The Media’s Very Different Spin on War Casualties

What do liberals and the media think?  If death from war comes during the same wars in which they harangued Bush for, that the deaths are more worthy under the annointed one?

Two points: Jeremy (my buddy on Facebook) posted the death toll from Afghanistan.  Since the overthrow of the Taliban, 2009 has been the deadliest year.  That’s right!  The deadliest year was not under GWB, but under Barack Obama.

Coincidentally, Mr. Obama is loving life at Martha’s Vineyard while anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan has showed up to protest Mr. Obama’s continuation of both the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. 

I apologize for everything I said about Sheehan in the past – and I was quite harsh on her.  Unlike the tens of thousands of other anti-war protestors we heard from during the Bush administration (also known as jobless-liberals) who were simply anti-Republican and using the death of an American soldier for political gain, Sheehan actually whole-heartedly cares.

That’s why the bulk of the liberal disease has begun to shut up over the casualties.

Suddenly now, Charles Gibson who covered Cindy’s anti-war protests all the way through during the Bush administration proclaimed “enough already” once he was informed that Sheehan was indeed following Obama to Martha’s Vineyard to protest the wars.

The hypocrisy and lies from this administration are staggering.  I am sure Robert Gibbs would have a memorable answer, but I am sure the reporters have been directed to not ask the question to begin with.


11 thoughts on “The Media’s Very Different Spin on War Casualties

  1. I did hear that Charles Gibson did that. I guess the honeymoon is over now. I still think Sheehan is the next Jane Fonda, but I can at least have respect for the fact that she’ll get in Obama’s face as quickly as she’ll get in Bush’s.

    I still wish she wouldn’t use my loved one’s names when she does those protests, though.

  2. This really is such a pro-Bush moment though. As we see it, Obama knows the disaster for bailing out of both wars now that he’s gotten the security briefings Bush had all those years; however, he’s now detracting by placing the CIA in the booby corner for keeping us safe so we shall see what happens.

  3. “however, he’s now detracting by placing the CIA in the booby corner for keeping us safe so we shall see what happens.”

    I love the way he digs his own grave and primes himself to leap right in!!!

    Is it just me or can’t you wait to see what he tries to do about Immigration?

    Just what is next after this health care reform deal?

    And they say Dallas and Dynasty were entertaining. This Obama Show is proving to be very entertaining too.

  4. Dallas and Dynasty knew enough to earn their money in free markets, luckily, they weren’t employees of the US Government.

    We now have Russ Feingold and others in Congress now pushing the passing of the new bill up to December now.

    And yes, we all know how immigration would go. You don’t even have to speculate.

  5. “We now have Russ Feingold and others in Congress now pushing the passing of the new bill up to December now.”

    December of what century?

  6. This is near and dear to my heart – Air Force Guy is currently on deployment #3.

    I’m a news-watcher and reader – I need to know what is going on in order to cope and prepare (there is actually a clinical name for this – Anticipatory Grief). I never had a problem finding information when he was gone in 2003 – in fact, I distinctly remember seeing a picture of a dead soldier lying in a gutter on Aaron Brown’s CNN show. That one about knocked me out, as I hadn’t heard from my husband in over a week, and the soldier was working in my husband’s area.

    Nor did I have an issue finding information in his second deployment. It was blared constantly.

    But now – now I have to search. I had to google to find out that four soldiers had been killed today in Afghanistan when I was online this morning. I had to google to see that there was a gun battle in Kabul on election day. And I saw only a brief mention about the large explosion in Kabul the week before the election.

    No one is talking. No one. No one seems to care, certainly not about the people we are losing (and our casualties have jumped).

    Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it. I used to think it would be easier if the media didn’t sensationalize every little thing. Now that the media is ignoring it, I can see that was wrong.

    I have another thing I wonder about. President Bush met with the families who had lost service-members in the GWoT many, many times. He met with them regardless of political affiliation, and it is known that more than one of the families took their chance to let their anger at him known to his face.

    Will President Obama do the same thing? It’s a valid question now that the casualties are mounting on his watch. And I think the answer will say a lot about his character.

  7. AFW, my prayers are with AFG while he’s out there.

    I think we all know exactly why there’s little mention of the current casualties: the liberal elite don’t want them pinned on The One the way they were on Bush. That would make them 100% wrong about the last eight years. And SnObama will never meet with grieving families because he’s not willing to face what Bush faced. He doesn’t have the balls.

  8. There is another very good reason to explain why Obama and the MSM are not covering the wars.

    My daughter and her boyfriend cannot afford college or find jobs. So they joined the military. They are just two of the millions of kids who have barely turned adult and see no other options for themselves on the horizon.

    The recruits are backed up for months, waiting to get into boot camp. One friend who joined the Marines kept being told to report for boot camp then was sent home week after week because there were no available bunks.

    I hate that Obama sees these young men and women as expendable, because he cannot do his job. We signed over all of our money to him over and over again…and he still wants more.

    He hasn’t created jobs or made it easier to get into college financially.

    Surprise Cash for Clunkers buyers: not only do you now have a new car payment, but that “free” money from the government will be added to your income for the year and taxed.

    He hasn’t stimulated the economy, or anything else except his union, Acorn, and investment banker backers.

    There may yet be a real revolt in this country.

  9. AFW:

    Your family is in my prayers.

    Can you get BBC World News? BBC World News broadcasts on PBS in the U.S. Where I live it is on at 5:30PM on one PBS station and 6PM on another. I watch BBC World News. I do not watch U.S. network news.

    BBC World News has covered Iraq and Afghanistan in detail. I can’t recall the last time either place was not featured.

    As the name implies, it is world news not world news with a U.S. emphasis. So, you don’t see much from the U.S. in this broadcast.

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