Sam Wins!!!!


I’m pretty pumped.  Sorry, Mel.  University of Oklahoma quarterback, Sam Bradford, won the Heisman Trophy this evening.  He is truly the best player in college football this season. Consider his stats…

302-442 passing for 48 touchdowns and 4,464 yards in 2008 alone. A QB rating of 186.29  and a completion percentage of 68.3%.  He led the nation’s most prolific offense ever.  The Sooners scored at least 58 points in their last six games and were the first NCAA team in modern history to score 60+ points in five consecutive games.  He led the nation in touchdowns, and their 702 points scored were the most ever in NCAA history.

Add to the fact that he is the first-ever Native American Heisman winner (I think, but need to verify) and he is handsome as hell.  But most of all, he is humble, reserved, intelligent, and- above all……an Oklahoma Sooner. 

I feel a certain sense of empathy with Sam.  Just like the liberal media dissed McCain and proclaimed Obama the “annointed one,”  the sports media blasted OU.  They said they didn’t deserve to play for the Big 12 title (they did), and they were proclaiming Florida QB, Tim Tebow, as their own version of the “annointed one.”  Unlike McCain, Bradford won the vote.

Congrats Sam!!!! Boomer Sooner!  OU shall defeat Florida and shall be the national champions.


11 thoughts on “Sam Wins!!!!

  1. The ‘horns SO got screwed this year. They beat OU and lose to Tech. Granted Tech IS good, but we were wailing on everyone. Then that one loss and it’s all she wrote.

  2. BCS turned out to be real rubbish this year. Texas Tech can’t go at all. The Orange Bowl is a real yawner.

    OU earned its way in. But Florida. Their lone loss was to a weaker team. If USC had to pay the price for its weaker loss then why does Florida get away with it?

    OU, TT, UT all had high quality losses.

  3. “OMG. I might need to upchuck. Effing OU!”

    LOL. O.K. for the rest of us, which teams turn your stomach? Me? Oregon State and Stanford!!! I am a Unverisity of Oregon graduate. Hatred of the Rodents I mean Beavers and the Cardinal are a must.

  4. I usually root for Texas teams when they aren’t playing OU or when their wins don’t hurt OU.

    I am tired of USC, and I get really tired of teams like Notre Dame who get all this publicity and free passes even when they suck. The business minds in the NCAA pray for ND to be bowl-eligible due to the fact that the Irish travel well and sell merchandise. All about the dollars.

    That said – I really am not much into the University of Texas anymore despite the fact that my family loves them and my little sister is a tu grad. This year has really made me a little bitter after all their whining. I’ve moved from being indifferent towards UT to slight animosity.

    Steve – you need to learn the ways of football. It’s a great past-time and a fantastic hobby for a few months out of the year. Of course, being from Illinois, you’d hafta look far out of state for a real team. I see that they don’t play much football up in your neck of the woods. You gotta go South of the Mason-Dixon or (sorta) out west to find real teams.

  5. I think it’s safe to say that football in Texas is pretty much a religion. I’ve heard that about Cali and Florida too. Not such a big deal up here in SD because you know, there’s about 750,000 people in the whole state. And no 6 man football. Go figure.

    Phil- my little brother ran Track and CC at UT on scholarship- was a big twelve champion and an all american, so UT is sort of in the blood at our house. Hard, seeing as how dad is a KSU grad, and I graduated from a sister school to A&M. I cheer, occasionally for OU. Just depends. I’m a UT fan first, big 12 fan second.

  6. “I’ve heard that about Cali and Florida too. ”

    I grew up in Oregon and it is Friday Night Lights when it comes to high school football. But the fervor is not as deep as it is in Texas.

    I’ve lived in CA for 19 years and I don’t find the same buzz. Believe it or not:

    Many high schools don’t have lighted fields so they play at 4PM on Friday!!! Where I come from, junior high games get played at 4PM.

    In CA the private schools spend a ton of money on sports. They attract the best athletes in nearly every sport. So, the public school leagues tend to have teams that are not competitive and don’t win Section championships. That kills the excitement over football because the private schools dominate the sport.

    If high school football is big in California, then maybe it is in SoCal. Where I live in the Bay Area it is a borderline yawn.

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