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Credit this bit of genius to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) as posted on

On Saturday, Grassley criticized Obama’s proposals for tax increases as failing “to connect all the dots.” The senator said the major tax increases will only force people to drop out of the work force, reducing tax revenue to pay down the deficit.

“There’s evidence that the president and his people understand this, even if their budget doesn’t show it,” Grassley said. “They say they don’t want to raise taxes until 2011 because the economy is too weak. … Well, if the president admits that tax increases hurt the economy, that will be true in two years as it is true today.”

Touche, Chuck!


4 thoughts on “Blurb Of The Day

  1. I suddenly got one of those V8 commercials stuck in my head. You know–the ones where someone is eating something unhealthy and someone else bats ’em upside the head for being stupid?

    Yeah. Senator Grassley just delivered a sound whack upside the head to the Democrats. 2010 is going to be interesting.

  2. “Well, if the president admits that tax increases hurt the economy, that will be true in two years as it is true today.”

    Two years, ten years, twenty years, 200 years. Tax increases are not good for any economy.

    I do not think our problem is the revenue collected. I think our problem is spending.

    Nobody talks about spending. But, there are spending reforms that are easy to implement and won’t hurt.

    My first change if I called the shots is I’d stop indexing Social Security benefits for people who don’t need indexing of their benefits. If you are retired and earn outside of Social Security more than $100K a year, then you don’t need to have your Social Security benefits indexed.

    Any medical provider convicted of Medicare/Medicaid fraud would be banned from the program for life.

    If you are on welfare then the more kids you have the less welfare you get.

    The Earned Income Tax Credit will be capped to a lifetime maxium of $10,000 per person. If you choose to make a low paying job your career then it is not the government’s job to subsidize that choice. Flipping burgers is not a career. Having children you can’t afford it to rasie is not a right any person has or should have.

  3. Someone needs to tell the customer I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with to control his spending. I have never in my life talked to a person who behaved with such an incredible air of entitlement.

    I wish more than anything that I could vent it here, because now I’m in a really, really foul mood. Expect a snippy blog later tonight when I get home on a completely unrelated subject, guys.

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