Love The Underdogs

This has nothing to do with politics. 

If you like American Idol, you’ll love this.  The UK has their own version (kinda) of Idol called “Britain’s Got Talent.”  It is headlined by Idol’s Simon Cowell.  This 47 year-old lady, despite her age and appearance, blew the socks off of everyone including Simon.  You need to watch this.

Youtube won’t allow embeds of this one for some reason.  So go to the link.  Great stuff.  Incredible.


6 thoughts on “Love The Underdogs

  1. I loved it too. Wasn’t there a man a year ago who did the same thing singing and opera song?

  2. I loved it! I loved seeing some actual softness and humanity in Simon’s face, he’s such a prat most of the time. And Susan has a gorgeous voice and wonderful personality.

  3. I’ve watched it over and over. Just amazing. Gives you chill bumps. I’m not a big fan of this TV genre although I catch American Idol every once in a while. I loved watching the judges’ jaws drop. And Simon’s reaction was priceless.

    I hope someone in the music industry/opera community latches onto her and helps to make her successful. She has a fantastic voice and so much potential. She should have been discovered years ago.

  4. Update – Susan Boyle has become a sensation overnight. The youtube of her has been viewed over 15 million times (500 by me). Simon is personally working to get her a deal. I guess he is human after all.

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