Coulter Spanks McClellan on “Dr. Phil”

FINALLY – someone posted this interview in both parts on youtube.  Until today, only PopModal(the conservative alternative to youtube) had it.  Now, I am guessing that it took a conservative on youtube to post it as well.  It is certainly one of those rare appearances where the host (just as Jay Leno was a few years ago) was absolutely polite to Ann Coulter. 

On the other shows including Today and The View,the hosts had biases about Ann Coulter way before she came on.  That’s why in both appearances, she had the hardest time getting out a full sentence before she was interrupted.  The fear sets in their eyes as she starts to make great points, because heaven forbid, someone might agree with her.

This was the case on Dr. Phil.  The audience was apparently not pre-screened for “liberal only” as they are on shows like The View. 

In this interview, Ann explains the true concerns on Obama, the media love fest for him, and finally gives Scott McClellan the biggest beating he’s been deserving since stabbing the President in a back a few months ago.  When the moment comes, Dr. Phil enjoys every bit of it as well as the audience.

On youtube now and in other articles, liberals are whining and suggesting that Ann Coulter be “moderated.”  She didn’t need to be moderated.  Unlike Joy Behar and Whoppi Goldberg, Dr. Phil is actually able to get through a conversation without screaming.  This interview was fair and all got to answer completely and be heard.

“Moderation” to a liberal means screaming over your conservative guest, filling the audience with liberals, then replaying it on youtube and marking it: “Ann Coulter gets “Pwned” on The View!” 

Yeah, I know, “pwned” isn’t a word, yet liberals still feel the need to use it.

Also, in the second video, note how the audience responds when Ann points out where the venom truly resides in politics.


40 thoughts on “Coulter Spanks McClellan on “Dr. Phil”

  1. Steve, thanks so much for posting this!

    I normally turn the tv off when Ann Coulter comes on, because her abrasive style on most talk shows irritates me. She does exhaustively research and document EVERYTHING she says, though, so I don’t usually just toss her facts in the trash bin.

    But she really did come off differently in this format. Funny, and much more polite and easy to talk to.

    Very interesting.

    My opinion has not changed of Scott McClellan, though. He was not the man for the job and had the further misfortune of being stuck between two awesome talents.

    Ann’s observations about the Inaugural and the venom being one sided were spot on – and incredibly well delivered.

  2. Jay, I don’t like that word, either, but I understand that she was making a joke. She intended it to be controversial, that’s why she said it. I also recall the punchline being “now that I’ve said that I’ll have to go to rehab!” It was more of a jab at the Hollywood culture of blaming ridiculous statements on the drugs or the alcohol and then going to rehab to make up for whatever was said, a la Mel Gibson.

    I love how she called it for what it was, though. And only a TV shrink could have a non-liberal audience.

  3. Mel:

    I’ve no doubt you’re a very cool person that I’d get along with swimmingly, but you cut these people way too much slack. Do you think if I was quoted on TV snarking about “niggers and dykes” then quickly threw in the rehab line you’d be so inclined? Look, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s still bullshit and if someone like Ann Coulter gets away with it on national television it makes it more acceptable the next time. And the next time I might get in trouble for kicking the person’s ass who said it 🙂

  4. Jay:

    I’m not quite certain what your political persuasion is here, but I am tired of feeling the need to address this issue of “words” with folks – especially in the case of a true conservative pioneer like Ann Coulter who has stood up to every liberal piece of scum imaginable without blinking. (How’s that for effective language?)

    We just had an inauguration where moon bats actually got away with booing a two-term President who kept us safe for the longest span from Muslim violence since the hostage crisis in 1979.

    Every time Ann Coulter utters a sentence, the same “offended” come out to attack her. The “republicans” worry that she isn’t politically correct and want her to speak sweetly and acerbically, sort of like our last failed Presidential nominee, the one the NY Times liked, and much like a few of the alleged “Republicans” left on Capitol Hill.

    Then the “liberals” react by actually dishing out the worst kind of homophobia imaginable: “oh, she has an adam’s apple” – “oh look, it’s “Mann” Coulter.” As if it were fashionable to drag a huge spotlight of shame onto the entire GLBT community and make it a horrible thing for the sole purposes of better attacking Ann Coulter.

    I’ve always found it odd that the blacks took possession of the word “nigger” just as I’ve always found it odd that gays want possession of the word “faggot.” But being the explosive attention-seekers most of them are, they have also taken possession of the terms “fruit-cake” and “queer.”

    Say, why didn’t Ann Coulter use one of those two latter terms in describing John Edwards?

    I know! First, Isiah Washington had not just been forced to go into rehab for using a word. Also, the word “faggot” has more-than-one meaning to it. As Ann Coulter said to Alan Colmes: “unless you’re telling me that John Edwards, married man and father of many is gay, I am telling you there is no way that was a homosexual slur.”

    I’ve heard the word “faggot” my whole life. In school as a child, it was indeed the context in which she delivered it to John Edwards – and honestly of all the “faggots” I knew, only myself and just a few others turned out to be gay. The rest of those “faggots” are now married with children and none of us were forced to go to rehab for using that word.

    Honestly, you should not be thrown into rehab for using the words “nigger” or “dyke” but if you had used them, it would depend on the spirit in which it was delivered.

    I have never heard someone call another person a “dyke” unless it was someone making fun of a lesbian OR another lesbian simply saying “hi” to another one. I have never heard someone call another person a “nigger” unless it was someone making fun of a person of color OR an actual person of color saying “hi” to another one.

    The word “faggot” has indeed been used in more ways than one. A certain level of intelligence is required to understand the joke she was making in that instance. I got it right away and laughed very hard, and admittedly laughed even harder when I knew how it was going to be taken out of context.

    But honestly, everyone has their “one moment” that Ann Coulter made them angry. The thing that frustrates me is that she has to explain the English language to people 10,000 times and they still walk away with the same opinion.

    In 2001, she said “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” Sounds just awful doesn’t it? But then when you read the entire column “This is War!”, you understand it’s context.

    In 2006, she said that four women from New Jersey had used their status as 9/11 widows to campaign against Bush and to trump for John Kerry. Suddenly, she was attacking “the 9/11 widows.”

    Just last year she said that Christians wanted Jews to be perfected in a biblical sense. Suddenly, she hated Jews because they weren’t “perfect.”

    And of course, she wanted to imply that John Edwards was a “wuss” or a “sissy” so she chose to use a word that just weeks earlier wound up putting Isiah Washington into rehab to make a joke out of A.) that Edwards was a sissy and B.) that anyone would have to go to rehab for using a word!

    Meanwhile, we’re giving stimuluses to abortion mills, Nancy Pelosi gets to say that abortion helps the economy, Barack Obama is taking time out of his busy socialist schedule to attack Rush Limbaugh, and 40,000 more people lost their jobs today.

    If you ask me, we have too many people in Washington now who are more worried about words than they are at being honest with the American people on the steps we really need to take to recover as a country. If only more of our elected representatives had the balls Ann Coulter had, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today.

    Finally, a few posts ago, there was one moon bat who showed up. I believe it was my post that stated Reagan having more viewers for his inauguration than Obama. The moon bat named “Joe” said: “Steve you’re a bottom aren’t you?”

    I find it odd that a moon bat and Obama-loving liberal would take time to to voice dissent against a conservative opinion because he was gay just like other moon bats describe Ann Coulter as a transexual whenever they disagree with her.

    Simultaneously the most liberal states in the land are voting against gay marriage.

    Most blog-administrators delete posts like that. But I proudly keep it around to show others the mentality and the true love and affection and PC awareness of the left.

    (Beware, suddenly we will get posts from “angry Republicans” telling us all to burn in hell and die of AIDS).

    Let’s get past the words and get to the truth of why John Kerry, Barack Obama, Barney Frank, etc. have continued to attack Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh over the years. It’s because they don’t want them heard.

    By suggesting that if any of them had gone their entire careers without saying one word or uttering one sentence to validate their ideas or arguments is really very transparent. It’s our job as Americans to start pointing that out.

    Now more than ever.

  5. Huh? President Obama didn’t take time out of his schedule to attack Rush, he just said a brief sentence! lol

    And the fact that you have to defend the legacy of “Reagan the Great” against Obama’s by citing inaugaration views is truly indicative of how threatened you are 😉

    And btw, Republicans are the ones booing at McCain rallies whenever he says Obama, they’re the ones calling Obama a terrorist and saying “off with his head!”

    Republicans are the ones who call certain parts of the country “pro-American”.

    Republicans are the ones whose actual representatives compare Obama to Hitler, rather than some random blogger to it to Bush.

    Republicans are the ones who lied about Kerry’s military record, smearing a noble man in defense of someone who never even saw real combat. Whereas Obama, rather than attacking McCain for his service, actually praised it, almost obsessively. He was actually mocked for it.

    Here ya go. Listen to “treason!” at the end.

    Btw, Hillary Clinton was hated on WAAAY more than Palin could ever dream…

  6. Steve:

    After reading through your lengthy discourse I have but one question: Are you on psychotropic meds?

  7. Btw, in America William F. Buckley, Jr is a “true conservative pioneer”. Barry Goldwater is a true conservative pioneer. Ann Coulter is an obnoxious shill for a morally corrupt and failing political party. Your defense of her is offensive.

  8. Jay,

    Your first comment will remain there simply for the same purpose I told you I was leaving “Joe, the moonbat’s” comments posted.

    Oooh, Jay, that was mean……if you do that again, I will call the language police. Why can’t you be more like Barry Goldwater?

    Barry Goldwater is a flop. He lost in a landslide.

    Ronald Reagan, conservative on all the issues and much like Ann Coulter was not afraid to vocally fight liberals – won in two landslides.

    John McCain was great on defense, bad with Guantanamo, voted against Bush’s tax cuts, voted for amnesty, etc. There was as close to Barry Goldwater you can get…….OH RIGHT AND HE LOST, REMEMBER?

    Say is McCain “morally bankrupt” enough to lose an election?

    Are you seriously accusing Republicans of being morally bankrupt with Pelosi at the head of Democrats?

    You WILL NEVER have a Republican like Goldwater win an election where the Christian conservatives are sold out. It has always been a historic loss and it will always be a losing recipe.

    Of course my defense of her is offensive. It doesn’t pay to be nice to dangerous folks with dangerous ideologies. Liberals are their ideals are offensive, sir. They are the ones destroying this country with their policy and here you are worried about a word or two.

    She’s a real conservative who’s conservative on all the issues and when someone like you (after reading your last two comments) gets all sniffly over a word, you know right away she’s doing something right.

  9. Regarding the word faggot, when I was in my teens that word was tossed around left and right. It was fag this and fag that. Calling someone a fag did not mean they were gay. It was no different than calling someone else an asshole, dumbass, or mother f****r.

    Now the word gay was far more vicious. If someone called another person gay, then they meant it. They believed that person was gay. That was a real put down. A word like that destroyed a person’s reputation if it stuck.

    There were people in my school who were social outcasts because they were believed to be gay. Whether they were or not did not matter.

    How ironic in those days a word that is perceived a slur today (faggot) really wasn’t a slur and a word perceived as positive today (gay) was.

    When Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot, I took in the two spirits it was meant to be taken. She was taking a pot shot at him and pointing out the whole rehab b.s. that was going on at the time.

    I might be old school in some respects. But if someone calls someone else a fag I don’t believe that has any reference to a person’s sexual orientation.

  10. “Do you think if I was quoted on TV snarking about “niggers and dykes” then quickly threw in the rehab line you’d be so inclined? ”

    I don’t think anyone can use the word nigger without setting something off.

    As for the word dyke, I’d have to hear the context you use it in before rendering an opinion.

    As I posted previously about my past experience with the words faggot and gay, identical contexts were also used for dyke and lesbian albeit much less. Dyke was a joke. But lesiban when said was meant. Being called a lesbian was not a positive thing.

  11. Wow, you’re certainly touchy aren’t you, Steve? If words don’t matter, be sure not to get too “sniffly” when I greet you on the street with, “hey, douchebag”, or “greetings, ass pumper!”. After all, they’re only words.

    Your disparagement of true conservative, Barry Goldwater, is sad and pathetic. The fact that you hold the likes of Ann Coulter (and presumably moron extraordinaire, Sarah Palin) in such high esteem speaks volumes about you.

    Although I believe John McCain to be an honorable man, the fact is that he and Mr. Goldwater are quite different ideologically. Perhaps brushing up on your history would be helpful when having these types of discussions.

    Since you mentioned the “Christian” conservatives, I’ll comment on them as well. What you evidently fail to grasp is that their outdated ideology, as represented by wonderful partisans like the good Reverend Falwell (may be burn for all eternity), have lost the respect of the country and will continue to be increasingly marginalized going forward. Partisans like you don’t get that, and for Democrats that’s good (see: Palin 2012). Perhaps some day you’ll figure out that religion is a private matter between a person and their God and blatantly hypocritical zealots trying to impose their “Christian” values in a secular, pluralistic society is a losing proposition. But in the meantime, knock yourself out.

    Btw, it was “morally corrupt” not “morally bankrupt”. You and Wifey must have about the same level of reading retention.

  12. “Ever since Ann called John Edwards a “faggot” I’ve been a huge fan.”


    I am curious about something Jay.

    Do you believe it is possible/right for gay and lesbian people to be Conservative?

    With or without people like Ann Coulter, Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party I would be the conservative gay man I am. I can’t change my political and social views anymore than I can change my sexual orientation.

    As a conservative I believe in four primary tenants:

    1. Low taxes.
    2. Small Government
    3. Freedom
    4. Personal Responsibility

    I am by no means stupid or anywhere close to that. If a conservative political party wanted to put me in a box car and ship me to concentration camp then I would never vote for that party.

    At the same time if a political party promised me progression on gay rights issues and never delivered, then I would not vote for that party either.

    I’d rather not vote than vote for something to my detriment.

    I sense you have a basic problem with gay flok being conservative. I bring this up because we are here to discuss issues not the conceptual framework that makes someone who they are.

    I don’t always agree with what Steve, Mel, Air Force Wife and other people post on these boards. But I do not question who they are or their standing to have one blief vs. another. I am not accusing you of attacking people. Rather I do enjoy the debate and ask you keep on contributing with the understanding it is about the issues.

  13. John:

    I have to run, but in response to this question:

    “Do you believe it is possible/right for gay and lesbian people to be Conservative?”

    My short answer is: on fiscal issues, yes. On social issues…hard to imagine. Please also note that I draw a distinct line between “conservative” and the current incarnation of the Republican Party (of which I was formally a member, btw).

    As an aside, I’d actually have very little issue with a LGBT person who is of of a libertarian bent.

  14. “Wow, you’re certainly touchy aren’t you, Steve? If words don’t matter, be sure not to get too “sniffly” when I greet you on the street with, “hey, douchebag”, or “greetings, ass pumper!”. After all, they’re only words.”

    The fact is, you would have said those things anyway. You’re no different than an everyday liberal (sorry to our biggest liberal posters).

    Your first response to me was in an insulting tone, yet, you’re worried about Coulter’s tone. (Or is it one or two words?)

    I’m glad you mentioned Sarah Palin. You know, liberal types are hilarious when you bring up the fact that she did what was right by the constitution and vetoed a bill passed by the Alaskan Senate meant to block states rights for gays.

    Here is the typical liberal’s response: “that doesn’t mean that she likes gays, Steve. She was forced to do it because of the constitution.”

    Now here you are, obsessed with her status as a Christian after thousands of innocents have been slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists, your focus is on Jerry Falwell (who managed to live a very long life without driving a bulldozer or a plane through a gay bar or abortion mill).

    Christianity is the most liberal religion available, compared to Judaism and Islam. In our culture, among Christians, blacks, gays, and women have managed to survive and overcome just fine.

    Yet, irreligious extremists like you serve as nothing but an extreme counter to Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    You have far more in common with the Phelps as an irreligious whack extremist than Sarah Palin does as a standard Christian.

    Liberals would have been thrilled if Sarah Palin vetoed that anti-gay bill in 2006 if indeed she did it with ideology. But that’s not what our politicians are supposed to do.

    Speaking of her, that 70 million she reeled in to watch the debate or the record viewers she got in to watch her speech was pretty good, huh? She still has as many hits as Obama on Google. And people like you still manage to hate her for being a Christian.

    Meanwhile, Goldwater loses in the largest landslide ever and you’re here to tell me what? Run another Goldwater? Another McCain? Trash the one person in the election that people actually loved?

    Oh, and never use the wrong words, too. Meanwhile in the last hour, yet another 20,000 lost their jobs.

    Sorry for the inaccurate quote – I’m actually working……try it sometime.

  15. Steve:

    You’re hilarious. My guess would be that you’re either a piddly little HR guy or some sort of accountant. Those two sorry types are notorious for bragging about how important they are and how hard they work. Funny.

  16. John:

    Personal invective is cool with me. We conservatives are much better at it because we’re always hitting it dead on.

    People like Jay who suggest one job or another is not hard enough work is only a testimony to what I have been saying all along. That attack was invective, which I have no problem handling – as long as it’s true and effective.

    But it’s also helpful when he pretends he has a problem with Coulter’s invective.

    And Jay, your “guess” is pretty much all you’re worth. 🙂

  17. Well, I do like some civility. But that’s me.

    Regarding the Dr. Phil Show, it was nice to see Ann Coulter have a real debate of the issues with a moderator who kept his personal bias out of it.

    I know part of Ann Coulter’s style is to say wild things. That helps sell books. That helps generate TV ratings. Dr. Phil came out a winner here just as The View, The Today Show and any other show Ann Coulter is on. It’s all how they play it with each other.

    While I don’t always like Ann Coulter’s personal style, I do agree with many of her views. It was nice to see her express her views without getting bombarded by a biased interviewer who had no intention of hearing nothing but a bit of this and a bit of that.

  18. It takes a liberal to start with the ad hominem crap.

    Even if you were correct, Jay, guys like you and I depend on those “piddly” HR guys and accountants to make sure we get paid. Don’t bag on ’em just yet.

    And I love how people keep ragging on Steve when he points out his experience. The only reason they keep doing that is because they can’t come up with a genuine response.

  19. Uh, Mel…it was Steve who first put forth this gem:

    “’im actually working……try it sometime.”

    Is that not ad hominem?

    Fact is, Steve’s an obvious horse’s ass. His modus operandi is to insult, condescend, get personal, and rant about things he has no clue. When someone like me pushes back he (and you, evidently) can’t deal. Oh well.

    Enjoy your little echo chamber here defending people who despise you. Maybe if Sarah Palin ever gets elected (God forbid) and sponsors all manner of “family values” legislation designed to further marginalize you you’ll get it. Unfortunately though I doubt it.

  20. btw, I can always outsource my accounting and hr is a joke. steve, you are an hr weenie aren’t you? lol.

  21. “I just finally got a chance to watch the interview. It was really good. I liked that he was polite to her, the audience was polite and that she got a chance to actually talk. It was nice.”

    Yes it was South Dakota Cowgirl. I’d love to hear her speak in person.

  22. “Fact is, Steve’s an obvious horse’s ass. His modus operandi is to insult, condescend, get personal, and rant about things he has no clue. When someone like me pushes back he (and you, evidently) can’t deal. Oh well.”

    John and Mel are nice and good people. Mel is one of the smartest people I know and John is a lot of fun.

    I suppose I am curious as to why you think I “can’t deal.” I just told John that I did not mind invective.

    You started the invective by guessing that I was on drugs.

    Then, you insinuated that my title is not valid (even though I have the college loans to prove it – no help from the federal government for me, thanks much!).

    I don’t care about the invective you are throwing because it’s not effective in regard to you holding true to your “oh, we can never say anything mean!” mantra in the same thread you claimed Ann Coulter was over-the-top for using a word once.

    If you in all of this had a good point to make, it would stir things up a bit more. But honestly, it is what it is.

    At least when I make a joke about you working (or not working), I have a point and had just showered you with a presentation of facts and logic.

    But all you do is the same thing any liberal would do – 1.) Goldwater Rocks (though he lost the greatest loss in history) 2.) Sarah Palin hates me (even though she doesn’t) 3.) Ann Coulter is homophobic and evil.

    I could have gotten this from the Koz kids. It simply drives you crazy that decent, hard-working adults like myself, like John, like Mel can have this kind of objectivity because you hate the core conservative values that I, Sarah Palin, or Ann Coulter stand for. THAT’S what you hate.

    It isn’t the “language” or the “tone.” The fact is you in this entire thread have used that very same language and tone to deflect from the substance of what real people are talking about.

  23. “I can always outsource my accounting and hr is a joke. steve, you are an hr weenie aren’t you? lol”

    1.) I do outsource two large accounts that need certified audits.

    2.) When you’re self employed, having a degree like me does not mean you are exempt from being the janitor (emptying the trash pail under my desk or cleaning the bathroom here that clients use or vacuuming the carpets in the office), it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from being a client’s psychologist when they are having a heart attack when we tell them how much they owe the IRS, and it does not mean I am exempt from HR.

    So yes, I do HR work in addition to everything else I do. In addition to financial statements and corporate taxes (this time of year, W2’s, 1099’s, etc.

    There is no shame in HR, emptying the trash, compiling a financial statement, doing someone’s taxes, or vacuuming.

    I do it all, and I’m very proud of it.

  24. Jay, you were the first to start hurling insults, so think before you go there. I love how you call Steve a “horse’s ass” then whine that all he does is insult. Classic.

    Anyone is welcome to post. Even if you insult us, we’re not going to remove your posts. We’ll engage you in intelligent debate, however if you’re going to throw stones, we might just throw them back. We’re just as gay as you are, buddy, and just as bitchy.

  25. “Enjoy the echo chamber!”

    Are you bailing? Don’t bail dude. Hang around and enjoy the excitement. This is one of the best sites on the web.

  26. Jay, you accused me of being touchy. What kind of a person runs off when someone disagrees with them or presents a different opinion.

    I love liberals that argue with me.

    Seriously, you are always welcome here and while we are all serious about our positions, it’s always done in fun.

    Ask Robert or Tom.

  27. Steve:

    It’s not a matter of running off, I simply thought things were getting a bit personal (this is me taking some responsibility) and counterproductive. At the risk of mel giving me grief, I’ll be back. Truth be told, the discussions are interesting.

  28. “Truth be told, the discussions are interesting.”

    Yes they are. I do enjoy them. I am not out to convert you Jay because I know you can’t be converted by little old me. You do give me things to think about too.

  29. “My short answer is: on fiscal issues, yes. On social issues…hard to imagine. ”

    Regarding gays being conservative on social issues. IMHO, that depends on the social issue. There are many. Of course I favor gay rights. I don’t think you can be gay and not favor gay rights unless you are very self loathing.

    But on other social issues I don’t see being gay and not favoring other social issues as wrong. I don’t favor Affirmative Action because of its discriminatory method to remedy past discrimination. I would not favor Affirmative Action for gays because you don’t remedy past discrimination with new discrimination.

  30. “Steve:

    It’s not a matter of running off, I simply thought things were getting a bit personal (this is me taking some responsibility) and counterproductive.”

    Well, in a way our politics are personal. I also argue with Republicans about certain things.

    End of the day, I’m proud to have all these great folks showing up here and chatting. It’s a good way for all of us to vent.

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