Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t…What?

I know I promised a blog on violence perpetrated by liberal activists, but I’ve been going non-stop since I made that promise. This is literally the first chance I’ve had to sit down and think about anything other than work, and I had to point something out. I will deliver on my promise, but for now, I think this is more pressing.

It’s come across the wires that the 2010 budget includes funding for continuing the enforcement of DADT. “Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t pursue, don’t harass” was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1994 after he made a campaign promise to end the military ban on homosexuals in service. The same guy who promised to be a friend to the gay community gave us DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) shortly after DADT. Last year, during the heated presidential campaigns, Barack Obama made a promise to end DADT and the ban for good.

Considering how things have gone so far, should we really be surprised that he has not only not kept his promise, but has extended the life of the policy?

He promised change. What’s changed? He’s managed to nearly triple the national deficit with a pork-laden spending bill that the Associated Press has finally agreed had absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever. We thought Bush economic policies were bad with his bailout? I was pretty sure we wanted that crap to stop, yet Obama has handed out more bailout money since he entered office than Bush did in eight years. The man has only been in office for seventy days! He talked a big game about “applying some flinty Chicago toughness” to D.C. in regards to the weather, yet he can’t even do what he’s calling on the rest of America to do–turn down his own freakin’ thermostat. Where’s the example? Geez, at least Carter put on a sweater, lit a fire in the White House fireplace and did exactly what he expected everyone else to do.

Should it really surprise us that Obama hasn’t come close to carrying out the promises he made to the gay community? When Kerry was running against Bush, I told everyone to beware: he was NOT going to be the savior of the gay community. I said the same thing when Obama was running, and hardly anyone believed me. Now we’ve got some of the gay news agencies quietly sticking in the back pages the news that Obama isn’t keeping his promise after all. Why can’t we all just admit it? Another politician lied to gain our trust and votes. I’d rather vote for someone who isn’t going to lie to me about giving me my rights than a man who will get on TV, tell a slick lie, do it with all the conviction in the world and not care that he has no intention of following through.

Don’t ask, don’t tell–don’t mess with the way things are. Lord knows if he pisses off too many people he won’t get re-elected. We can’t have that, now, can we?

I’m gettin’ a little tired of being used as a damned bargaining chip. Mark my words, folks, that’s exactly what we are.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t…What?

  1. Couldn’t he just sign an executive order to get rid of DADT so that gays could openly serve in the military? He’ll need all the help he gets when he has to send more troops to Afghanistan. I honestly don’t think he knows what he is doing from moment to moment and he seems not to care about anyone! And I am not a fan of NAFTA but that deal involved I think, less than 100 Mexican trucks and they passed inspections better than Teamster trucks! Maybe he should send the Mexican president some DVDs as well! Sad. AndyB, NH.

  2. “I’m gettin’ a little tired of being used as a damned bargaining chip. Mark my words, folks, that’s exactly what we are.”

    “Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission.” Dear Abby

    Unless you are a very young gay/lesbian person then chances are you know how both sides make promises to our community and only one side keeps their promises. The Republican party does not support gay issues. The party is very clear about that. The party keeps it word.

    The Democrats? You spelled out exactly how they behave in your piece Mel. They promise. They don’t deliver. They give us things like DOMA. Then they ‘realize’ years later how big a mistake that was. Oy!

    Maybe gay people need to stop voting? Maybe that will send a message we can’t be lied to over and over?

  3. Give him time self-haters. He is a man of caution who likes to think things through before acting. If by the time his second term starts, I know that gets you Republicans, then I will be mad. As mad as when California passed prop 8.

  4. DavATA, I don’t typically get snippy unless a poster does first. I have posted entries more than once about my disdain for those who demand open-mindedness without the ability to offer it themselves.

    Since you have not shown an ounce of respect in a single one of your posts, I will take your idiocy with a large grain of salt. Self-haters? You just proved yourself to be every bit as intolerant as the heterosexual conservatives you hate so much.

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