Tammy Bruce on Women’s Rights

Tammy Bruce, my favorite conservative lesbian (and the only one that’s actually visible to the general public as far as I can tell) was on O’Reilly last night talking about the realities of the women’s rights movements. She also exposes some of the lies that the left refuses to acknowledge. For those who are unaware, she is the former head of NOW (National Organization for Women); she has a unique perspective. A lot of very good points are brought up.

(For those who are liberal, I’m going to ask nicely that you watch with an open mind–the same thing you demand I do for your views. If you refuse to watch it because you think O’Reilly is a liar, don’t bother commenting. It’s unoriginal and will be deleted.)

DAMN. Tammy, If I thought I had a chance I’d ask you to marry me. Keep fightin’ the good fight.


23 thoughts on “Tammy Bruce on Women’s Rights

  1. I think they both brought up some valid issues, but I am curious why only Sarah Palin was mentioned. Since it did lead into a broader discussion of women in our culture, I felt one of them ought to have mentioned that several other women were disrespected in the video.

  2. By the way, we should be pointing out how Tammy (whom I learned of from her friend/acquaintance named Dr. Laura) points out that this is the left’s way of admitting that Sarah Palin is a threat to not only the modern definition of “feminism” but to liberalism as a whole.

  3. Hello I have admired your blog from afar. I am a black conservative. Please visit my blog sometime. I would add you to my blogroll but I can’t figure out how to make a blogroll yet

    I also have a post on the Tammy Bruce interview


  4. “DAMN. Tammy, If I thought I had a chance I’d ask you to marry me.”

    A faint heart never wins the hand of a fair maiden or fair gent. Go for it sister. We only go around once. If we play our cards right, then once is all we need.

  5. Ian, I haven’t watched the entire video so I can’t comment on the other women disrespected by Eminem. Once I work up the gumption (and have a lot of Zantac on standby), I’ll watch it and give a more detailed response. The reason I think Palin was the only one mentioned was because of all the screaming and shouting coming from the left about Palin.

  6. Doesn’t Tammy Bruce call herself a liberal? She is quite an odd one indeed….

    It just makes me fall out of my chair seeing O’Reilly say he’s NOT going to get into ad hominem attacks because he’s “above that”! Does this guy watch his own show? Does he know he has a whole segment called patriot or pinheads? All this guy can do is get into personal attacks any chance he gets.

    And how does that video disrespect Palin exactly?

    And doesn’t Palin need to HAVE respect in order for it to be taken away? 😉

  7. She used to call herself a progressive liberal.

    I will admit that O’Reilly saying he’s not going to get into the ad hominems is a little silly, but your assertion that Palin doesn’t deserve respect–and, in fact, deserves to be lambasted–is further proof of the true intolerance of the left. If a country singer dissed Michelle Obama like that, you’d all be beside yourselves.

    I don’t advocate making a sex object out of ANY political figure, regardless of whether I like them or not.

  8. I am a huge fan of Tammy Bruce. I must admit, though, that it has only been about a year or so that I have become acqainted with her name and talk show. I believe I first saw her on Bill O’Reilly’s “Factor.”

    I would like to know what she thinks of all this Perez Hilton B.S. So much for tolerance.

  9. Thanks for bringing this interview to my attention.

    Tom, Gov. Palin had more executive experience than any of the other candidates in the presidential race. There are an enormous number of things to respect about her. Why is Obama able to twist every legitimate criticism of him into a racist attack, and yet every attack on Palin, no matter how sexist, is considered legitimate?

    Oh, and, with Tammy Bruce and Afrocity, now you know three conservative lesbians. I’ll put you in my Blogroll and I hope you will add me to yours as “A Conservative Lesbian” at http://www.aconservativelesbian.com.

    Thank you!


  10. I actually have a blog about this exact video clip. While Bruce trashes the “liberal media” and their sexist treatment of Sarah Palin how in the hell is she any better with her comment on calling The Obama “trash” . As well as her mimicking and making fun of Michelle when she was talking to a group of young black students from a DC school on what she went thru as a youngster growing up, getting good grades and “talking white”. She immediately got offended by that yet was ignorant as hell (go figure with neocons) by not truly understanding the context and history with black people as it relates to if you happen to be a student who does well in school and speaks proper English.

  11. Ediva, I’m not sure exactly which incidents you speak of, but I can say a few things here:

    -I do not remember seeing Tammy Bruce call the Obamas trash, but if she did I’m not sure I’d disagree. They’re Chicago politicians and they’re proving that they’re dyed-in-the-wool socialists willing to ignore any fault or foible in the people they nominate as long as those nominees are extreme left-wingers.

    -There’s a difference between a level-headed conservative and what you deem a “neocon.” If you ask me, there is no political spectrum. It’s a big circle, and the further left or further right you go, eventually the two meet in the back and they’re all just wackos. Neocons fall in that back of the circle category.

    -I have several black friends who speak proper English just fine and have never had a problem with it. They’ve never referred to it as “talking white” and are irritated by those who do.

  12. I really do get pissed off at white people like yourself who just because you are friends with perhaps similiar political like minded black people or even blacks who don’t think like you there is no depth of understanding some black folks and their experience of what they went thru in their particular life. And people like yourself and Tammy Bruce you make fun of them versus understanding and showcasing empathy to one’s experience (even if you or Bruce find it silly and in actuality it is but some blacks have gone thru it).

    There is the clip just to refresh your memory on what this aweful woman has said!!

    Oh and for the “acting white” issue here is some insight into this from this website.

    NO PALIN 2012, NO PARTY OF NO 2012!!!!

    Bye Bye

  13. Melmcguire- the gal from Alaska is no better from the information out there I have researched on her on her Alaska style politics and shady influence she posesses. She is the hot woman with the evil smile and and shady politics and questionable ethics (let’s talk about that brother in law she tried to get canned from his state trooper job huh-LMAO). I mean it must be neato and cool to place your high school friends and those who have contributed to your gubernatorial campaign in state gov’t positions AND YET THESE PALS HAVE NO EXPERIENCE in the position given to them.


    Oh and how about those Alaskan Independence Party folks

    See some of these items unfortunately I didn’t see in mainstream media yet was able to find this information out online which was a shame. Are those items about poor lil Sarah sexist too (LMAO)??

    NO PALIN 2012, NO PARTY OF NO 2012!!!!
    Bye Bye

  14. First of all, if you can’t spell correctly, use proper grammar or construct a complete sentence then please do not accuse others of being ignorant or uneducated.

    And I really do get pissed off at “minorities” like yourself who think it’s an automatic victim status to be black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other minority. It really pisses me off when folks like you come over here and start spewing your BS along with phrases such as, “you white people.” There’s no such thing as reverse racism, honey, it’s all just freakin’ racism, and you’re a screaming black racist.

    As a matter of fact, some of my politically like-minded black friends HAVE talked about being accused of “acting white” while working hard for an education. You know what? They blamed the people responsible for that kind of taunting: THE BLACK PEOPLE WHO PLAYED THE RACE CARD AND CALLED THEM NAMES. That kind of shit isn’t my fault just because I’m white. Don’t insult me like that.

    Oh, and by the way…I agree with Tammy’s remarks in that clip 100%. You also might want to read the very first comment on that article you posted a link for, because that AA poster disagreed with your mindset completely.

  15. A lot of your items I skimmed over because it was mostly blah blah blah blah blah!!! Thank you for letting me know ignorance is still bliss with people of your mindset and other blacks who think like you as well. Wow how nice for you to point out to me a black person who doesn’t agree with me. I won’t lose sleep over this and my issues with conservatives of color is an entire book I could write alone! I could also find white folks who disagree with your mindset and Bruce’s as well since we are playing tit for tat here like little kids (LOL and rolling my eyes).

    Gee I wasn’t aware of your degree in English for you to correct what I have written that you have problems with (nor do I care). I don’t see on your Myspace page of your English degree but your degree in ignorance is very sad and very obvious!! If Bruce got hate mail and death threats over her views not that I condone BUT I UNDERSTAND and it couldn’t have happen to a better person!!! (smile)

    I am very thankful that the American public doesn’t have “Alaskan Trash” to deal with. While I don’t agree with all of Obama’s stances and policies it is nice to know we have someone who is articulate in the White House who has background experience and ACTUALLY graduated from schools in his particular field versus going to multiple schools with multiple majors and mediocre grades. Just the thought of that broad, who disrespects “community organizing” actually being nearly close to the White House is scary to me, not threatening as She Man Bruce states!!! Hopefully the GOP will get back together and regroup for (somewhat) the better. Why don’t you take time to help them do that!!

    This topic is done and dead like the GOP (LOL)!!
    Have a nice life (rolling my eyes)!!

  16. “I could also find white folks who disagree with your mindset and Bruce’s…”

    They’re everywhere. Jeneane Garofolo made her ideas well-known. You know what? I don’t care unless they’re using that crap to accuse me of racism. I won’t tolerate that.

    “…since we are playing tit for tat here like little kids (LOL and rolling my eyes).”

    It takes two to tango, sugar. And since you were so gracious to let me know that the topic is done, I do believe I’ll have the last word.

    First of all, I actually post very little about myself on MySpace. What I majored in, what I’m studying now and where I’ve studied is rarely shared publicly–if you think I’m going to give you every scrap of information about myself, that tells me that you’re one of those ignorant twits who believes everything they read online.

    “…for you to correct what I have written that you have problems with (nor do I care).”

    Apparently you cared enough to come back and post again. That means I have your attention. Mission accomplished.

    “If Bruce got hate mail and death threats over her views not that I condone BUT I UNDERSTAND and it couldn’t have happen to a better person!!! (smile)”

    Talk about hypocritical! Wow. I bet you’re one of those who screams for waterboarding to be stopped except to be used on those in the Republican party that you don’t like. You can’t say that you don’t condone something, then in the same breath say you understand and celebrate the action and actually expect people to take you seriously. You are about two tacos short of a fiesta.

    “I am very thankful that the American public doesn’t have “Alaskan Trash” to deal with.”

    And I’m very thankful that Sarah Palin hasn’t given up.

    “…we have someone who is articulate in the White House who has background experience…”

    In what? Community organizing? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot you hold that in such high regard. If you had more than four brain cells, you might have picked up on what Palin and all of us bloggers were really saying when Obama’s “experience” was pointed out–that community organizing is a fantastic calling, but it is NOT executive experience. Name for me, please, a single job that Obama has held that gave him one ounce of executive experience.

    -He’s never commanded a military (hell, he never even served).

    -He’s never had to manage a major disaster.

    -He’s never supervised an entire legislative body.

    NOTHING. Not one little bit. It’s great that he wanted to better his community, but at no point does his joke of a resume make him suitable for the Oval Office.

    “Have a nice life (rolling my eyes)!!”

    You too. Since I actually have to work for what I want, I’m going to go do something useful.

  17. melmaguire- Thanks for all the blah blah blah that wasn’t worth me reading. How ignorant to say “since I actually have to work for what you want”. Do you want to be patted on the head and given a treat like a good lil dog or something thinking you are the only one who has to do that in this world? Spare me the crap of your sob story you of white ignorance and privilege!! But thank you once again for your blissful ignorance that makes me laugh. It good to know you have respect for like minded foolish black folks like a Michael Steele that grovel to white folks like yourself and disdain for a black man who has done more in his 100+ days than the last fool who held that office!!


  18. AHA! I knew you’d be back. I thought the subject was done like the GOP, ediva! I guess the GOP isn’t done after all. This just proves that we’re getting to you libs.

    And I have to say, thank you once again for proving my point that most racism today lies within the black community. I’d be in fits of laughter if it weren’t so sad. Read my “I Have A Dream” post and comment on that one…if you dare.

    Oh, but I guess the subject is done, right?

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