God BLESS America

I’m going to decline to write about the Holocaust museum shooting for now because I can already see where it’s going, and it’s only making me mad. It’s already taken the path of cries of “RAAAAACISM!” Well, boys and girls, let’s talk about racism. Obama has already managed to speak about the museum shooting because of the racial implications (“it’s all the fault of the Tea Party protesters!!!”), so I’m going to point out a little something Obama has thus far refused to comment on.

Jeremiah Wright was quoted today in the Virginia Daily Press saying that he hasn’t spoken to Barack Obama since he left Wright’s church last year because–and I quote–“Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office. They will not let him…talk to somebody who calls a spade what it is.”

Now let’s talk about racism.

Back in the ’30’s and ’40’s, white supremacy was spoken in the open and black men, women and children were abused horribly because it was popular. Popular opinion dictated that it was not just okay to be a racist; it was right. As time wore on, popular opinion was changed by the dictates of humanity, the reality that the color of a person’s skin or the religion they claim does not make a person any less human or any less deserving of the same rights and freedoms that others are allowed. That balance held for a little while. Now it’s changing again.

It is now okay for blacks, hispanics, asians–all races classified as “minorities–to engage in what’s known as “reverse racism.” I’d like someone to explain to me exactly how racism came to be defined as all white people against all others. “Racism” is the hatred of any race other than your own for no other reason than the fact that they’re different. It doesn’t matter what race you belong to. Racism is racism, pure and simple, and racism is 100% WRONG.

Today, Jeremiah Wright will not only get away with his openly racist remarks. He’ll be praised for it. He already has been praised for it. Obama can’t say he didn’t know what Wright was all about because the man has been preaching the same message his whole life, and he’s bragged about it! Wright is a card-carrying member of the choir that sings the “ethnic cleansing” song for Gaza, the claim that Israel’s incursions into Gaza to stop the Palestinian militants from bombing innocent Israelis is somehow wrong. Everything, in his estimation, is the fault of all Jews and white people, oh, and “God damn America!”

First of all, ethnic cleansing is the wholesale murder of entire races or groups of people following a particular religion for the sole purpose of ridding the land of that group. Israel has NOT, in fact, engaged in anything like that. Lemme tell you something…if Mexicans were firing rockets into American towns and sending suicide bombers to wipe out as many innocent Americans as they could, we wouldn’t put up with that crap for very long. We’d beat the living snot out of them until they swore to leave us alone, and we’d be justified in doing so. What’s the difference between that scenario and what Israel has been forced to do? After countless attacks by Palestinians on innocent Israelis, I’m actually surprised anyone is talking about giving the Palestinians so much as an inch of land. Israel is that much better than they are for NOT wiping them out. Knock off the self-aggrandizement.

Second, don’t quote Dr. King when it suits you and ignore the rest of his message. He specifically said that it would be wrong to elevate yourselves above any other race, and that blaming the white man for your ills was the wrong way to win any ground. Do NOT blame me for your community’s issues because I’m white. Blame the rap “artists” who claim their pitiful excuse for “music” to be art imitating life. Blame those complete and total scabs on our society’s ass for their misogyny, hate, drug-dealing, death-peddling glorification of the “gangsta’s life.” Blame the losers who buy that garbage by the metric ton and reward those idiots with millions of dollars in profits. Blame them for punks like Steven Gilmore, a 19-year-old aspiring rapper who shot a convenience store clerk in the head in an attempt to gain “street cred” for his rap career. Your community holds those with no education, no concern for others and no respect for authority or the law up as idols, so DO NOT BLAME ME FOR THE COLOR OF MY SKIN. White privilege my backside. Take a look at the life I lived and talk to me about “white privilege.”

You say you’re calling a spade “what it is?” I say you’re a raving lunatic bent on taking all you can from Jews and whites.

Finally, your exhortation for God to “damn” America is the ultimate insult to the nation that made you. You are free to speak the way you do because of the country you ask your God to abandon. God BLESS this great nation and the freedoms we have (for now). I can only pray that you still have the freedom to be an individual and exercise personal freedom without the fear of government intervention for a long time to come, because as long as you’re free, that means I am, too.


5 thoughts on “God BLESS America

  1. “I’d like someone to explain to me exactly how racism came to be defined as all white people against all others. ”

    Because people of color who disagree with that line of thinking get shouted down and silenced. California has race blind college admissions and a black man lead that charge. His name is Ward Connerly. I suppose to black people he is an Uncle Tom or a traitor. To me he is a hero.

    My former neighbor’s daughter as a 4.0 student, high SAT scores, a boatload of AP credits and she is black. When she filled out her college applications she left her race off. She checked the declined to state box. She wanted to succeed on her record of achievement only and she did! She is a hero. When she walked on to the mostly white, very wealthy, old money campus I imagine the college President wasn’t expecting a black girl. But, that is what they got and they were glad to have her.

  2. This situation reminds of a concept I call Group Identity. Lesbian/gay folk often succumb to it. We are all individuals who are shaped by the sum of our individual experiences. People share many common experiences as we as more personal and unique experiences.

    When an individual associates himself or herself with a group or by birth is automatically part of a group, then that person has a choice.

    He or she can blindly choose to follow the Group Identity and never question it. He or she can assert his or her own individuality and speak out when he or she disagrees with an aspect of the group.

    When it comes to hot social topics such as same sex marriage, abortion, racism, the Group Identity dominates. Individual thinking less so.

    It amazes me how gays/lesbians when they come out and find their tribe how they attach to this Group Identity even when their individual values and beliefs detract from all or parts of the Group Identity. Gays/lesbians often stuggle to come to terms with who they are then surrender who they are to this Group Identity concept.

    Even more wretched is the price some of us pay for challenging that identity and asserting our own sense of self. I did not come out to become a clone and give up my own view on things. I did not come out so I could blindly follow a set of rules and standards. I think it is crazy that people surrender their sense of self and life but they do.

  3. Although you couldn’t see it…I just gave you a standing ovation, lol! I have been talking about these same topics with my parents and friends and I couldn’t have expressed it better than you did. Especially the part about racism not just being about whites against blacks. I recently said to a fried that it’s almost like white people are the enemy of almost every other race…we are labeled “the bad guy” but it seems to me that we are quickly becoming a minority and (I’m going out on a limb here) we should be, according to some, apologetic for being white! Wow, so much more I want to say, so little room…but I love your blog and I will be revisiting again and again! Thank you!!

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