Buddies At Last!!!



This picture just made my heart swell with pride.  President Obama took time out from his activities at the Summit of the Americas to make nice with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  A handshake, a smile.  It was a Kodak moment that illustrates the true heart of our beloved leader.  I can’t tell you how proud I am that Hugo Chavez may soon be one of Obama’s “homies.”  It just brought tears to my eyes to see Obama extend the hand of friendship to the proud, principled Venezuelan leader.  Soon maybe, we too, can understand the truth and excitement of the Bolivian Revolution.  I can say that we are well on our way.


15 thoughts on “Buddies At Last!!!

  1. Yeah, right after Chavez tricked his people into giving him the authority to remain in power for the rest of his life like the dictator he is. I can only imagine what the conversation was like…Obama whispering sweet nothings in Chavez’s ear, Chavez saying, “you can have this power, too…”

    Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and squishy inside?

  2. I can’t wait for Maria Conchita Alonso to weigh in on this.

    I just love the way she gets all fired up and says “O-baaa-ma”.

    Her accent is awesome.

  3. Joko, grow up or be banned. All opinions (sans those that contain threats) are welcome, even dissenting ones. You are not posting an opinion, though, and that kind of bullshit will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

  4. Well, I personally love people like Joko. It reminds us all of the real respect that any liberal has towards the military and their family members.

    I think comments like this should be broadcast everywhere!

  5. It makes me proud that we have an adult President. I suggest you guys google former President Bush and see all the unsavory dictator’s and power hungry leaders he shook hands with. Does the name Putin ring a bell? You Republicans are getting desperate.

  6. DavATA,

    Is your defense of this actually, “everyone is doing it”?

    I thought you wanted change.

    My mistake.

    BTW it’s Bolivarian revolution not Bolivian.

  7. DavATA, you are an idiot. Either that or you’re not paying attention…we here at gayconservative have lambasted Bush for some of the crap he pulled, particularly for holding hands with the Saudi king.

    But at least he didn’t kiss Chavez’s ass. Or Ahmadinejad’s. Or Castro’s. We’re not desperate, YOU are.

  8. Holy shit, he shook hands with Chavez?! I would like to start a campaign for impeaching the president for shaking hands with the leader of another country. Who’s with me?

  9. Robert, we’re talking about a dictator who is an avowed communist. The only difference between Chavez and Castro is that Castro took power by force. Chavez lulled his people into giving it to him.

  10. “Robert, we’re talking about a dictator who is an avowed communist. The only difference between Chavez and Castro is that Castro took power by force. Chavez lulled his people into giving it to him.”

    And what harm is being caused by shaking his hand? What would you rather Obama do, give him the finger? Avoid him altogether? Try to have him killed in a military coup like the last guy did? I really don’t understand the outrage. No one says boo when Bush, or Obama, or anyone else from this country shakes hands with Hu Jintao…

  11. To be fair, if Chavez seeks to shake his hand, as a world leader, Obama SHOULD shake his hand. That doesn’t, however, mean that he needed to get all buddy buddy with him like he did. Shake his hand, say hello, be polite, and GTFO as soon as possible.

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