Ignoring the First Amendment

This is rich…the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has started a petition to give to Rush Limbaugh. “Express your outrage about Rush’s comments today!” What did he say? He said something a few other people had said previously about Barack Obama: “I hope he fails.”

Rush makes a good point to conservatives. Obama’s policies are blatant socialism, and they can do quite a bit of damage to the American way of life. Obama does, in fact, hope to absorb as much of the private sector into government as he can, socializing America more than we ever would have dreamed (and Bush got the ball rolling for him with that ridiculous bailout). These are not things we want Obama to succeed at. It’s why we’re critical of him. Liberals didn’t want the war to succeed, and that’s why they were critical of Bush–but you didn’t see Republican lawmakers starting up petitions to “express outrage” to the famous liberals out there who gained even more fame by bashing Bush.

The petition talks about jobs, health care, and our place in the world.  Since when is it the government’s place to tell me where to work?  Since when does the government have any business telling me where to go to get treatment for an illness or injury?  I don’t want my taxes paying for socialized health care that will do little more than ruin the health care system we have.  Our place in this world?  As far as I can tell, the only reason that is in jeopardy is because of two things: Muslim extremists and those who capitulate to them.

Back on topic, though, government officials have no business whatsoever telling any private citizen–no matter how much they dislike him–that he is not allowed to exercise his Constitutional freedom of speech.  That is EXACTLY what they’re doing.  Sure, they have the same right, but they’re lawmakers.  They represent the government.  When they do something like this, it is the exact same as the government telling someone they can’t say certain things.  If Republicans had started such a petition against Air America’s Randi Rhodes, there would have been an outcry the likes of which we had never heard before!  Liberals would have been calling for their heads to be served on silver platters.

I guess the same rules don’t apply to them.  Why?  Because liberals are so superior.  They know what’s right, so the rest of us should just give up and fall in line, right? 

I don’t think so.  Democrats attempted to officially censure Rush back in 2007.  They actually held a vote to give him a punishment reserved solely for members of Congress who behave outrageously.  This marks the second official attack on the free speech rights of Rush Limbaugh.  I don’t always like the guy, but he makes a lot of very good conservative points, and regardless, it’s not anyone’s place to tell him what he can and can’t say.  Where was this “come together” sentiment when you liberals were calling Bush a Nazi, a murderer, and calling for him to be impeached and tried for war crimes?

Obama himself paid a “visit” to the White House press corps, during which he was more than happy to field softball questions.  But the instant a writer from Politico asked him about his pick for deputy Secretary of State, Obama let that writer know in no uncertain terms that he was agitated and that writer was on the verge of losing his press pass.  During the campaign, anyone who dared to ask Obama or Biden the tough questions was immediately blacklisted.

It’s already started, folks.  This is just the beginning.  Talk about the tyranny of the majority…this is why Obama scares me.  It starts with small steps like this and gets bigger and stronger until we suddenly notice that we’ll never be able to undo it. 

Ignoring the First Amendment for your own gain will eventually put you in the same prison as your opponents.


9 thoughts on “Ignoring the First Amendment

  1. “This is rich…the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has started a petition to give to Rush Limbaugh. “Express your outrage about Rush’s comments today!” What did he say? He said something a few other people had said previously about Barack Obama: “I hope he fails.””

    THIS is what the DCC is spending its time on? THIS? With all the challenges our nation has we get this?

    The questions right now for me are when did the DCC lose their minds or did they ever have minds to lose?

  2. This is big news

    Make this into an article on your blog, you can just cut and paste the whole thing and post it as
    “Political Censorship on WordPress”
    And ask your readers to post it on their blogs

    The censorship has started

    First they attack talk radio, then they target Rush Limbaugh

    Now they censored me, a Presidential candidate
    That is the ultimate dictatorship
    Make it impossible for anyone to oppose you in elections

    It is how Obama won all his Illinois elections,
    By getting his opponents deleted from the ballot

    It is George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth deleting people from newspapers and now from blogs

    This is how Hitler started. Once they start deleting blogs of Presidential candidates, the next step is for the Nazi Brownshirts to knock on your door in the middle of the night
    Firs they take away your free speech, then they take away everything, because who can hear you cry out

    Somebody got wordpress to freeze my Presidential account so I cannot post

    You can still read it, but I have been notified that wordpress will soon delete it

    My only offense is being smarter than Obama. Oh, also I wrote an article about how Obama was starting to censor the news. So they censored me.

    They will come for you next

    We must fight censorship

    Email support@wordpress.com


    “Reinstate http://franklynchusa.wordpress.com

    Because we do not want censorship of Presidential candidates regardless of what Party they are”

    Then send a blank email to frank@franklynch.org with the subject “censors”
    And add a link to your blogroll http://www.franklynch.org

  3. Rush Limbaugh’s a piece of shit. But, as a liberal, I strongly (if not grudgingly) support his right to say whatever tickles his drug addled heart…

  4. You make a great point Robert. As Ann Coulter pointed out recently, I am astonished at liberals’ constant campaign to stop free speech. Media Matters tried getting Coulter banned from CNN and now they want Rush banned.

    As she also pointed out, it’s not as if Republicans are on a mad campaign to stop Keith Olbermann, and as Ann says, I wish more Americans would indeed hear him. “The only 57-year old woman trapped in a man’s body.”

    Dan Rather and CBS used bad sources, bad references, bad people on a news story complete with phony documents handed to him by Mary Mapes and completely slandered Bush on his military service.

    Still and all, it’s not like Bush made an announcement to the Democrats in Congress to stop listening to Dan Rather.

    It is astounding, and I am glad your view on this is different than that of most other liberals.

  5. “Rush Limbaugh’s a piece of shit. But, as a liberal, I strongly (if not grudgingly) support his right to say whatever tickles his drug addled heart…”


    Never heard a liberal say that.

    I appreciate that Robert. I am not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh either.

  6. I do not agree with Rush, as far as I am concerned he is a lying, right wing druggie, but I support his right to blow to the heavens. Maybe you conservatives will not be so quick to jump on MoveOn when they offend your sensibilities.

  7. My issue isn’t with private citizens voicing their disapproval; that’s always going to happen. All of us here take serious issue with lawmakers using their authority and position to officially, publicly punish Rush for speaking out against them.

    I would take the same issue with Republicans if they attempted to officially censure MoveOn. I reserve my right as a private citizen, however, to voice my opinion.

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