They’d Rather the Poor Were Poorer Provided the Rich Were Less Rich

Boy do I wish Margaret Thatcher were still around.  This lady sure could enrage liberals right out of their chairs – and she handled journalists well, too.

“Freedom incurs responsibility, that’s why many men fear it”  Margaret Thatcher quotes in this early 80’s interview when millions of British were out of work when she came in.  Afterwards, I have provided a speech she gave toward the end of her tenure when she argued with another liberal about “the gap between the rich and the poor.”

When she discusses prosperity for a nation she says in the end of video one: “it isn’t done by the pontification of politicians or commentators.”  She’s absolutely right.  Barack’s blather isn’t going to give free health care away.  Only the American people through freedom can better their own situations.

Nothing is different today and the treatment of national economic problems lies solely within the people, not the government.


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