Welcome, Chairman Steele….


Are you up to the challenge?

Michael Steele, the former Lt. Governor of Maryland, was elected as chairman of the Republican National Committee today.  He is African-American, he is Catholic and he is conservative.  So let’s see if anyone besides FOX News will extoll the historical significance of Steele as the first black chairman of the GOP.  Let’s watch to see if any journalists break down in tears or if anyone gets a “thrill up their leg.”  I seriously doubt it, but this is very special.

Reports from the MSM say that Steele was the most moderate candidate.  I’m not sure that is accurate.  I will dig further, but everything I have heard from him is conservative.  Sean Hannity gave him the big thumbs up, and I know Hannity doesn’t embrace RINOs.  I have a feeling that the MSM is trying to spin things in their own way and downplay Steele’s significance.

Steele wrote a great piece for the Politico back in November.  He outlined his vision for the GOP.

Return to timeless Republican principles. And include a positive, optimistic message that envisions a new, stronger, more prosperous American future. Ronald Reagan spoke to our deepest longing as a people. He gave a voice to principles that are true for all people in all times. Retool our message, but base it on those proven conservative principles for which our party has always stood: Our freedom is from God, not government. Our prosperity comes from a free people in a free market, not overtaxing, free-spending bureaucrats. We celebrate and protect life, born and unborn. And our best hope for a brighter future is in the empowerment of individuals and families, not in the constraints imposed by a bloated bureaucracy. 

Nothing moderate or even liberal there.  It’s a very true message. And it’s an optimistic, conservative message.  There are questions about his abortion stance, but Steele insists he is pro-life and was endorsed by the National Right-To-Life Committee.  His rhetoric invokes the messages of Ronald Reagan.  I have heard Michael speak many times – especially his discussions with Hannity.  I feel very confident that he is a conservative.

I will dig a little further on Steele.  I have always been a fan, but I want conservative principles to trump all from here on out.  Aside from being a conservative, I also think that Michael Steele has a couple of other things going for him.  He is an excellent communicator who is media-savvy and inspirational.  He comes across strong on TV and radio and is open to utilizing new media to get the message across.  We have lacked that in recent election cycles.  Michael Steele is also an outsider.  He was the only candidate for the RNC who wasn’t a committee member.  There are potential cons in that regards, but I feel good that it is a pro which will give him a different perspective.

Nobody in the GOP gets a free pass right now.  The party is in a sad state.  Michael Steele promises to open things up and regain the base in the Northeast and other parts of the country. And he is focused on the GOP grassroots nationwide.  He speaks of improving the GOP image, but he hasn’t said anything that leads me to believe that the improvement necessarily involves sacrificing conservative principles.

I am willing to give Steele the benefit of the doubt because his rhetoric is right on, and the intangibles just feel right.  But also know that I will dump him and anyone else in the GOP leadership the very second that I believe that they are leading us down the same destructive path that led us to our present state. I didn’t see anyone else in the running with more promise for change.  I thing the RNC made the correct choice.  I just hope that Mr. Steele doesn’t make me a liar.


UPDATE:  I just watched Hannity’s interview of Michael Steele on his FOX News TV program.  Steele chose Hannity as his first interview after being elected as Chairman. I feel really good now.  Sean threw out all of the hints about lukewarm Republicans and pseudo-conservatives.  Steele was flawless.  He says that true conservative principles are the key to the resurrection of the GOP.  I’m with Michael Steele right now.  I have no reason to doubt him.  I will be vigilant, but Michael Steele said all of the right things.  I think he can energize this base.


35 thoughts on “Welcome, Chairman Steele….

  1. I was very happy when I heard about this today. I’ve followed Michael Steele for a few years now and I’ve seen a lot of things that make me very happy–not the least of which is abandoning Bush’s irresponsible economic policies.

    Let me ask you this, Philip…do you think a free market would thrive better with incentives for companies that don’t outsource, or is that something we should just leave to the market?

  2. Another African American promoted by conservatives! What’s best, solely because of his qualifications!

    Not because the media fell in love with him, either.

    Just as voting against bailouts make me fond of the Republicans now, appointing a minority in a very free-market and non-affirmative action way solely warms the heart.

  3. HAHAHAHAH!! God I laughed SOOO hard when I heard this!

    “Look at us! We like black people too! See?”


    Michael Steele is a loser. That’s all he is! lol. He’s never been elected anything higher than lt Governor, and he was just RIDING on a ticket with someone else! He then went on to lost the senate race in a landslide.

    But hey! He’s black! Lol. I’m not sure, but this may be even more humiliatingly political then when McCain tried to win women with Palin! LMAO

    Congrats, your party has insulted both women AND black people! lol I can’t imagine anybody could be so dellusional to think this loser has any qualifications other than having the skin color of an enormously popular President.

    Oh, how does he protect “born” life? LET ME GUESS…

    Steve, if you say you support life, and you support death, then you can’t defend it by changing the subject. “Context matters” you keep saying, well so does your party’s cherry-picked romanticized words it adopts.

    You see, if I said I was a vegetarian, and I ate meat, then I would be lying. “But it’s steak! That’s different” is what I might say, to which you might say “That’s changing the subject”

    Later my pro-life executioner friend who whines about unqualified ppl being president while supporting a random black guy picked off the street to run your party!

    Oh, and please, “stick” to your values lol.

  4. I’m gonna tell you one more time because I noticed you guys need this to be repeated….


  5. “But hey! He’s black! Lol. I’m not sure, but this may be even more humiliatingly political then when McCain tried to win women with Palin! LMAO”

    Well, like Palin – Steele comes with executive experience. This means he was once elected and proved he can run something without bailouts or having the media love him.

    The poor Democrats are so desperate for a minority, they test the waters with a media darling who happens to be half black.

    And let us remind you – people like you select the garbage in prison – we select the quality like innocent babies.

    Pro-life is about quality and preserving everyone’s constitutional right to quality life.

    I’m sorry you need things explained to you 75,000 times. It seems everything in your life is “progressive” but your mind.

  6. “And let us remind you – people like you select the garbage in prison – we select the quality like innocent babies.”

    Holy fucking shit….I’m amazed…..

    Could you please tell me how many times I’ll have to repeat this? 30?

    Alright then…. 30 it is…

  7. Hey – hear this, Tom. If you pull more shit like the stupid, juvenile posts that I just deleted, then I’ll start marking every one of your comments as spam and deleting them.

    Maybe you’ll understand the concept of rational discourse one day when you finish grade school.

  8. Mel –

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with offering businesses incentives to do anything. It’s when you start mandating too much that we have problems.

    If the US would just cut their corporate income tax, we wouldn’t have as much to worry about. But Congress has decided to make the US one of the most expensive places in the world to do business.

  9. Tom–

    as for your assertation that “babies vs. murderers is changing the subject,” you could not be any more incorrect. If a person breaks into my home while I’m there, I must assume they have the intent to harm or kill me and thus have the right to defend myself, my home and my family. I would prefer to take him into custody without killing him, but if I have no other option, it is not murder to kill in self-defense. Likewise, when a person presents a great threat to society, logic states that you take their life both to protect the innocent people in society and as a warning to others who might choose the same path. The same is true in the animal world; if, as has recently happened, a tiger develops a taste for humans (an unnatural thing), the animal must be destroyed to protect the people. An unborn child, however, has no voice. It has no ability to care for itself and is completely at the mercy of others. It cannot do harm any more than it can wish anyone harm. There is a distinct difference.

    “Congrats, your party has insulted both women AND black people!”

    Are you serious? WE have insulted black people? When Michael Steele won that election in Maryland, black liberals appeared at a speech and pelted him with Oreo cookies while screaming that he was an “Uncle Tom.” One liberal blog portrayed him as a black-faced minstrel, while another took a popular picture of him at a campaign stop and painted part of his skin white as a direct racial insult. He was also called “Sambo” by another black liberal blogger. Condoleeza Rice was called the “House Nigga” by the same black liberals. You say WE are insulting blacks? You’re full of it, pal. Any time any minority embraces liberal ideals, they’re heroes. The instant one bangs the drum for conservative beliefs, you’re ready to lynch them. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

    Philip–so what’s your take on the whole union thing? That’s actually for anyone who’d like to comment. I haven’t heard Mr. Steele speak about union issues before, but in the wake of the UAW bailout fiasco, I’m quite curious to know what my conservative pals think about the liberal support of unionized workplaces. I’d especially like to know what ya’ll think of Bush giving UAW that ridiculous bailout.

  10. Tom:

    I take no joy that Michael Steele is black. I take joy in his principles and what he can do for the party. The fact that he is black is irrelevant to me (it’s that content of character thing ya know). He’s the right person for the job. Isn’t that how it should be?


    I did not read any comments regarding that on this top from Steve or Phillip either. Just what is this in reference to Tom?

    As for Republicans liking black people read the history. Repubicans have been far nicer to blacks then Democrats ever were. I’d focus on the Civil War and Reconstruction. That pretty much sums up the Democratic party’s love for black people.

  12. I was so excited when I saw that Steele is the new RNC chair, and I’m not even a Republican!

    I love Steele – he’s witty and smart, gives a great interview, and works hard.

    I also have to admit that I miss Ken Mehlman, whom I think did a great job of outreach.

  13. Actually John, those “Republicans” and “Democrats” you speak of are the reverse of what they are today. The racists Dems were conservative southerners(as southerns are today) and the pro-black repubs were northerners!

  14. Actually John, those “Republicans” and “Democrats” you speak of are the reverse of what they are today. The racists Dems were conservative southerners(as southerns are today) and the pro-black repubs were liberal northerners!

  15. I’m going to keep watching, Jenn. But so far nothing. No accolades about the wonderful, historical significance of Steele’s selection. But also nothing really negative out there. I think the MSM might regard this one as a hot potato.

  16. As well they should; considering the blatant racial smears against him by black liberals, if the MSM joins in they might face a significant backlash.

    I just had an interesting conversation with a friend from a European nation that has socialized health care. Scary stuff. Maybe if Mr. Steele and Mrs. Palin work together to energize the base again, we can un-do whatever plans Obama has in store for the next four years. And hopefully, if the MSM does decide to deride Mr. Steele as an Uncle Tom, he’ll stand up to them the way Obama has and tell ’em where they can go.

  17. Nobody wants to kill babies! Get off your high ass horse! All most of us Dems want is the right for the person who is carrying said embryo, fetus, infant, the right to determine what to do with her body. Do you Republicans really want the government which you claim to so despise telling people what to do? I see a slippery slope if that ever occurs. Abortion is sometimes a necessary evil. No body likes it, but the consequences are much worse….big, christian brother telling us how to live. They would not stop at abortion. Next would be me and you in Exodus International interment camps to turn us straight.

  18. DavATA, the only person who talked about us thinking Dems want to kill babies was Tom, the Dem who started the argument. And part of the government’s job is making and enforcing laws; I’d say that is a form of telling people what to do.

    And it’s a massive leap from wishing to save innocent lives to putting gay people in concentration camps. Talk about a high ass horse…

  19. “All most of us Dems want is the right for the person who is carrying said embryo, fetus, infant, the right to determine what to do with her body. ”

    Unless she was raped, she had the right to determine to have sex or not. So did the man who had sex with her.

  20. Personally, I’d like to see some women be held as accountable as men for that sort of thing. It seems as if we as a society haven’t clued in to the fact that women do, in fact, prey on men at times and sometimes, it’s the GIRL’S fault. And the father should have some say in what goes on in the “reproductive process” since he contributed.

  21. OMG MelMaguire I think you need to turn in your ovaries. Some of my female friends have said I can be sexiest at times, but I would never, ever think a woman asked to be raped! Your party is going to be in the minority for a long time with views like that. And by the way, since you claim to respect the law–last time I checked abortion is legal in the USA.

  22. When did I mention rape? I have met more than a few women who used consentual sex as a weapon against men. THAT is what I’m talking about. You libs are amazing at twisting people’s words. Never would I EVER suggest that rape is okay or invited.

  23. “OMG MelMaguire I think you need to turn in your ovaries. Some of my female friends have said I can be sexiest at times, but I would never, ever think a woman asked to be raped! ”

    Mel never commented on that. But she is right about holding women more accountable.

    I knew a guy who to his demise had sex with his girlfriend with the understanding she was on the Pill. He used condoms. Condoms are not 100 percent reliable.

    She was dishonest with him. She wasn’t on the Pill. One of the condoms must have broke because she got pregnant by him.

    I think if this guy knew his girlfriend was lying about being on the Pill then he might have made other choices. But, she kept the baby and he is stuck with her lie.

    When I mention this I get the following, ‘Well it’s his fault. He should have kept it in his pants ha ha.” People act as if this is a joke or his fault for trusting her. There is nothing funny about that situation for anyone.

  24. You can try to sugar coat your words, but I know what you meant. Woman are liars and deserve what they get. And for your information some of your conservative brethen consider the morning after pill abortion. They even consider some forms of birth control abortion. You people are obsessed with sex! I have a solution maybe you people should start having more sex and not worry about those who do.

  25. DavATA, every human being on the planet is obsessed with sex. I don’t know about everyone else here, but I think about it every day. I love sex. I’m a LESBIAN for God’s sakes. Speaking of the Almighty, I believe with every fiber in my being that He created sex for our pleasure. I highly recommend it.

    You know what I meant? Do you have ESP? Sugar-coating my words? So I suppose pointing out the logical point, that women can prey on men just as easily as men prey on women, means I’m a sexist bastard? I suppose not liking Obama makes me a racist, too. If I were calling all women liars I’d be doing so from a self-loathing standpoint. There is nothing wrong with being honest, DavATA.

    What part of SOMETIMES did you miss?

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