Are They Back?

I was encouraged a little bit early on today when the news broke that House Republicans, joined by a few Dems, had blocked Obama’s request to delay the digital TV extension.  Obama and the Democrats wanted more time to subsidize folks who hadn’t bought the appropriate equipment to make their televisions ready for the transition.

The 258-168 vote failed to clear the two-thirds threshold needed for passage in a victory for GOP members, who warn that postponing the transition from the current Feb. 17 deadline would confuse consumers.

House Republicans say a delay also would burden wireless companies and public safety agencies waiting for the spectrum that will be vacated by the switchover, and create added costs for television stations that would have to continue broadcasting both analog and digital signals for four more months.

I can’t say that this was an issue that was at the forefront of my consciousness, but I was amused by the fact that the Senate had just passed the extension unanimously – acquiescing to Obama’s request.  The House Republicans would have none of it.  I thought this was pretty kewl, and it raised my eyebrow a bit that the GOP in the House had enough discipline to block the move by denying Obama and the Dems  the requisite 2/3rds vote that was required.

Then things got really interesting in the House, and I was amazed.

The ridiculously wasteful, pork-laden stimulus bill favored by Obama and the Dems passed the House.  Not a good thing for the nation.  I was bummed when I saw the headline, but when I read the article, I “felt a thrill up my leg.”

The final vote was 244-188, mostly along party lines as expected. All Republicans who were present voted against the bill. They were joined in their opposition by 11 Democrats.

The largely partisan vote was a slap in the face of Obama who said earlier Wednesday that  Republican support would back up his argument that a new style of bipartisan politics is needed in Washington.

The emphasis is mine.  EVERY REPUBLICAN VOTED AGAINST IT.  I was momentarily shocked and awed.  I cannot fathom that even the RINOs voted against this bull.  It gave me hope beyond my wildest dreams.  Yeah – the “stimulus” bill passed, but it didn’t pass with one single GOP vote.  Who would have thought?

Two GOP victories in one day in the United States House of Representatives.  One substantive.  One moral.

Looks like Republican leaders Boehner and Cantor are doing their job.  My greatest fear was that the GOP would be a weak opposition.  That seems to be the case in the Senate.  But apparently, John Boehner is rallying the troops in the House.  Perhaps Mitch McConnell needs a tip or two.  And I am particularly disappointed in my own senator, John Cornyn – head of the NRSC.  He put up a block against Hillary’s confirmation then voted for her.  Then he voted to approve the nomination of tax-cheat, Timothy Geithner, for Secretary of the Treasury.  The Senate GOP has some lessons to learn – apparently.  Maybe they have bought into the Obama lovefest.

Nevetheless, the point of this post is that Republicans in the House appear to be heading in the right direction.  I seriously hope this continues.  The Dems in the House are not as close to the 2/3rds majority as is the case in the Senate.  It will be up to John Boehner and Eric Cantor to make sure that Obama and the liberal oligarchy in Congress are not able to steamroll their liberal/Marxist agenda through Congress.  The stakes are high at this point.  The future of our nation is in question.  And, apparently, the Republicans in the House are the only ones in opposition with the balls to stand up and heed the call.


8 thoughts on “Are They Back?

  1. Wow. I’m flabbergasted. The Republicans actually stood up and said NO?!? I might just freakin’ fall over!

    Good for the GOP. Maybe we’ll come back after all.

  2. Most of y’all know I moved from my home state of Texas (in the DFW area- I was Phil’s neighbor) to the barely red state of SD. But I am not registered to vote here, so in the Nov. election I voted in TX.

    I am to say the least, disappointed with John Cornyn. His office will be hearing from me.

    Thanks for the update Phil. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy- oh wait. Now I know how libs feel all the time. LMAO!

  3. Don’t mess with Texas! 😉

    Screw bipartisanship. We’ve tried to do the bipartisan thing, but they never have. If they want to win a few they better work for it.

  4. I grew up in Texas! But I have to brag about Kansas. We increased our Republican representation in the House. Unfortunately one of our Republican Senator’s, the usually more conservative one, voted for the Bush/Pelosi Bail Out last fall. I am fairly certain they will both vote against the Obama/Pelosi stimulus package. I am anxious to see. Does anyone know who the decent 11 democrats were?

  5. You brag about Kansas all you want. So long as you don’t talk about the JayHawks. LOL. Both my folks are from Kansas and I still have family there. Lots of good republican people. I really think that if people really thought about politics, instead of listening to/buying into the double speak, there’d be way more conservatives. most people live their lives as conservatives so you’d think it’d make sense they’d vote that way too. I dunno. I don’t know who the smart 11 dems were. But I like them!

  6. This is great news.

    Delay the DTV switch? Maybe people who haven’t made the switch do not watch TV? Maybe they have basic cable like me so they don’t need a converter box?

    California is supposed to get $32 billion of this stimulus. What controls are in place to see that it is used for its intended purpose? I can see the CA Legislature using accounting tricks to “borrow” from this appropriation and use it to fund the state government. The CA politicians are very good at that.

  7. This A.M. on The Today Show a small piece was aired on the Obamamania (e.g. the growing personality cult around the President). Of course no one will call it a pesonality cult. But it is one.

    Pepsi redesigned its logo to rememble an Obama campaign logo. The Chicago White Sox want to create a Obama-esque baseball cap and donate the profits to charity. There are plenty of people looking to cash in here. Some are saying he has the popularity of a rock star.

    I know (not think) the President needs to tone this down. It’s out of hand. He’s not a rock star. He’s not a marketing entity. It’s one thing to be popular. It’s another thing to exploit that popularity in ways that have nothing to do with the job of being President.


    Here are some items in the Stimulus Bill approved by the House. Now good people, let’s view these items with the idea of creating jobs and stimulating our economy. Isn’t the idea to get people working so they can earn money and spend it?:

    $335 million for education related to sexually transmitted diseases

    $650 million for coupons to help people make the switch to digital TV

    $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts

    $150 million for the Smithsonian Institution

    $50 million for the National Cemetery Administration’s monument and memorial repairs

    $800 million for Amtrak, the country’s railroad system

    $2 billion for child-care subsidies

    $400 million for global warming research

    $100 million for reducing the danger of lead paint in homes

    $2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstration projects

    $50 million for NASA facilities that may have been harmed by natural disaster

    $200 million for the U.S. Geological Survey to monitor earthquakes and volcanoes

    I am not against all of the above per se. But I thought the idea of this was to build things and fix things that are broken or worn out? I don’t see how handing out $650 million in digital tv coupons creats jobs? If those converter boxes need to be manufactured, then it might be safe to say they aren’t being manufactured in the U.S.

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