The Thin Blue Line

The “thin blue line” of police is four men thinner today. In Oakland, California, a criminal wanted for parole violation started not one but TWO shoot-outs with the police. News first was that three officers were killed and a fourth was in critical condition. That has just changed. All four wounded officers have been taken home.


Daniel Sakai, Ervin Romans, John Hege and Sgt. Mark Dunakin.

Lovelle Mixon is the name of the monster who committed this crime. I’ll post more about him as I’m able to find out what he was on parole for.

To the Oakland PD: you have our profound sympathy and sadness. You’re in our prayers.

Godspeed, gentlemen. Thank you for your sacrifice.


5 thoughts on “The Thin Blue Line

  1. This is huge news where I live. Relatives of Lovell Mixon are very apologetic for what he did. One of them said Lovell Mixon knew there was a warrant out for his arrest. This person also said Lovell Mixon stated he was not going back to prison. Tragically he made good on that boast.

    What is also news around here is the fact Lovell Mixon shot two of the officers with a semi-automatic rifle. So there are renewed calls for gun control and a ban on assault weapons.

    This is a time of horrible tragedy and unprecedented tragedy for the Oakland PD. Yet, the gun control nuts can’t respect this. They use it to toss off soundbites about assault weapons bans. That fire was lit by the liberal media here. Shameful. Have some respect don’t you think?

  2. They will always use tragedy to advance their foolish policies (forgetting to mention that the People’s Republic of California has some of the toughest restrictions on semi autos). My prayers go out to the families of those slain officers. They deserve better.
    AndyB, NH.

  3. So horrible. My heart goes out to their families.

    One of the first things I thought when I heard this was “how long before people start protesting in favor of the cop killer?” Sadly, not long 😦 Apparently they know think this guy was a serial rapist, too.

  4. Well, about 60 people actually DID hold a protest in sympathy of the shooter. The shooter’s mother was in attendance. The organization that put on the protest claimed that the Oakland PD has a history of violence and it’s always directed at the “African community.”

    They say Lovelle Mixon wouldn’t have ended up the way he did if society had offered him college and a job. I’m sorry…society didn’t offer me either of those things, either, but I still took them and made something of myself. I have to work to make money so I can finish school because nobody is offering me a damn thing. You make your own fortune in this life, and you have to work for it.

    Lovelle Mixon built his own coffin. Now he’ll be buried in it. I have absolutely no sympathy for him or for the family that enabled his criminal behavior.

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