Hey! We’re On YOUR Side!

Via Michelle Malkin today, the news has come across the wires of the biggest blunder of the anti-Proposition 8 movement yet.  I had to take a break from my series on Israel for this one; it’s just too good to pass up.

Apparently, the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in San Francisco, California, was badly vandalized sometime last night.  Black swastikas and anti-religious phrases and slurs were spray painted in red and black on the outside of the big white structure in the Castro district in outrage over the passage of Proposition 8 on election night.  This isn’t the first criminal act against a church since the passage of Prop 8, nor is it the first attempt to disrupt services at churches.  There’s just one great big glaring problem with what happened:

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is an open and affirming congregation.

That means they’re on our side.  They opposed Prop 8.  D’oh!

I like what Michelle had to say…“Does this mean the pastor endorses attacks on churches and individual donors who don’t share the sentiments of the No on 8 blacklisters and rainbow-fisters?”

Good God, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


13 thoughts on “Hey! We’re On YOUR Side!

  1. I saw it on the news. I live about 45 mintues away from that church.

    I don’t suspect this, I know this: In order to be a gay activist you have to check your brain and common sense at the door.

    As I have have said (much to the dismay of same sex marriage activists) when you focus on making a point vs. winning an election then don’t complain when you lose and don’t be shocked when you do lose.

    The anti same sex marriage gang in CA was more interested in making a point then winning an election. That was their first of many disasterous mistakes.

    Oh how I’d love to blog here about it.

  2. The anti same sex marriage gang in CA was more interested in making a point then winning an election.

    I think they’re more interested in making a point whether the point is true or not than actually making progress.

    My eldest daughter is a fine example of this. She came out to us (and trust me, we knew her orientation long before she did – I’m a firm believe in “born” and it was obvious early on)and immediately went on the defensive. “You hate me because I’m gay!” “You are punishing me because I’m gay!”

    No – we’re punishing you because you snuck out of the house, but don’t let the truth bite you in the ass.

    A lot of gay activists in CA remind of that – the drama of the matter and the feeling of persecution is more important than actually living life as you were born. Rather than take ownership of bad behavior and move forward constructively, everything that happens to them has to be based in discrimination. There are no consequences for their actions, there is only discrimination. Great – a state of emotional teenagers. Urgh.

    I’m so sick of it that if I were dictator for a day I’d just start pointing at certain people:

    Gays are free to enter into legal marriage. Except for you, you, you, and you because you were such assholes after Prop 8. Everyone else – here’s a lei and my best wishes for a bountiful life.

  3. “A lot of gay activists in CA remind of that – the drama of the matter and the feeling of persecution is more important than actually living life as you were born.”

    Sadly that is the case. In CA there are laws that protect gays and lesbians on the job from employment discrimination. Housing discrmination is also illegal.

    I’d rather have the above two over anything any day of my life. We all need a source of income and we all need a place to live.

  4. LesbianNeoCon, you know what I find interesting? George W Bush has signed more pro-gay legislation into law than Bill Clinton did. In fact, it was CLINTON who gave us the DOMA!

    AFW, I had no idea your daughter was gay. I think it’s awesome that you support her being herself (even if she does sneak out of the house). The next time she tries to use the “you’re grounding me because I’m gay” argument, tell her a little about me. My mother, like you, knew I was gay when I was very little. Yet throughout my childhood, she lived in absolute terror that I might acually be gay, and she treated me horribly for it. She had me institutionalized twice and forced me to get involved in ex-gay ministry programs. Then, when I grew up and accepted that I might very well be gay and it might just be perfectly normal, she nearly had apoplexy.

    I’ll blog the details sometime, but things are, despite popular opinion, very different now than they used to be.

  5. mel – it’s a long story, but her Dad and I feel that we dodged one very important bullet…

    We will not have to deal with our teenager getting pregnant.

    Okay, jokes aside. Seriously, need for drama aside – it was never anything anyone in our family was really bothered by. Not her Dad and I, not my parents, not even my grandparents (who helped us plan the committment ceremony party for my cousbians).

    The problem was never what she IS, it is what she WANTS to be. Which is persecuted and a victim. It led to a lot of problems, and I think it is a direct result of the activities of people like the Prop 8 protesters. Not because they protested Prop 8, because of how they protest and their inability to take ownership of their own bad behavior.

    Seriously – I think we need an intervention program for gay teens who have been taken over by the nutcases.

  6. Cousbians!!! I love it!

    I used to volunteer for a local gay youth program here in Phoenix, and every week there was–without fail–a couple of kids complaining about mom and dad punishing them for something. One of them actually admitted he was caught with a fake ID trying to sneak into one of the local gay bars, then turned around and said, “my parents are grounding me because I’m gay!”

    I kid you not, AFW, I was the ONLY person in the room who didn’t feel sorry for him. After everyone else agreed that it was unfair, I said, “now wait a minute…you were arrested for trying to sneak into a bar with a fake ID, and you’re accusing your parents of punishing you for being gay? Son, if I’d been caught so much as thinking of that, I’d have been soundly thrashed and relegated to doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and doing homework until I turned 90!”

    Suffice to say, he didn’t appreciate it.

    You are correct, a lot of people in the gay/liberal community don’t encourage kids to take responsibility for their actions. The fact remains that we all make our own choices, and every choice comes with a consequence. If you make a poor choice then you do so with the full acceptance that you may, in fact, be punished for it.

    She may yet realize that as she gets older.

  7. “The problem was never what she IS, it is what she WANTS to be. Which is persecuted and a victim. It led to a lot of problems, and I think it is a direct result of the activities of people like the Prop 8 protesters.”

    That attitude will get her nowhere. It becomes an excuse for everything from not finishing high school to not getting and holding a job.

    Gay or not, lesbian or not, we all have obligations and responsibilities.

  8. I’ll spare you all the details here. I’ve been arguing with a fool over Measure 8 here in CA.

    After getting done with this nutcase I am convinced of one thing:

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  9. Liberalism is a mental disease? HA!
    You’re basically saying that wanting a strong middle class, health care for children, fair wages, and a protection of constitutional amendments is tantamount to a mental disorder. Nice. Well, here’s what the right’s ideology has got us the last few decades:

    A systematic destruction of organized labor

    A manufacturing base outsourced to countries like China and Mexico

    Massive budget deficits

    Astronomical National Debt

    A steady decline in real wages

    A 7% and climbing unemployment rate

    An increasing gap between the rich and the poor

    A theocratic like war on science

    A doctrine that gives validity to the notion of pre-emptive war (which is, by definition, terrorism)

    Illegal and unconstitutional warrantless wiretaps

    Etc., etc. Yeah, cons(ervatives) are the well adjusted and sane ones, though. You guys crack me up…

  10. Since this was supposed to be about vandalism by gays against anti-gays who were actually pro-gay, I’m gonna try to keep this short.

    -Organized labor is a major problem. Unions make demands that are too much for big corporations to deal with. Most unionized auto workers brag that they make more than all the other guys. The UAW has plenty of solid assets that they could easily sell to stay well above water, but they demanded their slice of the bailout, too. If you make things too difficult for the corporations they will go elsewhere.

    -I don’t like outsourcing, either, but as I just mentioned we have labor to thank for that sort of thing.

    -Deficits and national debt do happen, particularly in times of war. If WWII were to happen now, we wouldn’t be able to win it because Americans no longer have the willpower to do manual labor. Most conservatives, however, do not agree with Bush’s economic policies, so you can’t really call that an ideology of the right.

    -Define “real” wages. The minimum wage went up to $7.25/hr a week ago. If we keep inching that up, the price of everything we need will keep going up as well. I do believe the rise in the minimum wage was largely supported by Democrats, no?

    -There will always be a gap between the rich and the poor. The two words are meant to oppose one another.

    -Theocratic-like war on science? What in the name of Sir Isaac H. Newton are you talking about?

    -Democrats want to know why we didn’t do more to stop 9/11 from happening, yet you define “pre-emptive war” as terrorism. You can’t have it both ways, sugar.

    -In regards to the crack about warantless wiretaps, please see my previous response. You wanted them to stop 9/11, but if they had it would have been illegal. Which do you want?

  11. “Liberalism is a mental disease? HA!”

    I wish it were a joke. This is what liberalism has brought us (the list is far from complete too).

    Freedom of speech provided you only say things liberals agree with.

    Freedom of religion unless your religion practices some form of discrimination even if it is based on established biblical teachings.

    Affirmative Action. This version of discrimination is worth celebrating and expanding.

    Political correctness. I am not calorically challenged. I am fat!

    It Takes a Village

    If you are not for us then you are against us. Nobody can stand in the middle ground because there isn’t any.

    Support an unpopular cause and we’ll boycott you.

    Equal outcomes, not equal opportunities.

    White heterosexual males are evil, evil and more evil.

    The list goes on.

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