in the limelight.

    Makes you wonder what those elite schools are really teaching these women.

    But hey, Obama’s going to send you a check, right?

  22. “I’ve explained it over and over. ”

    Explaining to someone the world is flat over and over again does not make the theory accurate.

    You talk about conservatism, but when pointed out that Reagan was no fiscal conservative, you say “Reagan spent wisely”. He spent on debt. That’s like saying spending on the credit card is the best way to financial freedom. Just as Bush did, he rode up the national debt for the next president or so, and weakened the dollar, causing recession. This is not wise spending. You then say “There isn’t anything wrong with government spending as long as its providing tools to Americans to improve their lives to put back in the economy”… but isn’t that Obama’s pitch? Give Americans healthcare and education so they can work? It’s not fiscal conservatism: Get out of the way of business and let it create the wealth, not the government.

    “But first thing I’d like to correct you on, Reagan won 489 electoral votes – every state but three.” He won all but 6 + DC. If you’re going to correct, make sure you get your facts straight… it seems to be a problem for you. Ten points is definitely a landslide, and like I said, he won because people were sick of Carter’s bungling of Iran, the oil embargo, etc, I wouldn’t chalk that right up to Reagan being some impressive savior at the time. Just like with Obama coming in, all he had to do was point to Bush’s poor track record, and link McCain to him. But you have yet to prove how Palin shaved that difference down for McCain, or disproved my point that she was a nail in his coffin.

    And since when did getting 49% of the vote ever equate to a landslide? Or 7 points? Put down the pompoms and look at reality for a minute. I did before I made decisions on Palin. After rational thought, and research, I found little substance. I waited until the debate to make the final decision. Unfortunately, we found she’s only a good public speaker to those who support her, and when asked tough questions, or debated, she preferred to just choose to answer whatever she felt like. Again, not a quality most people admire.

    “I feel you’re purposely undermining Palin’s accomplishments” Again, you really haven’t shown many that set her above the norm. That’s not undermining, that’s saying, she’s probably been a fine governor for the 2 years she served, but she has yet to do much defining.

    You ask about Snowe. Apparently, you haven’t done much research. Here are some points for you:

    -She’s served on the national stage for 30 years, and is in her 3rd term as a Senator.
    -She was the youngest woman elected to the House.
    -SHE won in a landslide in her last election with over 70% of the vote.
    -Committee Assignments:
    +Armed Services Committee
    +Committee on Finance
    +Subcommittee on Health Care
    +Subcommittee on International Trade and +Global Competitiveness
    +Subcommittee on Taxation, IRS Oversight, and Long-term Growth
    +Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Ranking Member)
    +Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
    +Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security
    +Subcommittee on Interstate Commerce, Trade, and Tourism
    +Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard (Ranking Member)
    +Select Committee on Intelligence
    Enough experience for you?

    Ask yourself this: If McCain was tied in the polls less than 6 months ago without Palin, and lost by 6 points, how was it HER that kept it from being a landslide for Obama?

    Your problem here Steve, is you need the “fishing pole”. You have the ‘fish’ as evidenced in your ability to put nice words together to show the end result, but not the knowledge of how to get there. These are very simple arguments that you pass right over, and just repeat a talking point you’ve heard from whatever source you’ve chosen. Then the last thing you can do is try to label me as a liberal as if that’s either accurate or effective. As we know neither are, you merely succeed in proving your inability to create your own independent thought process, and prove you’re just another sheep.

    I thought you were smarter than that, but all you can do is repeat yourself, while trying to figure me as some polar opposite to yourself. This is not convincing, or accurate, but the world is tough to view through a set of pompoms.

  23. “Major accomplishments, with Elf”

    “She’s served on the national stage for 30 years, and is in her 3rd term as a Senator.”

    Is that substantial or is it a “hollow shell?” Teddy Kennedy served that long, too.

    “She was the youngest woman elected to the House.”

    Palin was the youngest Governor – wow seems you have a bigger appreciation for “hollow shells” than one could ever imagine.

    “SHE won in a landslide in her last election with over 70% of the vote.”

    Palin won in a landslide as Governor.

    And, the committees are just as hollow shelled as anything you could say about Palin.

    I gave you COLD HARD FACTS of statistics proving Palin’s popularity, actual examples of things she did for the people, actual examples of why the people love her, actual examples of how she wasn’t afraid to anger the “good ole boys” to do right by her consituents.

    Your “accomplishments” of Snowe’s are nothing more than titles copied and pasted from Wikipedia.

    BTW, your correction of Reagan’s landslide was petty and quite liberalesque. In the end, you merely re-confirmed what I said about his landlisde.

    I gave you two titles for Palin that grants her the executive experience necessary to run a country.

    You gave examples of experience having nothing to do with any executive branch whatsoever.

    If your list were the end-all, then perhaps Nancy Pelosi should run for president.

    Then you can undermine Reagan’s recovery of unemployment, you can undermine Reagan’s success at lowering massive inflation and lowering sky-high interest rates.

    You can undermine Palin’s actions that she executed to make a better world for people.

    And you can be fooled by the media once again when they tell you that Pelosi was the most effective and intelligent leader to ever hit the scene.

    Yes, I repeat myself. You cannot get facts wrong….and you can come back and try and say it 18 million different ways, but you’re going to keep getting the same answers no matter how many times to try to unsuccessfully dance around it.

  24. Steve,

    Obviously you’ve got your head wedged firmly where you should be sitting. First off, 49% (and a 7% margin) is not a landslide, 74% and a 51% margin sure is, especially in a blue state. You REALLY want to compare? Palin was the youngest governor in ALASKAN history, not US history, so again, not wowing me here with your “COLD HARD FACTS”, if that’s what you call them.

    And what of Pelosi? Are you that clueless to ASSume that I ever mentioned her, or support for her. You must not have taken your meds, or missed Reading Comprehension class.

    Listen, I never said Palin stunk in general. I said that due to her lack of experience, some of her negatives, and lack of real accomplishments to date limited John McCain, when he needed a real staying boost in his election. You’ve been so blinded by an afront to your chosen one, you’ve tried to link with with Democrats, liberals, and anything else you can come up with without using your brain enough to figure out that I’m neither.

    But with people like you, there’s no amount of fact or reason that will change your mind — like the iris of the eye, the more light is shed on it, the more it closes, like your mind.

    You can fire any comebacks you want, but all you’ll do is fire back repitition and erroneous information, as you’ve done so far. You’ve seen fit to sodomize yourself with your head so far, it doesn’t seem like it will stop.

    You can have the last word, as your kind needs it.

  25. There was nothing erroneous about my information. Sarah Palin is a good conservative with good values that pulled McCain out of a slump.

    You keep saying she “limited” John McCain when in essence, John McCain limited himself.

    I’m really not interested in Americans wanting to run around on the Republican side only to endorse moderates.

    Everyday leading up to the announcement of Palin, McCain had a CONSTANT trailing of 10 points or more to Obama. That’s because nothing he did earned the respect of Americans or Republicans as a representative of our party of its core beliefs.

    The night he announced her, the base came alive.

    More people watched her speech than either his or Obama’s.

    For one week, we loved her and we understood and welcomed her experience as an excellent and effective governor.

    Suddenly, the media realized they were in trouble. So, they set out to convince Americans that she wasn’t ready even though her experience greatly surpassed Obama’s.

    They may have convinced you, but I’m not so easily bluffed.

    And whenever in the future we have the opportunity to have a fresh face in Washington; untainted by the partisan games and nonsense that puts their connections and special-interest groups first before you and me, and the media attacks them again – you’ll buy it again.

    Your posts have done nothing but merely confirm every newscaster at MSNBC.

    Palin energized McCain’s campaign.

    You’re so hell bent on confirming everything the MSM wanted you to believe that you’ve even cheapened Reagan’s 480 electoral landslide, cheapened and undermined everything he turned around that he inherited from Carter, undermined Palin’s stunning accomplishments and continue to ignore that it was her who brought in the most viewers of a VP debate in history. It was her that drove people out to her rallies in record numbers. It was her who had the executive experience lacked by McCain, Biden, and Obama combined. It was her who got McCain’s campign $4M in campaign contributions the night she was announced.

    She’s the best candidate possible. That’s why Obama sent tons of investigators to Alaska, that’s why Couric asked her stupid irrelevant questions, and that’s why the media suddenly began their smear campaign.

    I’ll glady take the last word, because my kind can realize a bluffed needy soul at 500 paces. You need a few days at a good sweat lodge to get out those pro-media impurities.

    Much love.

  26. “Palin is the Republican Hillary Clinton in terms of unelectable devisiveness. Except Clinton went to Yale Law school vs SIX different colleges for a degree in journalism lol.”

    Six colleges? So what. She graduated. How many people take a stab at one college, drop out and never finish their degrees? We’ve got one in my family.

  27. Me too, Robert.

    I think you might be starting to understand.

    Just like Hussein, the Christian has been receiving a beating from the Dennis Kucinich-loving radical lefties, you have to learn how to read the signs of a person who could be great for the country.

    Of course, Hussein, the Christian had no executive experience like our gorgeous Sarah, the Christian had, but the far left are starting to attack him.

    Of course Sarah’s still the better candidate. Think of it as a venom meter. While Hussein, the Christian is starting to receive ample venom from the moonbats, Sarah still makes their heads explode.

    I think after the Kucinich-moonies are done with four years of Hussein, the Christian, the MSM might finally be able to get that as well.

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