Two new reports out say that of all of these new construction jobs to be added to the economy, somewhere around 300,000–15% of the two million Barkey has promised to create–are likely to go to illegal immigrant workers who don’t have the right to be here or to hold a job. I’m appalled but not surprised.

Senators Jeff Sessions (Republican) and Ben Nelson (Democrat) introduced SB239 last month, which would have required local governments and businesses that received stimulus money to verify the legal status of all job seekers through E-Verify, the program set up by the Social Security Administration to quickly verify the aforementioned legal status of any applicant in the US. The bill passed nearly unanimously in the House of Representatives, with merely two representatives voting no. Then it went to the Senate.

Enter Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi’s hatchet man.

Reid refused to allow the bill to be presented on the floor of the Senate, instead buckling down and rushing the stimulus bill through cloture before SB239 could be discussed. He effectively blocked the amendment thanks to the power of the dark side (a.k.a. the Democrat Party). Then again, we are talking about a man who referred to the mass of illegal aliens in our country as “12 million undocumented Americans.”

I wonder if Harry Reid has ever talked to some of these folks. I have. Let me say again, I used to be an officer in a detention center for ICE detainees awaiting deportation. Often, as they were processed for deportation to leave our facility for their country of origin, they’d smile at us and say, “see you next year!” Many openly admitted that they didn’t give a damn about the United States or it’s people–that all they cared about was getting a free education from our government or having their kids in America so they’d have a reason to be allowed to stay if they were caught so they could keep sending money back to their home countries. Those who came to our facility straight from their prison sentences (for various crimes, most often violent ones) crowed about how we’d never be able to keep them from coming back.

One in particular will forever stand out in my mind: he’d spend ten years behind bars for a DUI crash in which he killed a family of four. He had come to the US illegally in the early 80’s and had been given amnesty by Ronald Reagan and immediately obtained his green card. He bragged that he’d been arrested for DUI more than five times before the fatal wreck he caused and they never really did anything to him. He thought it was funny. What he found even funnier was that we were trying to deport him. “I got my green card, you guys will be paying me for the rest of my life after I sue you for putting me in this shithole!”

Calling these moochers “undocumented Americans” is like calling a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.” They don’t care about becoming Americans or taking care of our society. What they do care about is getting what they can, while they can, even if it means defrauding the US government out of millions. Why should they work in their home countries when they can come here and get all kinds of free benefits on our buck?

Then again, why not? Democrats don’t care about us. Why should they? When you’re in a position of power, you can have all the perks and benefits you want at the expense of John Q. Taxpayer. Democrat Charlie Rangel–who helps write tax laws so he can avoid being held accountable by them–has learned well how to get around on our buck. He’s entitled, right? No wonder they’re so interested in allowing the illegals to stay:

He writes the laws. He’s not beholden to them. And of course, he’s more than happy to skirt them for all those poor, unfortunate souls who are “just here to work.” Bush had issued an executive order requiring all federal contractors to use E-Verify; the order was slated to take effect in January. Obama issued an executive order pushing it back to May.

Welcome to the new age of Obama, the corruptocracy we can believe in.


42 thoughts on “Corruptocracy

  1. And why would construction jobs go to illegal immigrants? Because they’ve got the experience. It is largely they who’ve built America the past 20-30 years. I know more than a few illegal immigrants who worked construction, and I know their employers would call them back. It’s efficient. They know the job.

  2. Arturo,

    Nobody has ever denied the talents of illegal immigrants. We all have talents.

    Let’s talk about the Irish that came here during the Potato blight in the 1800’s. Let’s talk about the Polish that came to this country over the last couple centuries as well.

    These are some of the most dedicated workers and savers ever known. The Irish for example lived in cardboard boxes in NYC and made a couple measly dollars a week and wound up building dreams and establishing rock-solid roots for their generations that are here today. These are the same folks today we categorize as “rich” and who pay more taxes.

    The difference is, the Irish and the Polish came here legally and went through the trouble to become citizens and pay into the system that they benefited from.

    That was never the focus, that they didn’t do work or that they weren’t talented. Everyone has talents. But if you’re going to pursue those talents here, have the decency to sign on for the long haul. The country respected them by giving them those opportunities and the country deserves respect in return.

  3. Steve, I agree that entry into this country should be as easy as when the Irish and the Polish came generations ago.

  4. It shouldn’t be “easy.” It wasn’t “easy” then either.

    Grandmothers of friends still speak of their parents coming over and taking turns quizzing eachother on English and American law to work in becoming citizens of this country.

    They did it and anybody can do it. The United States is not meant to be a massive welfare state to the rest of the world. It has nothing to do with someone’s race or ethnicity.

    There’s nothing racist about enforcing immigration laws. Especially in this day and age you cannot make the process “easy.”

  5. Arturo, illegals aren’t the only ones with construction experience! I’ve got several friends who have a hard time finding contracting work–they are licensed contractors–because the illegals will work for less money, and they take cash under the table. The jobs should go to Americans and legal immigrants first.

    And Steve has it right–there was nothing easy about our ancestors coming here in the 1800’s. Mine came during the blight, and they faced intense persecution when they came. But they obeyed the rules, declared themselves when they got here, and did everything the government asked of them to obtain American citizenship. Were it not for that I wouldn’t be free today.

    We cannot simply take everyone who wishes to come here. If we did that, the criminals and vagabonds from all over the world would be taking over America. Oh, wait, they already ARE!

  6. Steve, it was easy by comparison. Easier getting in and easier staying. I admire today’s illegal immigrants. They have done so much for this country, for so little. Just read Mel’s vile comments.

  7. O.K., then let the construction companies hire illegal workers. Jut fine the companies $10,000 per day/ per illegal hire when they get caught. Problem solved. See how easy it is?

  8. “mel, the word “illegals” is dehumanizing. It’s the language of fascists.”

    As opposed to entering a country without proper immigration clearance and staying? In days gone by that was called an invasion.

  9. Let’s don’t forget that because of the illegal immigration into this country, we now have increased cases of tapeworm, and TB and God only knows what else is being brought with them- diseases that were eliminated here, but are being brought in from the 3rd world country. I’m so tired of hearing about dehumanization. Follow the law and you won’t be called illegal. Plain and simple.

  10. How is it fascist to call someone what they are? If you are here illegally, wouldn’t that make you, *ahem* illegal?

    I’m all for punishing the companies that hire illegal workers as well as deporting people here illegally. There are legal ways to come here. Use them. Or don’t. There are consequences in life, this is one of them. I don’t see how being in the US illegally and availing yourself of American tax payer funded services (like law enforcement, hospitals, roads , schools, etc) is any different from walking into a store and stealing their stock. Someone else paid for you, and you’re taking it.

    And don’t give me any of that “you’re evil and inhuman!” crap. My husband was a LEGAL immigrant to the US. He came here from the Soviet Union with his mother – an engineer who worked cleaning diapers and linens at a daycare until she could get her English to the point where she could work in her own field – and his father – an engineer who started out at the bottom of his field (he already spoke English when he came here) in his forties.

    Within 18 months of coming here, they owned a condo in Chicago – because they worked hard and followed the rules, and not because anyone gave them a thing. They were legal.

    So, excuse me if my sympathy cup is running a bit dry. Follow the rules or don’t. But don’t complain about the consequences of your actions.

  11. “Follow the law and you won’t be called illegal. Plain and simple.”

    Exactly. One of my coworkers and his wife legally immigrated to the U.S from the country of Portugal.

    They filled out their paperwork, paid their fees, waited, waited, and waited some more. Eventually their turn came. They came here 10 years ago. They did it the right way. They did it the legal way. Eventually they hope to retire and move back to Portugal. One might argue they too are just here to work.

    The message that illegal immigration sends is don’t wait your turn. Don’t apply to immigrate. Don’t be a fool and wait when you can come here now. That is the wrong messsage to send.

    I know many people who come here illegally come here because they don’t have jobs in their home countries. It is either come to the U.S. or starve.

    Here in America we have people who sadly run out of options in life. They lose their jobs. Their unemployment runs out. They deplete their savings. But, these circumstances don’t give these people a free pass to rob banks so they can feed their children or steal cars so they can pay the rent.

    What it all comes down to is one basic principle of life: You play the hand life deals you. You don’t toss the cards on the table and write a new set of rules that only apply to your sad situation.

    If you live in a nation where the system is stacked against you then vote that sytem out or overthrow it. What you don’t do is visit your troubles on other countries that have zero to do with your home country’s ills.

  12. “Mel, the word “illegals” is dehumanizing. It’s the language of fascists.”

    Arturo, just so we’re clear, here’s what Webster’s dictionary gives as the definition of fascism:

    “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”

    No, what I had to say is NOT the language of fascists, you race-baiting coward. Fascists would simply call for all dissenters to be killed. I have never, NOT ONCE said that I think my country is superior to all others (though I love my country above all others), nor have I ever said that my race is superior. For you to claim such is the idiot’s way of winning an argument.

    Let me repeat myself for the umpteen jillionth time: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT RACE OR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. All I care about is that those who come here do so legally, through the avenues provided to come to the United States. And if you come here illegally, I want the law enforced against you as it would be against me if I broke a law.

    Try using logic instead of these ridiculous accusations of racism, xenophobia and fascism. Illegals have sure done a lot for us. Chandra Levy’s killer was just arrested–an illegal alien from El Salvador. A drunk driving illegal from Mexico recently caused a wreck that killed a Phoenix police officer after he’d managed to skip three other DUI court dates. A paramedic on the East Coast on his way to work was killed by another drunk driving illegal who’d been ordered to self-deport. A 14-year-old girl in California was mercilessly raped and beaten before being strangled to death by two illegals from Argentina who’d been arrested for assault before. Rape camps are found all over the Southern border, where it has been proven that pre-teen girls are sold for sex with drug runners and border jumpers (it actually costs more to have sex without a condom). And a couple of years ago, a 13-year-old boy came stumbling out of San Diego’s McGonagall Canyon, drunk and bleeding after an illegal living in one of the camps in the canyon gave the boy liquor and molested him.

    Yep. The illegals have done a LOT for America. If they’re sneaking into the country, it stands to reason there are a lot of other laws they’ll break. Why should they respect our laws when the ones that first and foremost should be enforced when they’re discovered are ignored?

  13. “If you are here illegally, wouldn’t that make you, *ahem* illegal?”

    “Illegal” as an adjective for the noun “immigrant” is ok. They are illegal immigrants. I don’t care to insist they be called “undocumented workers”. If we’re talking about them as workers, “undocumented workers” is fine. But they don’t just work, so it’s better to say they’re immigrants. “Immigrant” is a neutral term. Some would prefer “migrant” and I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But when “illegal” is turned to a noun, it is done precisely to dehumanize them. It’s used to villify all of who they are, their person. They’re “illegals” so all they do and are is wrong. Their walking and breathing is wrong. Have you ever heard anyone say that legal immigrants or US citizens are “legals”? Have you ever said “that person is a legal”. That would be stupid and dangerous. You couldn’t say a person is a legal and than say something they do, such as rape and murder, is illegal. It would be a contradiction. By definition, when “a legal” rapes, that’s fine, because he did it and he’s a legal. By definition, when “an illegal” breathes he’s doing something wrong. You want to use the language of fascists, it’s up to you, but own up to it.

    Mel, you don’t need to capitalize that you’re not a racist. I haven’t said you are. I don’t know if rascism is what motivates you. I’m not that interested to know, because I know Americans generally are not racists. It is not racist to be against illegal immigration.

  14. Oh, it’s not racist, but it is facist? The two go hand-in-hand, in case you didn’t read the aforementioned definition.

    My SSN was stolen by two people I worked with. Good guys. I thought I could trust them. They happened to get their grubby mitts on the HR director’s file on me and swiped my info to get benefits under my identifying information. When I found out it was them doing it–AFTER I lost my shot at what was, at the time, a job I badly wanted because of what was on “my” record–I suddenly took a completely different view.

    I used to be more lax in my perspective on illegals. No more. They may look like good folks. Then again, so did Santana Batiz Aceves. He had a girlfriend with kids, and he was reportedly a fantastic neighbor. Then the police tied him to five sexual assaults, three of them full-on rapes, of girls in the surrounding area, all between the ages of 12 and 14. He is awaiting trial as the Chandler Rapist.

  15. Have you ever said “that person is a legal”.

    Actually, I heard the phrase “S/He is legal,” all the time when I lived in Texas and CA.

    I think that the phrase “a Legal” isn’t used because when you say “a Legal” it sounds like “Illegal” and it is open to confusion.

  16. Um…let me think…YES. My great-great grandparents came to the US from Ireland, declared themselves, took the tests and the oath, and became American citizens the legal way because they wanted a better life.

    Today, here I am.

  17. “Actually, I heard the phrase “S/He is legal,” all the time when I lived in Texas and CA.”

    In that sentence “legal” is an adjective, which is ok, as I explained.

    “I think that the phrase ‘a Legal’ isn’t used because when you say ‘a Legal’ it sounds like ‘Illegal’ and it is open to confusion.”

    No, it’s because it would be stupid. What “a legal” does is by definition not illegal. So he can murder and rape, because he’s “a legal”.

  18. Now you’re just splitting hairs. Is this the new way to win? Confuse the hell out of your opponent with a bunch of smoke and mirrors so they give up in frustration?

    Your argument is preposterous.

  19. “But when “illegal” is turned to a noun, it is done precisely to dehumanize them.”

    NO it is done to DESCRIBE them. For every rational argument in here, you’ve made an excuse.

    “Why it was easier for immigrants in the 1800’s”

    “You dehumanize them by calling them what they are.”

    Not one person in here argued that workers weren’t workers. But if they’re an illegal who happens to be a worker or a worker who happens to be an illegal – it spits out just the same as it does not matter which way you spit Listerine around in your mouth.

    The English language allows for abbreviation – and thank God – because the illegals who take advantage of the infrastructure in this country while they don’t pay any income taxes into the system are forcing me to work longer hours to cover their share of it all. I don’t have time to turn nouns back into adjectives to suit one person who thinks its offensive.

    Nurses = nursing workers
    Cops = police workers
    Teachers = teaching workers

    Changing the noun back to a descriptive adjective followed up by the more general term – “worker” (since it’s what we all do at the end of the day) does not add more to or take away from someone’s human status.

    If it does then it’s only because of word-pickers like yourself who has a constant NASDAQ ticker going off in your head for when and where a word can be uttered if it is being read by “this person” at “this time.”

    I didn’t create that kind of a preposterous basis or structure. That hangup belongs to you and frankly you have no right to impose it on the rest of the world.

    So until you have concrete evidence of dehumanization or racism – other than your NASDAQ-word-game, don’t throw allegations around in here.

    Of course they are humans.

    What’s wrong is wrong and that’s all there is to say at the end of the day because changing an adjective to a noun won’t erase the problems it’s caused.

  20. It is a fact that 1, illegal immigrants commit less crimes than non-illegal-immigrants 2, they qualify for fewer social benefits and when they do they are less likely to seek them than non-illegal-immigrants and 3, they assimilate just as well or quicker than previous generations. Jason Riley, conservative columnist for the The Wall Street Journal, has it all in his book “Let Them In”. No one’s been able to disprove his numbers. The evidence that you dehumanize them is that you believe and advance the myths. The perversion of language is how bad ideologies get expressed. So “illegals” comes natural to you.

  21. Okay, you know what? Your “word” reasoning is ridiculous. Seriously. And generally when people split hairs to that degree it is because they are clinging to something that makes no sense in the first place.

    It’s a common practice to nominalise words. I am a Catholic, but I’m also Catholic. I’m not “a” straight, but I’m straight.

    It’s a common linguistic practice and if someone finds it dehumanizing they should take care not to put themselves in a situation where it would apply to them. I’m totally not concerned about someone who has already broken immigration laws (laws my husband had to live in penury in Italy for months to comply with) correcting my already correct grammar.

    And if you’d ever actually studied language etymology, you’d realize that the explanation I gave behind “a Legal” vs. “Legal” is actually the most likely.

  22. And you know what? Perhaps it is the illegals who are dehumanizing the people already here.

    I mean, they could care less about how we follow the laws, how we pay taxes to keep up the roads/schools/free clinics/etc. they use. There is an awful lot of ignoring chances to try to integrate into the existing society, but asking for special benefits precisely so they can move their own piece of whatever country (Latin America and the Middle East are the most common) to the United States. Not to mention the absolute disgusting mess left behind at day worker pick up sites. If they were REALLY only concerned with “feeding their hungry families” and wanted to REALLY make a good impression and be allowed to stay, they’d clean up after themselves. Instead, the day laborer congregation sites are disgustingly filthy and look like the third world come to America. Not a thought about the person who owns that area having to clean up after the illegals that congregate there – those owners must not be human, then, right? They’re just rich fatcat Americans who deserve to have to work, right?

    So, know what? I think illegal immigrants are pretty good at dehumanizing the people that are already here.

  23. “illegal immigrants commit less crimes than non-illegal-immigrants”

    That’s because there are 12 million of them while there are 288 million non-illegals. They can come into America, they just need to register, learn the language of success, and build their futures like our ancestors had to.

    “they qualify for fewer social benefits and when they do they are less likely to seek them than non-illegal-immigrants”

    Of course they qualify for fewer. First, in case you haven’t been paying attention, few of us in here want anything to do with social benefits in the first place. Secondly, if there are social benefits and they want to qualify, let them become legal, pay into them, and everyone is happy!

    “they assimilate just as well or quicker than previous generations”

    Great, then tell the liberals to stop getting their panties in a twist everytime we try to pass “english-only” legislation.

  24. “That’s because there are 12 million of them while there are 288 million non-illegals.”

    They commit fewer crimes proportionally to their numbers. It’s easy to understand why. They have more to loose for the same crime.

    “…then tell the liberals to stop…”

    “english-only” legislations are unnecessary because, as you have conceded, assimilation progresses nicely without them. I tell American liberals their ideas make no sense when they don’t, such as the very bad idea of bilingual education.

    airforcewife, those are wild exaggerations. I happen to work near where day laborers gather. I walk by and drive by several times a day and there’s no “filthy mess” left behind. There’s a gas station and a McDonalds at the corner where they take care of business, if that’s what you’re talking about.

  25. “airforcewife, those are wild exaggerations. I happen to work near where day laborers gather. I walk by and drive by several times a day and there’s no “filthy mess” left behind. There’s a gas station and a McDonalds at the corner where they take care of business, if that’s what you’re talking about.”

    I live near a Home Depot where day laborers gather. They gather by the dozens and dozens seven days a week.

    Never mind there are clearly marked signs in English and Spanish that say No Loitering. But I guess when you violate a nation’s law by entering it illegally what does a pesky sign that says No Loitering matter?

    Now I am not one to bitch without solutions most of the time. I favor a guest worker program. A guest worker comes to the U.S., 50% of the net pay is withheld and deposited into an American bank with operations in their home country.

    When the guest worker goes home, he or she reports to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Upon doing that they get an authorization to withdraw the balance of their net pay.

  26. “english-only” legislations are unnecessary because, as you have conceded, assimilation progresses nicely without them. I tell American liberals their ideas make no sense when they don’t, such as the very bad idea of bilingual education.”

    Why is bilingual education a bad idea? I think it is the standard in many European nations. I know in Germany, english used to be a mandatory class for four years of school. Where I live we get a good number of German speaking tourists. I’ve never met one that did not have a good command of English.

  27. I live two blocks away from where illegal day laborers gather. I can assure you that they are most certainly NOT wild exaggerations there. In addition to trash that is left blowing around and which drives people to do business elsewhere, there is shit (I don’t mean shit as in stuff, I mean shit as in feces) constantly covering the ground in one of the alleyways there. That makes sense, I suppose, as if you have people who are gathering and standing they will have to go eventually.

    Nor was it a wild exaggeration to describe what happened in both the Central CA Valley towns I lived in where there were areas that illegal day laborers gathered.

    I’m sure that the sites run the gamut. But NOT A ONE of them is truly treated respectfully.

    As I said, if the illegal immigrants gathered there really did care about making better lives for themselves and everyone else and becoming working and productive American citizens, they would show us with examples. Like cleaning up after themselves.

  28. Oh, I should also add that nearly every day one of them runs out in the road and is hit by a car. It’s not a highway, it’s just a busy road with a speed limit of 35. And yet the ambulance is constantly bottling up traffic there.

    Very rarely are the cars going fast enough to permanently injure or kill the person they hit, but the fact is that the situation is ridiculous anyway.

    I like John’s solution.

  29. John, I’m talking about Bilingual Education as was practiced for a number of years. Nonenglish-speakers would get math/science/etc instruction in their native language, not in english. They would transition to english instruction as they learned english. The problem was that this delayed their acquisition of english. The best way to go is intense english language instruction at the beginning.

    A guest-worker program is the best way go to. But we don’t have that now. The free-market finds ways around bad government policies, in this case by adding 12 million illegal immigrant workers to the US economy.

  30. “Oh, I should also add that nearly every day one of them runs out in the road and is hit by a car.”

    airforcewife, that’s a total lie. It does, at least, give us an idea of where you’re coming from.

  31. “english-only” legislations are unnecessary because, as you have conceded, assimilation progresses nicely without them.”

    Actually, the only thing I conceded is that they have the ability to do so. They also have the ability to fill out the paperwork and take the tests required to become legal citizens.

    Everybody agrees that they have the ability.

    So, in hindsight, your posts which describe their abilities, can serve as a giant concession speech to the fact that there is no excuse that anything is “harder” on them today as it was centuries ago.

    So, thank you.

  32. Actually, Arturo, you just showed your ineptitude. We DO have a guest-worker visa program; it’s called the H2-A visa, it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require a long wait.

    You are giving us an idea of where you’re coming from. I can tell you from personal experience that most day laborers are every bit as disrespectful to property as AFW has said, and there is a spot right here in Phoenix where every single day, a PFD rescue unit (ambulance) has to respond to a day laborer either being hit by a car or nearly being hit and causing an accident.

    Don’t level accusations of lies unless you have concrete evidence of it. You just don’t want to believe the truth that the rest of us see on a daily basis.

  33. Where I’m coming from? Do you mean geographically? Because I can’t figure how mentioning the level of accidents at an illegal day laborer congregational site makes someone racist. Put your fingers back in your ears and sing lalalala a bit more if you can’t handle having your faulty paradigm pointed out.

    Do you also deny the Rape Trees? At the very least illegal immigration should be stopped to keep that horrific travesty from happening to any other woman.

    Rape Trees:

    Illegal Immigrant traffic accidents:

  34. “We DO have a guest-worker visa program; it’s called the H2-A visa”

    You’ve got to be kidding.

    “a PFD rescue unit (ambulance) has to respond to a day laborer either being hit by a car or nearly being hit and causing an accident.”

    That’s just not the case. Like I said, I drive by and walk by one of these gathering sites daily. There’s never anything of the sort happening.

    “there is no excuse that anything is “harder” on them today as it was centuries ago.”

    Steve, it is much harder to get in than a century ago. Back than, all you had to do was show up the at the door, and most likely you’d be let in. That is no longer the case.

    “Becoming a legal citizen is even better.”

    Yes, illegal immigrants now in the US who’ve shown to be of good character should be given legal status and in time citizenship.

  35. “Becoming a legal citizen is even better.”

    If a person wants that then I agree. If they do not, then a guest worker program is the next best thing. There are many advantages to such a program.

    For one thing, I believe when do a day of work you should get paid and get paid a fair wage. You should also have safe and lawful working conditiions too.

    A guest worker program can prevent abuse of people.

  36. Exactly, John.

    It is too easy to abuse illegals, which is something else I have a big problem with (contrary to popular belief). When companies get away with paying them under the table, they can get away with denying it because there’s little to no documentation to prove there was any employer-employee relationship. Accountability goes out the window.

  37. Mel – that’s a particular problem with people who have nannies that are illegal. Because there’s the element of fear involved, the employers can abuse them terribly – they are forced to work crazy hours for ridiculous wages.

    They also do not have the money or access to health care, so if they get sick – the game is up and they lose everything.

    With viable and inexpensive au pair programs in place for people needing childcare I can’t imagine trusting my children to someone with no behavioral guarantees other than “fear”, as well.

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