Palin Saves Babies While Obama Saves Face

I always love when liberals turn out to be wrong and take the convenient way out of it.  Liberals and Obama demanded justice when George W. Bush fired his own U.S. Attorneys but miraculously, the agents at Guantanamo who liberals have accused of “torture” for the last decade are being excused by the Commander-in-Chief after “the most comprehensive accounting yet of interrogation methods that were among the Bush administrations closely guarded secrets.” 

Is this a joke?  Apparently the “Bush administrations closely guarded secrets” turned out to be nothing.  Does Obambi really expect us to believe that he would do nothing to those involved if in fact there really was “comprehensive” evidence of anything?

So, lets spend a year discussing the fate of Scooter Libby but let’s move on from “a dark and painful chapter in our history?”  What precisely is “dark and painful”, Mr. President?  Is it the fact that liberals; once again, caused hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be used to perform such “comprehensive studies” that concludes basically everything we already knew in the first place?  Or is it the fact that you catered to these crazies by referring to the alleged torture as “a dark and painful chapter in our history” while simultaneously announcing that there would be no consequences to anyone involved in what we now know wasn’t ever torture in the first place?

Just admit that your idiot voting base was wrong and explain to them that you cannot serve cookies and punch to lunatics who kill in the pursuit of freely practicing their “religion of peace.”

But of course, you’re “living high on the hog” now earning almost $3M in one single tax year while the modest Palins who earned less than $200K continue to fight for the free market and American ideals of this country.

Liberals, instead of being angry at me – take this as a sign.  Your Presidents don’t mind wealth spread around as long as its business owners footing the bill.  Just as he sold you and your interests out in the case of Guantanamo, he’ll continue to live “high on the hog” while his effortless voting base will continue to sink with no skills whatsoever to survive on their own after he is long gone.  Never to worry, the Christians will be there to help again.

Speaking of good Christians, Sarah Palin took a couple of precious swipes at Obambi tonight – giving the liberals at Huffington Post and the remainder of the left-wing blogs something to salivate over (while simultaneously proclaiming her to be irrelevant). 

She says deciding when babies get human rights isn’t above her pay grade — a reference to Obama’s response to a question from the Rev. Rick Warren last year. Obama said such questions were above his pay grade.

Feisty as always!  That’s why we love her.

Before the event, Michael Steele  “cited Palin among other prominent party figures, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and two congressmen, Eric Cantor and Mike Pence” with regard to 2012.


7 thoughts on “Palin Saves Babies While Obama Saves Face

  1. I watched the news last night. I was amazed this was reported on and the jornalists reporting it could say what they said without bursting into laughter.

    Sticking someone in a small confined area with a bug that doesn’t sting? That’s the closely guarded secret? That’s the horrible evil torture we inflicted?

    Depriving someone of sleep for days on end?

    Where is The Rack, Iron Maidens, and the big huge kettle of boiling water? What about electric shock, attack dogs, whips?

    Now there were some beatings. Slapping somone with an open hand and fingers spread. Oh boy! Now that’s really, really, really dark and painful.

  2. Steve, I was wondering if tax season was ever gonna end for ya, buddy.

    I wonder what Barkey’s going to do his next about-face on. First Iraq, then habeas corpus rights for Gitmo detainees, now claims of torture.

    Next…spreading the wealth around?

    Hey, a girl can dream!

  3. Yes it finally ended on April 15th.

    I had a day of rest on Thursday. That was my first day off in 3 months.

    But I’m back today. I’m just blessed to have work right now.

  4. I am still waiting for a news agency to pick up on that every president since Eisenhower has met the pope when traveling to Europe; Obama failed to do so. He did, however, bow to a Muslim king.

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