What Do You Need A Gun For?

I’m still on a high from yesterday’s news from Iowa, but today’s news is quite sobering. Something else happened yesterday that certainly caught my attention, but I wanted more details before posting anything about it. Then, this morning, a friend in Philadelphia sent me a text message that something huge was going down in Pittsburgh (where his family lives)–I’ve been monitoring the news all day. More facts have come out about both incidents, and they are more than just a little disheartening.

Yesterday, a Vietnamese immigrant named Jiverly Wong–whether he’d been naturalized as a U.S. citizen is unclear to me so far–walked into an immigration help center he’d been taking classes at and opened fire. He was wearing body armor when he committed the crime (another detail I’ve not yet found is whether the body armor was an updated version or if it was crudely homemade), but before police could stop him, he committed suicide. He managed to take the lives of 13 innocent souls. Friends and coworkers have said that Wong hated America and even dreamed aloud of assassinating the President. Shirley DeLucia, a receptionist at the center, heroically stayed on the phone with dispatchers for nearly 40 minutes, constantly feeding them information despite being gravely wounded herself. The first reports were that the shooter had taken hostages. It is actually believed there were no hostages; the initial report was put out because there had been no contact with Wong.

Then, this morning, 23-year-old Richard Poplawski (also wearing body armor) opened fire on police officers responding to a complaint of a domestic disturbance at his home. Paul Sciullo III and Stephen Mayhle responded to a 911 call from Poplawski’s mother and were both cut down by the first shots; Eric Kelly was on his way home from his overnight shift when the call for help came over the radio and tried to help his fallen brothers when he, too, was cut down by Poplawski. At some point, the shooter called his best friend to say he was going to die–then continued to exchange fire with SWAT officers. A fourth unnamed officer was shot in the hand and a fifth broke his leg during the standoff, but Poplawski was taken into custody when all was said and done. It has been widely reported that Poplawski had lost his job recently and was a gun enthusiast who was openly afraid that Obama would ban civilian ownership of firearms. He used an AK-47 and a .357 magnum in the shootout.

Naturally, in the wake of these two back-to-back incidents, gun control advocates are speaking out. The whole thing is compounded by the fears of Richard Poplawski (at least as related by friends). Forgive my sarcasm, but it’s already all our fault.

We’re conservative, we believe in the Second Amendment, and many of us own guns, so it’s our fault. If guns weren’t so readily available, it wouldn’t be so easy for these people to kill, right? The comments on the board at HuffPo are outrageous not only in their brazenness but also in their stupidity. Several outright blame the NRA, with one saying, “your Second Amendment rights at work!” One girl from Australia has the audacity to say, “there are more guns circulating the US than there are people” before insulting every single one of us by saying, “US may not have best education system or healthcare, but they are on top for gun ownership and shooting related crimes.”

I’m sorry…but isn’t it the US that everyone flocks to when they get really sick because their government’s socialized healthcare system won’t foot the bill to take care of them? And has the US not put some of the greatest minds on the planet out there to better the world? Shooting-related crimes are NOTHING compared to crimes committed with other weapons, such as knives, clubs, chains and cars (yes, CARS), honey. The vast majority of guns on the streets are illegally obtained, having gone through thefts and illegal sales before being seized after an assault or murder. The bad guys have guns BECAUSE THEY DON’T OBEY THE LAW. They’re not supposed to have them, but just like the drugs they’re not supposed to have, they still find a way. I once saw a homemade gun in a prison made out of an old metal band-aid box, a bar of soap, a rubber band and a paper clip. Someone managed to smuggle a live handgun round in and the guy who had it was ready to commit murder. What the hell makes anybody think that banning them is going to make these crimes stop?

Guns are illegal in Europe, yet last month 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer donned combat gear and stormed his former school near Stuttgart, Germany. The Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Canada, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Finland have all experienced mass shootings in the past decade, all of which have stringent gun laws in place. Yet somehow, angry kids and adults still manage to get their hands on the guns they’re not supposed to have and carry out these deeds. In 2002, Germany experienced TWO mass shootings within a period of two months. Still think making them illegal is gonna solve the problem?

Here’s something else to think about. Your chances of being killed in a plane crash are greater than your chances of being killed by gunfire. Roughly 1 in 5100 people die every year in the US because of guns. But 1 in 84 die in motor vehicle accidents. ONE IN EVERY EIGHTY-FOUR. Of all the accidental (non-natural) deaths in the United States, MVA’s account for 41%, Poisoning for 16%, and falls 15%. Drowning comes in behind that. Firearms are nearly dead last on the list (no pun intended). So why does everyone call for the banning of guns when someone is shot? Everything we use is going to kill someone. Cars, however, are the most dangerous weapon we own, and not one person is out there stumping for greater control of the vehicles that kill 1 in every 84 people.

And the big question: what do you need a gun for? Lemme tell you folks somethin’…if any person has the nerve to threaten you or your loved ones, it should infuriate you. Nobody has the right to threaten you, and you should want to stop them. If they have a knife or a bat, it is not in any way unfair to level a gun at them and give them one opportunity to leave you alone. Having more power than the bad guy is likely the only justice in this world, because our legal system certainly isn’t just. If just one of the innocent students at Virginia Tech had been allowed to carry on campus that day, the worthless flab of human debris who killed 32 people could have been stopped long before it became the worst school shooting in US history.

I’ve got a sign for all you folks out there who are dead-set against our Second Amendment rights:



25 thoughts on “What Do You Need A Gun For?

  1. Three dead cops in Pittsburgh after a right wing nutjob who’d OD’ed on Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity opened fire with AK-47 assalt weapon on them. Evidently he was convinced that “Obama was coming for his guns”. Keep up the good fight against those strawmen, morons.

  2. Evidently he was convinced that “Obama was coming for his guns”.

    How could you say that after it took millions of dollars and a Supreme Court ruling in DC to even push the gun-rights issue to the forefront?

    Yes, the tragedy with Wong has brought out the gun control sissies.

    What they don’t understand is that Wong would have gotten his gun anyway.

    Bottom line: gun control does not take guns away from bad people. It takes them away from good people.

  3. “Yes, the tragedy with Wong has brought out the gun control sissies”

    Coming from a soft bottom that means so much.

    You’ve completely avoided the issue (as usual). This isn’t about “Wong”, it’s about Richard Poplawski, the right wing conspiracy theorist in Pittsburgh who’d OD’ed on Fox. Seems Ritchie boy had his AK-47 at ready and murdered 3 cops because he hated Obama. No doubt he’d be right at home on this site. Even lived with his Mamma at 23.

  4. It is as much about Wong as it is about Poplawski. Wong murdered 13 people taking an immigration class and he hated the US. Nobody is avoiding the issue, in fact we’ve taken it head-on.

    AK-47’s require a federal permit. Are there people out there who have guns who shouldn’t? Yes. There are also hundreds of thousands in my state alone who shouldn’t have cars, yet they do, and it’s completely legal. What his views were make no difference–a murderer is a murderer, PERIOD. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Is he going to come out and say that he killed those officers because he thought they were coming to take his guns? I doubt it. It’s most likely his defense attorneys will try to say he was depressed over losing his job and wanted to die.

    Millions of Americans watch FOX all the time and never go out and murder a bunch of cops. You’re hanging on to something that has less to do with the murders and more to do with blame.

  5. “Coming from a soft bottom that means so much.”

    Please don’t use this forum as an outlet for any fantasies. Apparently, this isn’t about Poplawski as much as it took an attempt for you to insult me (a sad one at that) to show your insensitivity to the fact that I call gun-control advocates “sissies.”

    Well, not only are they “sissies”, but they are also illogical. As I implied, guns are not taken away from criminals when moronic gun laws are passed.

    It’s a given that another tragedy is only moments away. It could be weeks, months, it could even be tomorrow. Because of liberalism, everyone now thinks – as Wong does – that we have to feel good all the time. If we lose our job, if someone makes fun of his broken English – as many idiot news articles are stating, in some sick effort to blame Americans while they simultaneously slap his hand, are now reasons for the slaughter of 13 people.

    If one of those 13 were allowed to carry a weapon of their own, perhaps the tragedy would only have resulted in 3 deaths as opposed to 13. But, we’ll never know, will we?

    Because of gun restrictions, not one of them were allowed to carry their own protection. So the piece of shit who denounced America all the time had the power, he had the weapon, and the innocents didn’t have the choice that he had.

    In one twisted way or another, it’s idiotic people like you; afraid to get to the heart of issues so you stick to one mundane part of something to avoid talking about it at all, who contribute to these senseless tragedies.

    Without attitudes like yours, America would be much safer.

  6. “Millions of Americans watch FOX all the time and never go out and murder a bunch of cops. You’re hanging on to something that has less to do with the murders and more to do with blame.”

    I know, could you imagine the suicide rate if Keith Olbermann had even 1/4 of Fox’s audience?

  7. Oh, Steve, I don’t even wanna think about it. It makes me want to down a box of Benadryl with a fifth of Vodka. *Snicker*

    Jokojay, you are living proof of the lack of openmindedness on the liberal side; instead of using sound logic and giving the other side a chance, you come out with blame and personal insults. I say again…the idiot’s way to win an argument!

  8. With light of the DC ruling last year, I have decided myself to make some time for the firing range. Owning a gun is a big deal and in Indiana (just over the border for me) it is legal. Illinois is a bit more harsh as you can imagine.

    If the government must regulate anything, it should be the promotion for gun ownership which should lead to a tax credit. These monsters prey on people because they KNOW Americans are defenseless.

    I don’t buy for a minute that Wong was so hurt by the fact that folks made fun of his broken English that he had no choice but to take out immigrants from eight other countries. This was a sick guy with a bad-ass complex who our country let in so he’d have a chance.

    Like Huffington or Soros, these first-generation foreigners step onto our soil hating America from the get go. He couldn’t cash in on it so he turned to something else that would make him stand out. Vocally hating America and getting attention for it these days is no different than some bimbo trying to get attention for grabbing her crotch after Madonna had moved onto “Erotica” and the book “Sex.”

    Guns were a huge issue in 1994 and I have a feeling they’re making a comeback.

    While we cannot forget Muslim fanatics, we have a massive problem with innocent Americans dying on a monthly basis now because of America-hating immigrants. It’s time to arm Americans and true law abiding citizens with the tools required to defend themselves. Once that happens, the America-haters will phase out.

  9. For me, carrying a gun is about freedom from fear. I’m a 5’4” woman – the only way I can protect myself from someone who wants to harm me is with a firearm. I have a carry permit and hundreds of hours of training and practice. I’m also a competitive target shooter (well, I was until I started having babies) who grew up around guns.

    I don’t understand the animosity toward the NRA. They provide so much education and training for legal gun owners. They also have the Eddie Eagle program, which they provide for free, that teaches children about gun safety. The NRA is never mentioned and Eddie is never shown holding a gun – this is just a wonderful program that the NRA has developed. I’m proud to be a member.

    Taking away my gun will not make America any safer. It will just ensure that I can’t protect myself or my children.

  10. Mel, you are wrong about AK-47’s, the only ones you need a federal permit for are the full-auto ones, the semi-Auto are legal in most states, I know only two CA and NJ where they are not legal, but there might be more, and in the cases where they are legal it depends on the state law if you need a permit for it, just like AR-15’s. Semi-auto AK’s where banned under the Assault Rife Ban, but they are not now. If the guy did have a full-auto AK he would have needed a federal permit and they are not easy to get, or he would have had to get it illegally.

    Any whack-job can get a gun, or make his own homemade bomb, but taking away guns from the sane and law abiding citizens if not going to make them safer. What people are doing is they are using isolated incidents to scare people into agreeing to their agenda rather than looking at the facts.

  11. How many lives would have been saved in Binghampton, NY if one person in that immigration center were armed?

  12. I know they are not in PA and NY, don’t know about MA though. In NY some of the guns stores stopped selling the SKS because the laws on them were not very clear, but you can still buy an AK-47 and you don’t need to get a permit or register any rifles only handguns, and in PA almost everything is legal without having to register it, although for full-auto rifles you still need the federal permit.

  13. Let’s see you all. Permit here. No permit there. Illegal here. Legal there. Federal permit yes? State permit no. Register your gun. On and on it goes.

    Do you think any of the above keeps guns out of the hands of people who legally are not allowed to have them (e.g. people who use guns to committ crimes?). Mel has pointed this fact out on this issue at least twice in various posts.

    Instead of gun control how about violence control?

    While I am here, if you were a victim of a home invasion, then would you feel better if the attackers use shovels to beat you to death or as Archie Bunker would say, “Push you out of your windows”?

  14. John –

    As I’ve already indicated, I WANT a gun. I’ve never been interested before but always fought in favor of gun rights simply because of it being in the Constitution.

    But now it’s apparent, our chances of being involved in tragedies are increasing everyday. We need protection and it’s as simple as that.

  15. “But now it’s apparent, our chances of being involved in tragedies are increasing everyday. We need protection and it’s as simple as that.”

    I do not want a gun. A gun can be used to protect me. A gun can be taken from me and used against me by an attacker.

    I also know myself best. I know I don’t have the nerver, mettle, or balls to pull the trigger and shoot another person period. That is not who I am.

    If someone attackes me and wants to go hand to hand combat, then I am game for that. Ironic as it is, I won’t shoot another person but I will tear their head off. Go figure. This does not make sense but sometimes the truth has no sense.

    So if you own a gun then ask yourself if you really have the mojo to pull the trigger to defend your life. If you don’t have that then don’t buy a gun. It will be useless.

  16. I agree, John. I absolutely will do whatever I need to do to protect my 3 little girls. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I would be able to shoot an attacker. One of the benefits of a gun is that it prevents an attacker from getting close to you. I wouldn’t let one get close enough to grab the gun or me or my babies. I am a small woman and I know that I have zero chance in any kind of hand-to-hand combat. My best chance for survival in an attack is to stop the assailant before he gets within 7 feet of me and I surely will do that.

    My husband, on the other hand, is 6’5” and over 200 lbs. He doesn’t carry a gun and isn’t afraid of anyone messing with him. Of course, he could neutralize about 98% of the population with his bare hands. I can’t, so I’ll keep my 9mm (Springfield XD 5” Tactical – it’s a fantastic weapon).

  17. “so I’ll keep my 9mm (Springfield XD 5” Tactical – it’s a fantastic weapon).”

    Just the description alone makes it sound fantastic. I bet the marketing department thought really hard to come up with that name.

  18. “So if you own a gun then ask yourself if you really have the mojo to pull the trigger to defend your life.”

    If it comes down to it, yes.

    That’s the separation though. Some people don’t need much to pull it, some do and I definitely do but will.


  19. Point well made, John–some people really don’t have the balls to squeeze the trigger. What’s really scary is that I worked with a woman in corrections who was like that. Trying to train her in firearms handling was a nightmare. She started crying before we’d even pulled the trigger on BLANKS.

  20. One of the problems is some people think the gun by itself is good enough but do not go through the process to get properly trained to use it. There are a lot of self defense programs out there, both for firearms, other weapons as well as hand to hand combat. By getting the training people would be better able to handle themselves when the time comes. Granted it’s not foolproof since nothing ever is, but it’s better than nothing. And as Mel was talking about some people are beyond help. One thing to remember is that most of the time a gun is used for self defense it is never fired, I don’t have the statistics on me at the moment but the vast majority of times it is the presence of the gun that diffuses the situation rather than actually having to fire it, but there is no point having a gun if you don’t know how to use it.

  21. “Point well made, John–some people really don’t have the balls to squeeze the trigger. ”

    When I studied martial arts some people did not have the nerve to hit another person. They could hit a practice dummy or a heavy bag. They could kick or punch hand targets and bust boards. But, other people? No way.

  22. I’ve seen that as an instructor. There are some people who simply don’t want to fight or hurt another person, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Wanting to live peacefully is a good thing. That kind of sensitivity is a major turn-on for me when I meet a girl.

    Wanting to live that way yourself, however, does not mean you get to dictate that everyone else lives that way.

  23. “I’ve seen that as an instructor. There are some people who simply don’t want to fight or hurt another person, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Wanting to live peacefully is a good thing. That kind of sensitivity is a major turn-on for me when I meet a girl. ”

    There is a big difference in being a brawling asskicker and defending yourself. When you are defending yourself, you approach that with a different mindset vs. wanting to start up trouble with another person.

    These people who study martial arts and can’t hit another person better not be there for self defense only.

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