Sarah’s Reason?


I use the news of Sarah Palin’s unexpected move to resign as Alaska’s governor as an “I told ya so” moment.  It’s been a few months since the national election and in those months liberals spent all their time attempting to downplay Sarah Palin….and there have been a few Republicans who really think it was time to leave her in the dust.  The media reaction to the news instantly refutes all of those claims and positions.

While Obama had the press in the bag for him during the election, it became apparent that Republicans – especially those that drew larger crowds than Obama did at rallies, speeches, and televised debates – needed a new angle.  Sarah Palin, like any decent and hardworking American, got involved in politics because she didn’t like the way her tax dollars were being spent.  Some of us show up on blogs and complain about it, some of us can write books and vent, and a very chosen few can have radio shows that draw more listeners than Oprah or every liberal television host at MSNBC and radio host at Air America radio combined. 

As attractive and likable as she is, Sarah chose a humble path.  She went to college, married the man she loved, had five beautiful kids and allowed God to keep handing her new opportunities.  Coming into the political world on a national level with such an impressive resume that beamed with the light of what makes someone a true American, you would think that one would have it easy.  But higher powers provide opportunities like this for a reason.   

As unimportant as liberals would like to pretend Sarah Palin is to real Americans, I am confused as to why we are getting such an over-the-top response from liberals in the media?  Immediately, the New York Times was flooded with articles and comments – mostly linking the resignation to the current status of the GOP.  Then there are the hosts on Air America, MSNBC, and moonbat writers like Shannyn Moore who once tried to convince us on this blog that she was an independent, that are celebrating.  The comments on her webpage to the news are pretty self explanatory.  Then of course, a full page ad on The Huffington Post seems to bump the death of Michael Jackson into the number two slot of news items today. 

Shannyn Moore became a guest on MSNBC chatting with fine folks like Keith Olbermann, a wise and honorable man who – like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly – opens up his show to guests with diverse opinions all the time, right?  Anyway, since the election, Moore has been hot on Palin’s trail and while Obama’s staff reminded Americans how Obama’s personal relationships with people like Jeremiah Wright & William Ayers were irrelevant smear – and scolded us on the far-fetched rumor that Obama would enact policies that would bankrupt the coal industry (ahem), liberals took that fair and smear-free style of theirs to the really important issues like: Bristol’s pregnancy, questioning who Trig really belonged to, insisted that Sarah Palin abused her power in the firing of a violent Alaskan state trooper that is still employed and the commissioner who left state service on his own – and let’s not forget her fancy pantsuits and the tanning bed she kept in her home…heavy stuff!

Ever since Obama sent a thrill up Oprah Winfrey’s leg, the entire media jumped into bed with him.  Because of the portrayal of Bush in his final years by that same media AND that same talk show host who would not have an even-more-popular Sarah Palin on her show before the election, Obama really had an easy ride.  The curse was there, and now we’ll watch the appropriate people suffer for the decisions being made right now.  (If you don’t think it will be you, just wait until you get your utility bill in a few more months).

Unemployment is still rising, inflation is starting to surface, North Korea is seconds away from destroying Hawaii, but Obama’s parents would be really proud of his smile and the fancy speeches he gives us.  That sort of falls in line with one of the tough questions he was asked during the campaign by Brian Gumbel about how his parents would have felt and if Obama was thinking of them.  Or when he was asked by another journalist when was the last time he cried.  Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is giving an oral book report on the Bush Doctrine and asked if she agrees with it – just moments after she put her son on a plane to fight in a war executed under the same author of that doctrine.  Why no, I do not agree Charlie, but my son’s going to fight with my blessing anyway!

Sarah Palin has the will of good Americans on her side.  However; as Governor, her powers are limited on a national level.  Just tonight, Palin released a statement crediting a “higher calling” to unite true Americans that refuse to give up on their ideas of what made this country great. 

But with the media constantly telling you one story with its own color, even the will of good Americans can fizzle.  But that same will never dies and has the ability to flourish all over again.

Sarah will now be able to spend more time in the lower 48.  She can use her enormous popularity to give speeches, write a book or two, and really put together one hell of a national base with plenty of money and endless resources as unemployment continues to rise, inflation soars, interest rates go up, and the quality of our healthcare goes down the drain, she can use those resources to speak on behalf of so many voices that will need to be heard.  Her force – as it is with true Americans – will be unbreakable in the same outlets that reject her now.  Sooner or later they’re going to have to face it.

So, be prepared to hear the term “political suicide” coming from every major news outlet in the country.  Be prepared for liberals to tell us that Sarah Palin made a fast dodge to escape her next really big controversy and ethics probe about overpriced miniskirts purchased for her when she went to middle school.  (I just hope nobody finds out that her beauty pageant was rigged!)

That will be all we will need to read and hear.  Sarah hasn’t gone away and she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 



Regarding the moonbats and their theories, Palin’s attorney released the following statement:

“To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as ‘fact’ that Governor Palin resigned because she is ‘under federal investigation’ for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation,” Van Flein said in a statement. “This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law.”


13 thoughts on “Sarah’s Reason?

  1. I certainly hope Sarah will use this opportunity to take a leadership position and do some fabulous things for the conservative movement. I really like Palin, and I find her to be very refreshing. Her speech to the GOP convention was still one of the best of all times.

    I don’t see her as our saviour for 2012 right now. But things might change over the next couple of years. I just want the GOP to have the strongest possible conservative candidate (yes, I learned Steve) to counter BO. I have this bizzare feeling that he might not be very popular when the next election comes around. Despite the media’s love affair, Obama might well be a one-termer.

  2. Well, I am returning to the first principle in selecting a good candidate: pick the one the liberals hate the most.

    With that said, PALIN2012! 😉

  3. I have to agree with you, Philip. I think the honeymoon will soon be over and Obama will not be nearly as well-loved by the time 2010 rolls around. Jimmy Carter will have a higher popularity than Obama will.

  4. Mel & Phil,

    I agree with that and know its happening just by listening to everyone talk. People are hurting right now and all are starting to blame the current administration and government and understanding what Republicans meant during the election.

    Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol yesterday were talking (separately) about Sarah’s resignation. Charles summed it up best by saying “she’ll be back!” They also mentioned that right now Sarah Palin is the most popular Republican on the scene and the position of Governorship is straining on her growth in the larger-lower 48.

    Of course, liberal Juan Williams on the same program began stating how it was awful that she “abandoned” her constituents just as Murkowski (another Republican and rival of Palin’s after Palin destroyed her father in the last election) had said. But Bill reminded him that Obama was just elected Senator when he “abandoned” his state to make a Presidential run.

    The good news is: everything Palin is taking advantage of now and will take advantage of through 2012, the platform itself was set up by the Democrats in 2008, so watching them try and say “bad-bad-bad!” to it all as Juan began yesterday will be amusing to say the least.

  5. “I have to agree with you, Philip. I think the honeymoon will soon be over and Obama will not be nearly as well-loved by the time 2010 rolls around. Jimmy Carter will have a higher popularity than Obama will.”

    LOL! On Mel that’s cold. It’s true but it is cold.

    As for Sarah Palin, I saw on the news last weekend one woman in Alaska has file four ethics complaints against her? Isn’t there limits to such things? Who pays for the investigations of these complaints? This woman sounds like one of those people who sues anyone she can in small claims court over and over. Also, four complaints is harassment.

  6. It is harassment. With ethics complaints, the people pay–it’s not the same as a straight-up lawsuit. The state legislature has to assign investigators to each complaint. I haven’t read much about the woman in question, but no doubt we’ll find she’s a hard-left lib who can’t stand the idea of a hard-working conservative woman doing well for herself.

  7. The woman in question I believe is Shannyn Moore. Her link is in my post and this blogger was actually personally acknowleged in the quote above by Palin’s attorney. What will this woman talk about now? Makes ya wonder. Her MSNBC days with Olbermann are probably over now.

  8. But this raises another stellar Palin standard. Palin actually hired legal teams of her own and drained her own finances to the tune of $600K in answering these preposterous ethics probes. There were 18 filed against her in one year and she won every single one of them.

    I am ticked as a Republican that we allowed (in a small way) this to happen. This was an amazing candidate that had an intrinsic quality that reached the people who had excellent values and a true servant’s heart, and all of the things done to her, said about her, about her family, etc…..what goes around comes around however and those responsible will wind up paying dearly.

  9. I agree Steve. I think if Sarah Palin’s husband had been the Governor then we’d have seen a totally different take on everything. There is a double standard at work here. It is not fair.

    18 ethics probes? There are more people in my county than in the state of Alaska. I have a difficult time believing any political jurisdiction of less than 800,000 people has ethics troubles.

  10. Yeah, I remember back when I wrote a post about one of her then-concerns against Palin, she attempted to send me an e-mail describing herself as an independent. This was back when the Walt Monegan issue was occurring. See now, it’s easier for these people to gloss over what really happened with more-than-a-dash of fantasy as if Sarah was really found guilty of anything.

    Then miraculously from her same IP address, we received some horrible comments on here from another alias cussing us up one end and down the next.

    Amazing stuff.

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