The Gender…WHAT?!?

The strange case of the liberal attack on the Democrat National Convention headquarters in Denver just got even stranger. Maurice Schwenkler first appeared to me in a mugshot to be female–because “he” was born a female. SHE, apparently, is a transgendered liberal activist who is angry with Obama for a number of things, including (as she puts it), “only wanting to fill the military with queer bodies” when it comes to repealing DADT.

But it’s an online post that’s really caught the attention of bloggers everywhere. Schwenkler, who also goes by the name “Ariel Attack,” entered a post on a site named “Gender Mutiny” titled, “Communique from the Gender Liberation Front.”

The gender what?!?

We’ve seen the Palestinian Liberation Front. I might even be able to take the Earth Liberation Front seriously (if I tried hard enough). But the gender liberation front? Where on Earth did this come from?

Oh, I can see it now…what? We have to be born as whatever our parents’ chromosomes happen to be? Outrage! Science MUST come up with a way to determine what sex we want to be before we’re conceived! The medical establishment has to come up with easier ways to change our gender, and it must be available to all people on the Earth! It’s a crime to trap a person in the body they were born in!

Gag me.

Since when do we need something like this? You’d think gender stereotypes had wound back the clock fifty years and women were suddenly being required to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen all the time again and men were the only strong members of society. Give me a freakin’ break. As a woman–and a lesbian–I make my own life. There are few things I cannot do because of my gender (I think the only ones so far are Navy submariner and Army special forces). As long as I can remain fit to do so, I can work as an EMT or a firefighter, I can investigate fraud, or, if I felt so inclined, I could be a cop. Nobody is really allowed to discriminate against me based on my gender. There aren’t always specific laws that oppose discrimination based on orientation, but do we really need all of that? Do I really have to be in three or four “protected groups”?

Back to the Schwenkler vandalization incident…immediately after the crime, DNC chair Pat Waak jumped on conservatives with both feet. She decried the incident as a hate crime. One might think the revelation of the person responsible as being a paid canvasser for the DNC would cause Waak to issue a retraction.

One might think. One might be wrong.

Waak actually had the nerve to stand by her comments. She had the temerity to refuse to apologize for blaming it on Republicans, instead focusing on the DNC’s official position that it is conservatives alone who are “polarizing” the issue of healthcare reform. Just another case of “I’m liberal and I don’t have to apologize to those hate-mongering conservatives” I guess, right?

Gender Liberation Front…good grief. I may need some oxygen here in a bit, I can’t quit laughing at that one!


9 thoughts on “The Gender…WHAT?!?

  1. I see on the horizon that elusive location where a person can truly say they’ve seen it all.

  2. Well, I……errr, sorry, my mind is still twisted from trying to get around this. WHAAAT? Okay, better. This person is the nuttiest nutcase from Nutland. I will admit that gender reassignment or whatever it’s called has always confused me despite having known two men who became women. Oddly enough both are nuts (seriously) and one seems to not view gays very well.
    As long as no one starts a Mustache Liberation Front I guess I’m still okay (I’m not shaving, no way, not no how). Crazy.
    AndyB, NH.

  3. Thanks for keeping it classy Mel. I knew you would.

    I too have many disagreements with Ted Kennedy but the man is dead and I refused to allow my blog to serve as a smear post haven for certain posters. I deleted pretty much anything derogatory and got called a “closeted democrat” by a poster I banned. So be it.
    Just because we are conservative does not mean that we dance on the graves of dead liberals.

  4. “Oddly enough both are nuts (seriously) and one seems to not view gays very well.”

    If a man is born into a woman’s body and he likes women, then when the sex change operation is complete, he is a man in a man’s body who likes women. Why the hell would he want to be around gay people? Talk about trying to draw water from an empty well.

  5. John, that is a point but I would think the struggle, while different, would make them think about the difficulties other face. At least in the case of one, she’s a self centered pain in the ass and that wouldn’t have been different if there had been no operation. So probably that is the deciding issue on how she feels.
    Still, a Dem activist vandalizing the DNC is several kinds of strange;-)
    AndyB, NH.

  6. congratulations you have finally let the TG community know what we really think of them! NUTCASES! wanting equal right NUTCASES!

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