The First Step

I got an email today from Longviewcyclist about something that I thought for sure was a fluke. The Blair Holt Firearms Act of 2009, also known as HR 45, is actually quite real despite my hope that it was just a bad joke. The Pennsylvania lawyer currently suing Presdient Obama for access to his birth certificate and name change records is currently touting the bill as Obama’s first effort to bring down the Second Amendment.

There’s just one problem with that statement: the bill was introduced to the House on January 6 of this year – BEFORE Obama took office.

Now, it was sponsored by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), but it was introduced during the Bush Administration. I have to wonder if House Republicans have any interest in stopping this bill; the NRA has yet to blow the whistle on this outrageous piece of legislation. I was able to find the exact information in the online Library of Congress, which includes the text of the bill.

Essentially, Blair Holt would require the licensing of any firearm that uses a clip and any concealable handgun. It doesn’t just stop there. The bill would require that you may only “transfer the ownership” (sell the gun) to another licensee (which would cost a fee to do – everything in this bill comes with a fee attached), and you’d have to get a “dealer tracking number” for the sale. It would also require that you report any change of address to the Attorney General. The bill also provides for tracking the production and sales for each licensed gun manufacturer. The fact that I am 100% against this bill is going to drive my liberal readers absolutely insane, and even some of those who agree will scratch their heads and go, “so what’s bad about this?”

I’m about to tell you.

In every country where guns are illegal for civilian ownership and use–Australia, Canada, and Great Britain among them–the bans now in place were preceded by this exact type of legislation. Ordinary citizens wishing to own firearms were required to obtain licenses and declare to their governments who they were, where they lived and what kind of guns they had. Then, when the government took the next step, which was confiscation, they knew where to go to get the guns from the law-abiding citizens. None of this answered the problem of criminals having guns, because the criminals didn’t obey the law in the first place (and they weren’t exactly lining up to turn in the guns they were never allowed to have). It STILL hasn’t answered the problem of thugs using all manner of other weapons to terrorize their now-defenseless victims. All any of this has done is give the bad guys a leg up in committing crime. Gun crimes may have decreased, but all other violent crime has gone sky-high. As I’ve said, criminals won’t try to victimize you if they see that you’re capable of putting up a hell of a fight. If they know you won’t have a gun it’ll only make it easier for them.

It scares me to realize that Blair Holt is not a bad joke, but a reality that the Democrats are trying to keep on the D.L. What scares me more is that more people aren’t speaking up about it despite there being evidence available to prove that it is, in fact, being discussed by our elected officials. I fear that it will take far less than four years for this legislation to be passed and signed by President Obama. Indeed, I think it will take fewer than two. With a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate, Blair Holt could pass in the quiet of the night before any of us realizes it’s been done.

Unbeknownst to us, the first step in dismantling our Second Amendment rights has already been taken.


5 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. This is terrifying! I have heard nothing in the news about this either or from NRA. Why do people think a bad bill will protect them?
    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin
    Thanks for putting it out there Mel! AndyB, NH.

  2. If we have some kind of detailed tracking system for guns then that will only prove which specific gun was used to committ a crime. But, that does not prove who fired that gun.

    Now let me go out on a limb here because I know so little about the criminal mind. If a person used a gun to commit a crime, then doesn’t logic dictate that getting rid of the gun is a great idea? I know not all criminals are logical. But what good does a tracking system do when a gun in sitting at the bottom of a river?

    Logic dictates getting rid of the gun even if you blow the money you spent buying it. Losing out on a few hundred bucks beats going to prison for the rest of your life.

  3. That’s an issue that has just come to the front and center of the debate here in Phoenix. Back in 2005, Phoenix PD officer David Uribe was shot during a “routine” traffic stop; he died instantly despite witness attempts to revive him. The perpetrators took the gun apart and tossed the pieces. All of the pieces were recovered within 24 hours–before the perpetrators were caught.

    Trouble is, though, in most cases where the gun is discarded it’s never found. In the same case, the perpetrators took their car out to the desert and burned their car, destroying any evidence that might have been there. It was statements made by the perpetrators and the recovery of the weapon that set up the case for discovery of other evidence, and trial finally began yesterday.

    Then again, there are plenty of criminals who don’t think that way. That gun, the weapon they’re not supposed to have, is their power, just like any other weapon they may employ. Whether it’s a baseball bat, a knife, a crude shank, or a homemade bomb, the weapon makes the perpetrator feel invincible. They’re less likely to give it up because of that.

  4. It’s not about stopping crime. A law like this- well really any gun law and most laws passed nowadays are about control of the masses.


    I don’t think anyone believes that a law like this will protect them. Citizens with half a brain know that criminals don’t obey the laws in the first place. The trouble is that our government has forgotten they work for us. And people have forgotten that the government works for us- not us for them.

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