They’re Just Soldiers…

Yesterday, something happened that should have shocked our collective conscience and brought us to tears. It seems, however, that it’s not important. American Muslim convert Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad drove up to a US Army-Navy recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas and opened fire on two hometown recruiters as they were about to enter the recruiting station. Pvt. William Long, 23, was killed and his friend, Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, was wounded in the attack that was apparently carried out for “ideological reasons.”

They were just a few weeks out of basic training.

The shooter’s vehicle was pulled over on the freeway and he was arrested–the rifle used in the attack was recovered from the vehicle. Today, the shooter pleaded not guilty. As predicted, nary a word from most of the MSM; the only place I’ve been able to find anything about this was FOX News. Now please, someone have the cojones to tell me that FOX makes their own news. Please. I dare you.

What’s more, not one soul in the Obama administration has uttered a word about the attack.

Within hours of the murder of Dr. Tiller on Sunday, both President Obama and AG Eric Holder made public statements soundly condemning the attack carried out in a church, and well they should. But it has now been a full 24 hours since the murder of one US soldier and the wounding of another, and not one peep. Not a syllable. They haven’t even breathed into a microphone about this cowardly, dastardly act or appeared to so much as think about these two brave souls. They were ambushed and shot in their own country before they even had a chance to put themselves in harm’s way, proving that there is still a grave threat on our soil.

Obama has said NOTHING.

I am beyond appalled. I am beyond angry. I don’t think there is an appropriate word to describe just how I feel about this. As if it weren’t enough that a militant Muslim extremist shot two of our soldiers and killed one of them, the man charged with leading our soldiers hasn’t made a move to level the same indignant condemnation at their attacker as he did for the man who murdered an abortion doctor.

If my (BIG) little brother were ever attacked in such a balless act of pusillanimous violence–especially if he were to be killed by the bastard holding the gun–there is not a law enforcement agency in the country that would keep that worthless flab of human debris safe. I cannot describe the depth of sadness I feel for the families of the young men shot yesterday, nor the incredible fury I have over Obama’s absolute failure to support his men. Who cares, right? They were just soldiers. And as we all know, American soldiers aren’t important. This is the kind of thing that happens when you elect a president who has NEVER LED ANY MILITARY UNIT IN HIS LIFE.

Hell, it’d be nice if he’d just go to basic and get some feel for it!

I’m done looking for an ounce of positive work from Barack Obama. I have no hope for him. To the families of those soldiers, all you need to do is ask and there are millions in this country who would drop everything to help you. To the shooter…if you weren’t already familiar with the American prison system, take a big bottle of lotion with you.

And Obama: try to dredge up at least a flimsy shred of concern for your men. If you dare come out and say anything that amounts to being sorry for making the shooter feel that way, I will make it my mission in life to be certain you never serve in public office again. I will help see to it that the most you’re ever able to get is speaking engagements for the New Black Panther Party.

Oh, wait, you’d actually LIKE that.


4 thoughts on “They’re Just Soldiers…

  1. Mel – I can’t say that Obama is doing this spitefully. I think that he is doing this because it’s just never an issue that has been important to him. We’re low on the totem pole.

    For example: last year about this time the Senate was holding hearings on Iraq – they brought in Petraeus and questioned him; sometimes quite rudely and without point.

    In the middle of the hearings, one of the Senate members running for president slipped out to attend the presentation of the Medal of Honor for MA2 Michael Monsoor at the White House. Two of the other candidates for president who were also in the Senate remained. In the midst of the Senate questioning about the war in Iraq, not ONE SINGLE PERSON there asked for a moment of silence to honor a man who had given his life and was at that moment being awarded the MoH postumously in the very conflict they were discussing.

    Not one of the two remaining candidates for president bothered to attend the ceremony. Not one of the two remaining candidates made a mention of it.

    It just didn’t cross their mind how important it was. Why would it? They’ve never experienced anything like what being a military member or military family member entails (much less during wartime).

    I always feel a kinship with police, firemen, and EMTs because their job involves quite a bit of personal danger and a necessary reliance on those who work with you to have your back and help keep you alive. People who have not had that experience don’t always understand what is important to those who have.

    After all, it’s only another soldier’s death, right? There have been plenty of those overseas – why stress about this one?

  2. Regarding Dr. Hiller…

    Obama spoke at Notre Dame asking if we can find common ground on the abortion debate. Clearly the death of Dr. Hiller shows there are some who say “No” to Obama’s question.

    I wonder if his remarks on abortion during that speech were the catalyst that sent the murderer of Dr. Hiller over the edge? Dr. Hiller isn’t new on the scene. Plenty of time has passed to allow one crackpot or another to go for it. So, why now?

    Regarding Private Long…

    Obama said he’d close GITMO. That hasn’t happened. GITMO is still going with no end in sight. Perhaps Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad got tired of waiting for Obama to make good on what he promised?

    Where I come from when you say you are going to do something then you do it.

    Where I come from you choose your words carefully as unintended consequences can be something your words bring you.

    Maybe Obama needs to watch what he says and make good on what he says?

    I don’t know if Obama is being done in by his own hubris or ignorance. But either one makes him look like the chump/fool he is.

  3. I wish I could be surprised. But honestly, a Muslim anti-military extremist doesn’t fit in with the media’s bias, I’m not surprised they’re not interested in covering it.

    I’m holding Keith Olbermann and Code Pink personally responsible for inflaming anti-military sentiments. After all, Olbermann holds Glenn Beck and all conservatives personally responsible for right wing kooks, so why not?

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