Obama’s Culture of Economic Stupidity

Quick, get the Stimulus Passed!

After all, in this type of a serious recession, naked pictures of Madonna may only go for 20 cents (their actual value).

Nude Photo of Madonna auctioned for $37,500 in NYC.

I’m so glad those Obama voters in NYC know what it’s like to be “one of us” rich and elitist Republicans.

Truth be told, it isn’t Wall Street that got us into this mess.  It’s stupid spending like this that has.


9 thoughts on “Obama’s Culture of Economic Stupidity

  1. Yeah, I think she released a book back in the 90’s called SEX. My roommate has a copy. I’m sure you can likely find a copy of whatever picture was sold on the internet for free, too.

  2. “Why do people want to pay for naked pictures of Madonna?”

    I don’t know. But I guarantee it wasn’t a Sarah Palin supporter.

    What a stupid distribution of wealth. If the government can come in and audit small businesses and have their noses literally poked into every spending aspect of a taxpayer’s life when they own a small business, it’s only fair that this kind of redistribution be taxed or penalized somehow to help pay for the bailout.

    Since free market is out the window in America, we may as well start with the ultra-nuts. This is money that could have meant the world to someone in need.

  3. “Wall Street actually helped us. I’m glad they deregulated their markets and lost trillions.”

    Will you still feel that way when your monthly welfare check stops coming?

  4. “I’m happy they lost trillions and crashed the banking system. Serves ‘em right.”

    Well bully for you. Let’s hope this does not happen to you.

    One of my clients owns four tental properties free and clear. He has 3 more with mortgages.

    He attempted to buy another property. But, he can’t get any bank to lend to him because he is too leveraged. How can that be when he has four properties free and clear and no credit card debt? The low to value ratios are next to nothing.

    His credit is outstanding. He’s never been denied a loan before in his life. The bank wants him to secure this loan with one of his other properties he owns free and clear.

    Are you kidding me?

    I sure hope Mort when you go to borrow money you can get someone to lend you money. You might find it harder to get credit now vs. in the past.

    Businesses need credit to function. Without it they end up laying off workers to match cash flow. That isn’t good for any of us.

  5. “I think Mort is more interested in blowing smoke at us than he is in actually making sense.”

    I guess this proves everyone needs a hobby. Isn’t needlepoint more productive and enjoyable? How about still lifes and landscapes? Personally, day hikes and football suit my hobby need.

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