Giffa is the modern Hebrew word meaning “disgusting.” Via Little Green Footballs today, news of unbelievable media bias is making my stomach turn (that’s completely aside from the kidney infection and the cold I’m coming down with). Be sure to watch the video and give it a moment to sink in; you may be horrified by what you see at first, but I will explain:

Think about what you’ve just seen before you read the rest.

Ready?  Okay.

For those who don’t know me very well, I’m an EMT.  I have been for nearly three years now.  I’ve seen things that would make most people lose breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What bothers me about this video is not the fact that they’re reporting a child killed by deliberate fire; it bothers me that the “doctors” in this video aren’t doing real CPR.

How do I know?  I’ve done it before.  Even on a 12-year-old kid, you’re going to be doing compressions hard enough to cause severe bruising and localized trauma, and the guy in this video is barely tickling this kids’ cheast.  When performing CPR, the goal is twofold: ventilating a patient to deliver oxygen to the lungs and thus to the blood, and doing compressions at a strength and rate that will keep the body perfused (delivering oxygenated blood to vital organs).  The hope is that there’s enough blood in the body that the brain will continue sending electrical activity to the heart until it starts again and life can be sustained while avoiding permanent brain damage.  When you’re watching shows like ER or Grey’s Anatomy, you see them pretending to do CPR–going through the motions, but not actually doing what would really be done because the person on the table is a live actor, and CPR would make a live, conscious person extremely uncomfortable.

That’s exactly what this looks like.  I can’t tell if the patient has been intubated (had an endotracheal tube inserted through the throat and into the lungs to keep an artificial airway open), but if he has, there’s no mechanical ventilator attached, and if you look you can see the bag-valve mask hanging useless by the kids’ head.  It’s not gonna do you much good if you’re not using it.

What about the doctors in the video?  The one doing compressions is completely unknown.  The other is Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, a well-known Hamas apologist who believes–quite vocally–that, quote, “the attack on New York did not come as a surprise after the policy that the West has led during the last decades…the oppressed also have a moral right to attack the USA with any weapon they can come up with.”  This was in response to the 9/11 attacks.  Doctor Gilbert has given many interviews to European journalists and TV anchors to defend the actions of Hamas, drawing criticism for not only his political affiliations but also his penchant for appearing in Hamas propaganda videos.  Many of these videos have been peddled to the media as legitimate, including the video above from CNN.

For its part, CNN has not issued a retraction.  In the wake of the uproar in the blogosphere at large, CNN simply removed the video and kept the text story, patently refusing to address the serious infraction of journalistic and reporting ethics.  The only other media station known to have covered this particular farce is Britain’s Channel 4, and they have not only refused to answer the very valid questions raised, they are keeping the video posted and are pushing the story without proving the veracity of the story.

LGF brought up a lot of good points, and you should read his post (linked at the beginning of this post); I have one other question, though.  The family claims that an unmanned Israeli drone fired a missile directly at the house where the two boys were supposedly killed.  If that is the case, then where is the massive-scale damage that Israeli weapons typically cause?  Sure, there’s damage; however it appears to be more likely an improvised explosive device more akin to Hamas’ Qassam rockets that caused it than an Israeli missile.  The type of missile that an unmanned drone would have fired would have caused far more severe damage, likely destroying the entire house, and if the boys were standing on the roof where it hit there’d be very little of them left.  Where is the large-scale devastation?  How is anyone able to stand on the roof afterward?  The damage is very, very superficial, bringing to mind images of the falsified report of a Lebanon Red Cross ambulance that was supposedly hit deliberately by an Israeli missile.

This sort of propaganda-peddling absolutely disgusts me.  If I caught Israel doing it, I’d be just as pissed at them, but I’ve yet to see them staging videos or photos to win undeserved support.


2 thoughts on “Giffa

  1. Amen – I thought the same thing about the CPR and I’m only just a certified regular joe, not an EMT. I was thinking, that doctor is not compressing hard enough – they do more on the show ER. Perhaps they should have used an ER set design where the actor’s body is underneath a fake body. It would have been more convincing. Same thing with the bomb hitting the house – why is there a building still there.? A bomb from a drone causes only shrapnel?! It cracks me up how the media doesn’t even hide their bias anymore. And how stupid they think the American people and world are – unfortunately they may be right.

  2. Once again the Arabs get good press. They always do.

    Anyone who has any knowledge of military strategy knows you never make your civilians a target. When you prosecute a war, you don’t risk your assets attacking unarmed civilians. You risk your assets attacking military targets.

    Hamas has chosen to operate among civilians. Since the Israeli defense forces cannot separate fish from fowl so easily, collateral damage is an unfortunate result. The Israeli defense forces don’t take any joy in this. They never wanted this in the first place.

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