Stop The Christian Taliban?

Ugh…I can’t believe I just read that. Now that I’ve just suffered the blow of watching former WWE playboy Brock Lesnar top the legendary Randy Couture, I’m trying to distract myself. With this story, it’s not hard.

Nationwide protests were held today by gay rights activists across the country. In response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California–which overturned the CA supreme courts’ decision that allowed gay and lesbian couples–there was a huge turnout by GLBT people and their supporters in every corner of America. Attention has been called anew to the cause of gay rights, and as usual, the hysterics rule the day.

The most insane thing I saw came from pictures and video of the march through Hillcrest (the gay neighborhood in San Diego). You can see them here. One woman painted “stripped of human rights” on her nearly-bare torso. Signs included such sayings as, “stop LDS preaching hate,” “we the str8 people,” “love will triumph over h8” and “is a gay vote only 3/5 of a vote?”. The most outrageous, however, said “stop the Christian Taliban!”

Yep, it really did say that. Stop the Christian Taliban.

Lemme tell you folks something. Any of my family and friends who have been to Afghanistan can back this up, not to mention those who survived the Taliban. The Taliban was the most cruel dictatorship known to the modern world. Saddam hardly held a candle to these monsters. They were (and still are) widely known to take such a hardline approach to Sharia Law that only three countries in the entire world recognized the Taliban as the ruling government of Afghanistan, and Iran and Iraq were NOT among them. The Taliban was so horribly strict in its enforcement of Sharia that their religious police were given power to viciously beat women in the streets for the slightest offense–even being caught in a taxi without a male relative escort was grounds for a sound thrashing.

We have all seen by now the video footage of a Taliban enforcer executing a woman, her crime unknown, by shooting her in the back of the head with an AK-47 while she knelt on a soccer field. Under the Taliban, women were not allowed to be educated; the only job any female was allowed to hold was in the medical field as men were banned from examining women. The traditional burqa was taken a step further under their regime, requiring all skin to be covered–even the eyes–with little more than a cloth screen to see through. Most disgusting of all was the proliferation of the practice of female circumcision, or the forced semi-surgical removal of the clitoris, which is believed by Muslims to create lust in women.

Are you disgusted yet? I sure as hell hope so.

There are far worse things that cannot be described here, crimes committed by the Taliban that the nightly news can’t report. The people of Afghanistan, particularly the women, suffered horrors untold at the hands of the Taliban. And much like comparing George W. Bush to Hitler, comparing American Christians to the Taliban cheapens the reality that they brought and the true horror they embody. It’s a slap in the face to the survivors to liken your struggle to have “equal rights” to the hell they endured.

Completely aside from that, it cheapens our message. I believe Arkansas was wrong for banning homosexuals from adopting children; some of the gay couples I know are far better parents than some of the straight families I know. I believe that eventually, we will realize our right to marry, but until then we need to accept civil unions as a stepping stone. Sexual orientation is far more difficult to prove than actual physical race and we’re fighting an uphill battle that we need to be wise about.

Calling American Christians the “Christian Taliban” certainly isn’t going to get us where we want to be. It is purely, truly and wholly an insult that takes absolutely no insight into the enormous difference between the two struggles. We’re not fighting for our survival, folks; we’re arguing to be equal. Christians (other than Phelps, of course) don’t wish to kill us, torture us, or even jail us for living our lives freely, loving who we are naturally going to love. If we’re to have any hope whatsoever of being taken seriously then we have got to quell such outrageous statements, elsewise we only lend credence to their cause.


9 thoughts on “Stop The Christian Taliban?

  1. The U.S. government crossed a VERY serious line with PROP 8. Children’s sense of safety and belongingness were and have been threatened by Proposition 8 in California.

    Regardless of THIS particular fight, there are too many fights on too many fronts to conquer piecemeal. NOW is the time to DRAW A NEW LINE in the sand, and demand from President Obama and our representatives FULL EQUALITY on all fronts. We are EQUAL SOULS in HUMAN BODIES. Can we stop basing U.S. laws on genitalia?

    There are countless stories of Americans whose suffering needs to be addressed in this fight. Marriage laws were put in place many years ago in order to protect individuals and their families; if they were not necessary they would not exist for heterosexuals. When these laws are NOT in place for ALL of us, horrible, horrible suffering occurs.

    So Americans want to continue denying us what they have already deemed as essential. And many want us to wait 2, 5, 10, 20, or 30 more years, depending on the “civil right”. I personally have a HUGE problem with that.

    As Americans can’t we agree that there are MANY other important issues to address (like the economy, health care, poverty & homelessness, Iraq/Afghanistan), and solving those problems is more urgent than having “EQUALITY ISSUES” tie up the courts for another 30+ years?

    Will you join me on April 15th, 2009, and inform the government that WE are eager to be included in the federal tax base as soon as THEY include us in society’s laws?

  2. I don’t like not having equal rights, either. But if you recall the history lessons, segregation didn’t end overnight. We’re not going to get what we want that quickly no matter what we do. And like it or not, we are going to tie up the courts over this because of the way things are being handled.

  3. “The U.S. government crossed a VERY serious line with PROP 8. ”

    That’s the biggest load of garbage I’ll read this week and it is only Monday morning.

    The U.S. government did not pass Prop 8. The voters of California passed it. In fact, they have passed it twice in the last eight years.

    It’s time to move on and fight another day. If we keep engaging this battle we might end up losing the war. The way it is going right now, we will lose the war. Will you be happy then?

    One final comment, stop blaming the LDS Church. This election was lost because 700,000 racist black voters put Obama in office and voted Yes 8. But, it is not politcally correct to do anything about that. However, that doesn’t change who the real enemy is in this fight.

  4. “And like it or not, we are going to tie up the courts over this because of the way things are being handled.”

    I’d like to add one thing. We don’t have the ideal place in America as gay and lesbian people. At the same time, we have it much better than other people in other countries. Europe might be more progressive on lesbian and gay issues vs. the U.S. But the rest of the world? Not always. I’d rather be gay here than gay in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Mexico.

    While fighting to get more let us also remember what we have here and now. What we have is not what it should be. It is also better than many other places.

  5. When christchuckers continue to kill gynecologists and fertility doctors; then celebrate that murder; while condemning their own gay sons and daughters they will be referred to as the Christian Taliban.

    If you don’t like it, get the fuck out of my country and move to Saudi Arabia.

  6. You speak as if “Christians” continually round these people up and murder them. They don’t. One person committing a crime does not mean that all Christians are like that. And, in fact, every time an abortion doctor is murdered, every church out there condemns it. Not one of them have ever, EVER celebrated one of those murders. You are holding an entire culture hostage to your own backwards, hatemongering perspective, and that perspective isn’t even remotely correct.

    You get the fuck out of MY country, Dave. You don’t have a goddamn clue what you’re talking about.

  7. “When christchuckers continue to kill gynecologists and fertility doctors; then celebrate that murder; while condemning their own gay sons and daughters they will be referred to as the Christian Taliban.”

    Dave in Canton

    I don’t know if you are gay or not Dave, but like too many gay activists the focus of your activisim is on a brick wall that isn’t coming down.

    As an openly gay Christian I understand Faith and how important it is in the lives of people. Those of us with rock solid faith are never going to do anything that betrays that faith. As pro gay as I am and Christian too, evangelical Christians won’t convince me I am wrong.

    For better or for worse people of true faith are a small number in this country. The people with more flexible views are the big prize.

    Instead of focusing on a brick wall, how about focusing on people who have points of view that are up for grabs? Evangelical Christians do that. They don’t waste their time with people like you and me because they know we are lost causes.

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