Gay Hypocrisy – the vidblog

Here’s my first-ever vidblog. I’m a little twitchy and the lighting sucks, but I tried not to ramble.

Update: Aaahh-nold is now encouraging the violent protests going on and all the anti-religious bashing by the No on 8 nutwads. Read about it and find more links with Michelle Malkin.

Also: Maynard over at Tammy Bruce has reminded me that yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, or “night of broken glass.”


45 thoughts on “Gay Hypocrisy – the vidblog

  1. You are my soul sister. I thought I was alone in this life….how refreshing to hear the voice of reason attached to a cute lesbian.
    I have been attacked for my conservative views since I don’t know when….they don’t see that it is the hand they hold that holds them down.
    I applaud you girl. I wish you lived in my city…I would buy you a drink and we could talk about politics. Would be nice to have a political conversation without being told I am a traitor to my people…ha

  2. You’re absolutely right Met. I’ve discussed this before 90-million times with others going back to 2000 even when Prop 22 passed in California saying the same thing.

    Moreover; Oregonians voted overwhelmingly for the marriage ban in 2004.

    Third, and I hate to keep banging Sarah Palin into everyones heads, but in 2005 she vetoed a Bill from the Alaskan Senate that attempted to override a Supreme Court decision that granted benefits to partners of gay employees. They didn’t like that ruling so they created a Bill to overturn it – and with her personal opinion aside, Sarah Palin vetoed that Bill.

    Once the same issue hit the ballots in Alaska, the voters overwhelmingly then supported Palin’s position.

    Basically, a state that banned gay marriage in 1998 voted for a pro-gay position under the leadership and inspiration of a Governor who showed them that in times like this, personal opinion must be set aside to do what was right constitutionally.

    Palin in that moment in history did more for the gay community than any Democrat did.

    Yet it escaped the MSM somehow. I am so angry Americans were buffaloed into voting for this guy who couldn’t care less about gay rights and we passed up a true leader who has already proven herself to be fair on the issue.

    Even if she is personally against it. That’s what I call “progress” and “change.”

  3. Mel,
    Congratulations on your first vidblog. I hope you will do more of them in the future.

    I’m still laughing at the Oh-Sooooo-Superior-Socialist State of California passing Prop 8. One question though… What happens to all those people who have legally married before Prop 8 passed? Will their marriages be void or will they be grandfathered in?

  4. Mel-

    Good job, girl! You are exactly right. If people used their brains and not their heart when they voted, we’d be in such a better position socially. I think that one of the bigger issues with the reason that conservatives aren’t hate filled, is that if you factor in normal evangelicals, even if they disagree with your lifestyle choice, they’ll still respect you as a person. Hate the sin, love the sinner, so to speak. I’m not saying that it is or is not sin to be gay- not my job to judge; that is between each person and their god. But you get that tolerance, because the value human life. Liberals, well, not so much.

  5. “What happens to all those people who have legally married before Prop 8 passed? Will their marriages be void or will they be grandfathered in?”

    So far, nothing has happened to those marriages. The State Attorney General said he will fight to keep those marriages in place.

    Generally, laws and Constitutional Amendments are not retroactive or ex post facto in legal terms. Things can be changed going forward but the clock can’t be trurned back to punish people

  6. There’s a new post on that says Gov. Schwarzenegger is vowing to fight Prop 8 himself, and is actually spurring the violent protests onward. It made me sick to my stomach. And I get the feeling that the state supreme court will poke its nose in and, yet again, strike down the will of the people.

    Thanks to all of you…I’m planning on doing this every Sunday, then if something really big comes up during the week I might hit up my dad to help a little extra. I have to say, though, all this garbage is about to drive me to pick up my pipe again (tobacco, ya’ll, I don’t do that illegal crap).

  7. Thanks John, I’m glad to see it is still that way. I have gotten used to things being different in Australia. I was shocked the first time I heard Australians mention making a law retroactive in order to punish people. The people they wanted to punish were terrorist… but still I was like, you can do that?

    Arnold sure doesn’t know what it means to be a Republican. What a jackass. Even if we believe the people did a stupid thing and made a wrong choice we still accept the will of the people. The majority rules. Lucky for Obama, lol!

  8. I don’t normally ask this sort of thing, but I need your support, guys. There have been two commenters total on the URL at YouTube where the vidblog is located, and both are trying to say that the hatred and violence are justified. Both have given the video just one star.

    If you liked it, please go to the actual page and either comment or rate it. I didn’t realize this, but if a vidblog is given a high enough rating YouTube will put it out there for complete strangers to view as a “video of interest.”

  9. Mel, I went, I viewed, I rated and I commented. I am Tnt and JLk on Youtube.

    I totally agree with everything you said.

    Well Done!

  10. lady, you’re a reasoned, lucid, rational person. i bet you took more heat stating your current views than you did coming out as gay.

    i’m a straight female, fiscally conservative/socially libertarian. also i’m an agnostic. however, like you, i’ve found that religious folks make me far more comfortable than the lunatic agnostics and atheists i meet. my goodness, i’d rather spend time at a good church service (even though i’m skeptical about the whole thing) than one trendy brunch with the lunatic deity hating fringe.


  11. Great video! You did very well. I just added a comment and rated it. Hopefully, you will make more videos as the mood strikes. The more people who see/hear this stuff, the better, and you are a good communicator.

    Be well.

  12. I will try not to be too wordy in my post, although I don’t think that is possible. I do not believe in the all or nothing thinking that we are forced into by the ruling patriarchal society. It gives power to the undeserving. It is done that way because it works. Prime example, George Bush stating to the world, “You are for us or you are against us”. My belief: We are all many things all at once. Logic, intelligence and serving the greater good rather than picking sides is optimum.

    My choices for president: Colin Powell, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton. Although this go round none of those were my choices. I am a straight black woman. I will try to describe to you what goes on in the black community that is almost never discussed in the media. The black community is highly patriarchal. That statement is deceiving due to the high percentage of women left to fend for themselves in the black community. I will go so far as to say that not only is it patriarchal but we are lead by pimp-logic, even in the pulpit or especially in the pulpit. That leads to a high rate of homophobia in our culture. The black male patriarchy does not like the black struggle to be compared to the gay/lesbian struggle.

    Furthermore black women are expected to couch their female agenda for the black agenda. Your womaness is only relevant when it is time to have sex, bear children and cook/clean. This practice is accepted by straight and lesbian black women, no matter the trepasses brought onto us by black men. I find it abhorent. Oprah has fought this battle behind the scenes all her career. Any respect she gets from the black male community is because of her money and power. Her support of Barack Obama, I believe, is the fact that he is/was her senator, not race. She does live/work in Chicago, IL. She has publicly admitted, at an Obama event, to voting republican in her past. I do think she believes as I do, not the other way around, that it is not enough to just pick sides.

    Although he was not my choice I am impressed by Obama in that his wife is highly educated and vocal black woman. He does not appear to be threatened by her at all, that is progress.

    I respect the choice of gay republicans as I do black republicans, which is also no picnic. Neither democratic or republican parties are perfect.

    Here are a few things I resent about our current political situation that republicans will not admit to being true: George Bush was a horrific president except to a small minority of constituents and associates. That’s not the job. I resent having to pretend that it is a coincidence that an Oil man (Bush) and a weapons man (Cheney) got us into a WAR with an OIL rich nation. Critisize me if you want but Bush did not attend the GOP national convention neither did Cheney. Correct me if I am wrong.

    John McCain should have distanced himself from the right wing evangicals early in his campaign. It is unfortunate that late in his campaign, or too late in his campaign could we see that he is a moderate or moderate leaning.

    For this I may take the harshest criticism. Sarah Palin did not prove herself ready for the office of VP or President of the United States. She may be a fine governor of the state of Alaska, BUT, when you are given a forum on the big three networks you have to kick ass, she did not.

    It is not lost on me that the man who gave freedom to the slaves was a republican. I am forever grateful to Abraham Lincoln. The thought of his bold move that may have even caused his death brings tears to my eyes.

    I do hope my post/comments are taken in the spirit that it is given. I have given away a lot of trade secrets of the black community, many will not be happy about that. I do wish globally that our freedoms will not be harvested and destroyed by the powerful. Finally I do believe in gay marriage. Thank you for listening.

  13. Thanks, guys.

    Steve, even if Ellen were to see it, she likely wouldn’t pay it any mind. That anybody has the gall to say that their hatred is justified is unbelievable. Quite honestly, the radical right wing could say the same thing. So who’s allowed to get away with it?

    Nobody should.

  14. “The black male patriarchy does not like the black struggle to be compared to the gay/lesbian struggle. ”


    This is what gets me. President Elect Obama urged a No vote on Measure 8 in CA. I am not saying black people should surrender their freedom of choice and blindly follow anyone. This includes blindly following President Elect Obama.

    At the same time Black people have suffered horribly under slavery and Jim Crow law. Blakc people have gained under the Civil Rights laws and Supreme Court rulings that busted up segregation and Jim Crow.

    I don’t see how a community of people who know the struggle can turn around and vote by a 70 to 30 margin to deny another group of people civil rights protection.

    To be fair, Latino voters favored Measure 8. White and Asian voters were against Measure 8. But, not by landslide numbers.

    I did not expect to see a cascade of support for same sex marriage from the Black community. But a 70 to 30 result is shocking.

  15. “I have given away a lot of trade secrets of the black community, many will not be happy about that. ”

    We gay folk have our secrets too.

    There are plenty of gay & lesbian conservatives and Republicans. But too many don’t speak out for fear of backlash from other gay and lesbian folk. It’s freedom of expression in the gay world as long as you say things the group agrees with.

    Marriage? Oh please. I know two gay couples who have legally married and have open relationships. When the minister said “To have and to hold” I am glad he did not ask any of these men just who they were going to have and hold. Monogamy is a negotiable matter among gay male couples. I don’t think any two people should get married if they are out sexing other people.

    Secrets? We’ve all got ’em.

  16. Longview, I agree; I think it would have been better put if she said she were ADMITTING those things. That’s actually what’ll make ’em all mad.

    I agree with your other statement, too, LOL.

  17. “John, I’m pretty sure that most straight folks (regardless of politics) are on to the garbage going on with us gay folks, too. *shrug*”

    I agree. I’ll rephrase my statement:

    We all think we have secrets.

  18. “however, like you, i’ve found that religious folks make me far more comfortable than the lunatic agnostics and atheists i meet. ”


    I’ve locked in with people of all kinds of Christian religions over the years. I can say we all have one thing in common:

    We mean well.

    There are denominations that are misguided about gay rights, spiritual interpreatation regarding homosexuality, and etc. But I’ve never personally run into any overt hatred from these folks. But, there are mean hateful Christians out there and they will be that way to my face e.g. Fred Phelps and his crew.

    I’ve taken much more crap from gay and lesbian people for being a Christian. I used to be a member of the Metropolitian Community Church (MCC). MCC was started by a gay minister for gay people. Even that was suspect among quite a few gays.

    I don’t Bible thump and try to proslytize people into any church. I am respectful of the choices people make in regards to organized religion. I don’t think I am better than anyone else because I go to church.

    All I have ever asked for was the same respect in return. My friends respect this aspect of my life. Other gays? Usually not. Usually is what we got this past weekend with regards to church protests. It’s disappointing.

  19. Mel,

    The deal is that the “hatred” you talk about is not a party line issue. It never was. Right-wingers may be vitriolic in defense of marriage, but it’s not something that personally offends me.

    Phil and I actually have stark differences on Ann Coulter. I love him very much and vice-versa but we’ve called a truce on that topic, LOL. But I love discussing things out in the open and sometimes I get hard on folks when I’m passionate.

    But when Coulter used “faggot” to describe John Edwards, I understood the joke immediately. That same week, Isiah Washington was ordered to go to rehab for using that word. That word in merriam-webster holds very different meanings and Coulter used it in a way that meant “wuss” or “girly-boy” while making fun of the fact that Isiah Washington (WHO HAD used the word inappropriately) was going to rehab for using it – which I remember thinking was a bit nuts. Yeah, he shouldn’t have said it, but REHAB!? The same kind Amy Winehouse refuses. (Kidding).
    Coulter used it in three ways. First, she used it as a “wuss” way to describe Edwards and knew that a few of us would “get it.”

    By the way, it still cracks me up when people say “why didn’t she just say “wuss,” then?” Obviously, the joke wouldn’t have made sense. Nobody went to rehab for using that word.

    Second, it did poke fun at the politically correctness of this country. Which is what I love about her, more than anything.

    Third, she knew left-wingers would jump on it immediately – and as a result her book sales flew up.

    The same left-wingers who vote against us every chance they get.

    The point: I don’t know any right-winger whose used much “gay hate” in their speech. If anything; like Sarah Palin did in 2005, Republicans have proven that “talking” as you promote in this video (“put down your signs”) would be more receptive by them as objective thinkers than it would to Democrats who just want to tax the living hell out of us while using the troops, Cindy Sheehan, the blacks, and the gay community as their meal tickets.

  20. John in CA-

    I think what bothers me about a lot of christians is that they feel like there is no place in their church for gays/lesbians, and really if you get down to it, we’re all just people trying to make our way through life, ya know? If being gay is a sin, so is speeding, lying to your boss, taking a pen from your office, etc, etc, etc…


  21. “But when Coulter used “faggot” to describe John Edwards, I understood the joke immediately. ”


    So did I Steve.

    Speaking of Isiah Washington, Grey’s Anatomy fired Brooke Smith because of the lesbian story line in this season’s show. Never mind ABC green lighted the story line and then got cold feet about it.

    I guess you can’t win with ABC. Call someone names and you get fired. Do your job as an actor and get fired too.

  22. “I think what bothers me about a lot of christians is that they feel like there is no place in their church for gays/lesbians, and really if you get down to it, we’re all just people trying to make our way through life, ya know?”

    I totally know. Some of these denominations have their priorities out of place. They are worried about same sex marriage to the point of putting that issue above people starving and other more pertinent problems. Such problems are universally understood to be real problems too. People going hungry is a problem. Two women getting married, not a problem in my opinion.

  23. I grew up in the church, so I understand their mindset. Part of the issue is that a majority of Christian churches in America are very comfortable. You can walk into any church and talk to ten random people who have no idea what ministries their church is supporting or why. They talk about the issues that are close to home, which in many cases happens to be homosexuals in the community. Their priorities are definitely off, but that’s how they view the world.

    Steve, I got the joke, too. There are definitely things I disagree with Coulter on but those things are few and far between.

  24. hey, john in CA, i agree that there are arch religious folks, christians, jews, muslims, hindus, etc… phelps is, in my humble opinion, an anomaly. but, many arch non religious folks as well. i have plenty of muslim contacts and you can’t imagine how homophobic they are. i mean vile. i’d stick with the christians and jews.

    look, being straight, i get to hear plenty of so called “liberal” talk from very “accepting” people. yet, somehow, the words fag, homo, and way more offensive sayings that i won’t repeat here (or anywhere) seem to effortlessly creep into conversation, especially among the younger folks. so let’s not kid ourselves.

    i’ve found the most accepting people are those who aren’t out protesting but living everyday with quiet dignity in how they treat others. i personally think that my acquaintances thinks mingling with minorities, gays, etc… as a novelty, which i find offensive and patronizing. i socialize with all sorts of people and don’t really give much thought to their sexual preferences or minority status. i also will take these same people to task when i think they are foolish. you see, the bottom line for me is the person. i’m not into tokenism.

    i’ve said to people “do you really think you are disliked because of your minority status? maybe it’s just that you’re an a**hole 🙂

    loving this blog. you’re in sunny CA and we’re getting snow here in Toronto. enjoy the warmth!

  25. “i’ve said to people “do you really think you are disliked because of your minority status? maybe it’s just that you’re an a**hole ”

    Ha ha. So true in so many situations. Too many to count.

  26. Conservatarian, I love it. “Tokenism.” That’s exactly what some people see it as–“look at me, I’m friends with a (insert minority here)! Ain’t this cool?”

  27. melmaguire:

    and i’m a straight girl who surfs gay blogs, look how cool i am:) the contributors here are really a breath of fresh air.

    there is so much anger out there it’s stifling. you and a few other sites are my force field against the hate.

    keep it tight, ya’ll

  28. Great video. This is a very interesting site. As a conservative Christian who has been tracking this issue for a while I think I can safely say give the gay community a bit of advice: lay off the schools.

    Agressive activism in the schools is the #1 reason people are afraid of gay marriage.

    Parents just don’t schools selling their young kids on the virtues of gay families, gay sex, gay anything. They want to reserve the right as parents to address those issues themselves.

    Unfortunately, some gay activist groups continue to push for pro gay curriculum in the schools, hoping that by conditioning the minds of the young they can destroy ‘heteronormative’ culture and eradicate homophobia. Anyone who objects is deemed a ‘bigot’ and ‘hater’.

    The other concern is stories like the case of the photographer who was fined $5000 declining to photograph a gay wedding because it violated their conscience. No Christian wants to be faced with the prospect of choosing their livelihood over their convictions.

    Anyway I hope this helps. I think there is a lot of fear of extremism on both sides of the debate.

  29. I’m late to the punch as usual (lately), but great vid, Mel. Very deep and very true. I have strong feelings about gay marriage. And you summed up the hypocrisy very well. Dems like to forget that it was Bill Clinton that gave us DOMA and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (as a compromise).

    Go girl. I’m not sure I heard you right, but I pray to God that you didn’t say “Hook “em Horns at the End.” Was I wrong?

  30. Mel, loved the video – good first outing (no pun intended). You voiced alot of the things I feel. One of my gay friends saw that I had posted a bunch of pictures from a Sarah Palin rally I attended here in Florida and about lost his mind. He couldn’t believe it. I used to be a Democrat – voted for Clinton twice – and then I noticed the same thing you did as well as the rest of gay conservatives out here: the Democrats use us. I studied the Republican party and saw how they are the ones who lead the civil rights battles. I looked at the conservative platform and realized that those were my true values. I didn’t have to be liberal just because I was gay.

    I’ve tried to convince my gay friends that conservatives are for freedom which protects us. Liberals are for socialism, Marxism, Communism and Fascism. All we have to do is look at WWII to see where that kind of thinking leaves gays. Makes you wonder why they parade around with pink triangles if they are liberal, it’s an oxymoron.

    Steve, I’m a gay conservative who doesn’t care much about football (a lesbian too) but I do love baseball.

  31. Aw, Philip…that wouldn’t diminish your opinion of me, would you? I mean, we Longhorns being superior and all.


    Dsgawrsh, you put it perfectly: you don’t have to be liberal just because you’re gay.

  32. Mel, you’re killing me. I can’t talk trash though since tu beat my Sooners. I’ll wait a couple of weeks. You and I have some serious issues to discuss, young lady.

  33. I can’t begin you tell how you how encouraging your posts and the posts on this website are to me.

    I am a non-gay conservative. You give gays a good name; which is the way it should be.

    All of you are excellent writers. You know how to get your message across clearly and you deal with the extremely difficult issues.

    This video is powerful. As you know there are folks who are gay, who are only in it for the power, not the principle, just like in all political circles.

    Thank you for standing up for what is true!


  34. OMG it’s a gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered lovefest on this site. be still my beating heart.

    anyone start their xmas shopping or decorating yet or am i the only lunatic:):)

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