The Sincerest Form of Arrogance

Liberals of all cloths are currently in an absolute furor over a political cartoon released this week by Chip Bok. Here’s the strip:


Jean Warner of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition said, “Here’s a woman wearing a judge’s robes and she’s about to get the crap beaten out of her because she has the audacity to think she can sit on the Supreme Court. But most young girls who look at the cartoon, don’t even understand that. They just see guys with sticks about to hit a woman.” Rossana Rosado, publisher of El Diario La Prensa said, “On first view you just see her hanging by a rope and that’s a very disturbing image. “It’s offensive mostly because it’s not funny. It’s supposed to be satirical and humorous and it simply isn’t funny.”

You know what? I didn’t think this was funny:


I didn’t think this was funny, either:

Nobody thought this was funny, but you never heard a peep out of the media about how unfair it was:


How ’bout these? With this kind of crap out there, it’s no wonder a jihadist shot two innocent US soldiers:

Torture Plus
Ted Rall
Hearts and Minds
Afghan Love

That’s my brother, several of my cousins, and many of my friends Ted Rall used as fodder. He painted them as the kind of people who love to torture and kill without remorse, the kind who have no education. In what universe can one side get away with this kind of thing practically every day while they deride their detractors and celebrate it? This is the sincerest form of hypocrisy and arrogance: believing so much that you’re 100% right that you can get away with anything.

Here’s what Chip Bok had to say about the whole thing: “[it is] an utter exaggeration of the cultural theme. She has used her Latinaness stereotypically as an asset in her effort for the nomination to go through. So I turned it around and tried to exaggerate the cultural part of it. It’s part of the mockery of the cartoon, part of the joke.”

Quit yer bellyachin’. It’s not as if we’re calling Obama the “house nigga” (which, I repeat, Rall did call Condoleeza Rice).


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