The Dangers of Hate Speech Legislation

Here’s the real blog.  This is what I’ve been cooking up all week after countless conversations with people who are as concerned as I that we may one day face the reality of voting on hate speech legislation.  Hate crimes laws have already passed, and they haven’t changed anything.  Hate crimes haven’t stopped.  I have no desire to give up a single one of my freedoms because one group doesn’t like what another group has to say.


8 thoughts on “The Dangers of Hate Speech Legislation

  1. Hate Crimes = Thought Crimes.

    Two years ago two campers up in the Sierra of California murdered a fellow camper they thought was gay. It turns out, he wasn’t gay.

    Because they thought he was gay, they were charged with a Hate Crimes enhancement. That’s the way the law works in CA. The victim doesn’t have to be a member of a protected class.

    So with that logic…

    I want to beat up Mr. Smith because I don’t like him. I wait in a dark alley at night for him to pass by. I see a figure approach and hit him with a brick. But, stupid me. It wasn’t Mr. Smith. It was Mr. Jones. Should I get charged with aggravated assault for both Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones? You bet. It’s my thoughts and actions that count. Eventually only my thoughts will count if we stay on this silly path of criminalizing Hate.

  2. Here’s what bothers me about hate crimes legislation —

    Why is my life legally worth less than the life of someone who happens to be gay, black, latino, purple, or whatever?

    In effect, that is what hate crimes legislation amounts to. If I, a straight white girl, am murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time it just doesn’t matter as much.

    I thought we were all equal before the law?

  3. “Why is my life legally worth less than the life of someone who happens to be gay, black, latino, purple, or whatever?”

    I agree with your points. Do the Hate Crimes laws work all directions? Are white people protected by bigoted people from other races? Can Jews commit Hate Crimes against Christians? Just who is at the top of the pecking order and who is not on the list?

  4. AFW- this has been my thought exactly- though way more eloquently spoken, than I could have ever done it. I’ve always thought all crime was done out of hate. But now it’s only hate if it’s done to a minority group/race/etc.

  5. If you want to kill a person because you want to take his money the fact that you wanted his money is the motive for the crime.

    If you want to kill someone because they are gay the fact that you hate gays is the motive for the crime. It’s that simple.

    Now what was the difference between the two? Nothing but the motive for the crime.

    as John said: Hate Crimes = Thought Crimes

    Rather then bothering with the fact that some poor soul was murdered you are more worried about what the criminal was thinking rather than his actions.

  6. And it doesn’t really help minorities at all. I am more likely to be killed by some lunatic gang member who is Black then I am by some Nazi White guy. But hey if I can get myself raped and murdered by that Nazi then I can get some justice, otherwise my life doesn’t mean squat if a member of my ethnicity kills me. Thanks a ton!

    My father was a White man and was killed by a drunk driver. He did community service. Now if my father could’ve been Jewish and gotten himself killed by some anti-Semite, his murderer might be in jail now. But since he was just your average White guy with four kids who cares right? The guy who killed my father didn’t “hate” him-so what! He’s still dead isn’t he? People act like hate crimes are so heinous! Oh please most hate crimes are non-violent. It’s crazy we care more about hurting people’s feelings then taking their life! Why don’t we fix the drunk driving laws in this country that lets murderers walk and let God take care of people’s thoughts! That is his job!

  7. “…and let God take care of people’s thoughts! That is his job!”

    Amen to that. Every Sunday in Church I confess my sins of thoughts, words and deeds. God takes care of those things. He desgined it that way in my opinion.

    “The guy who killed my father didn’t “hate” him-so what! He’s still dead isn’t he?”

    Small chuckle here. Are the families and loved ones of hate crimes vicitims supposed to feel better or special their loved one got Hate Crimed? I can see it now. Picture an ER in your town:

    “Sir, your were beaten up by racist Nazi’s who beat you because of your skin color. I know your busted ribs and arms hurt a lot. But I think they are supposed to hurt more than they do now. Why? Well, someone from your own race did not do this to you. So tell me, does it hurt more? Let me find someone in the hospital of your race and we’ll have the person break your right leg so we can compare.”

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