The Prayer

Joseph Cohen was born an Orthodox Jew. He attended rabbinical school. Then he converted to Islam. Today, he is known as Yousef al-Khattab, and he drives a pedicab (bicycle cab) in New York City. He’s also the guy who created and maintains

Here was one of his most recent missives, and you’d think it would cause quite the uproar:

Ya Allah(Oh God) I beseech You to carry out your wrath on the Jewish occupiers of Palestine & their supporters.

Ya Allah(Oh God) please throw liquid drain cleaner in their faces.

Ya Allah(Oh God) burn their flammable sukkos while they sleep.

Ya Allah(Oh God),make rocks crash through their car windows as they drive in Your land Bayit al Maqdes

Ya Allah(Oh God), make their fingers and brains stick on cafe walls from impact.

Ya Allah(Oh God) answer my duaa (prayer)

Yousef al-Khattab

He goes on to say this is “only a prayer” and accuses a Rabbi of inciting violence for anti-Arab genocide. Then he fails to include the Rabbi’s name, words or the date or place that the supposed words were spoken. Frankly, I’ve never heard a Rabbi call for genocide, so al-Khattab is full of it IMO.

FOX is the only news organization so far that’s putting this story out there the way it should be. I can’t even find a blurb on any of the major news organizations’ websites. I wonder…where are all the nutjobs who claim Christians are the cause of all of the anti-gay hate crimes in America right now?

You won’t find this kind of incitement on any American Christian website (no, Phelps still doesn’t count–but even HE won’t go this far) against any group. Not even Muslims are as vehemently hated by Christians as Jews are by Muslims. And this is becoming commonplace, so much so that it simply isn’t news anymore.

I daresay that it isn’t news anymore because there are plenty of anti-Semitic cowards in the halls of power at the MSM networks who would actually agree with this drivel.

Note to anti-Christian protesters: what you just read is true hate speech. If you’re not willing to call it for what it is with the same overhyped outrage, then stop pointing the finger.

Note to al-Khattab: if that is your prayer, then here’s mine:

“Father, please give strength to Your people, the Jews. Give them wisdom, guidance and peace as they defend themselves from the swine that surrounds them. And if it be in Your will that a war ensues, help them blow the Muslims all to hell. In Jesus’ name I pray…amen.”


One thought on “The Prayer

  1. This guy is a psycho, and that is probably why this is not news (plus, Wolf Blitzer was busy trying to convince everyone that a six year old had fallen out of a balloon before doing any kind of fact checking). You said yourself that the Tempe pastor praying for the President’s death should be ignored, and rightly so. I agreed wholeheartedly with your post up until the end. Why you would choose to answer religious zealotry and intolerance with more of the same is a bit of puzzlement. Just this afternoon, I was listening to the Randi Rhodes Show, and a caller was railing against the Fred Phelps wing of Christianity for their persecution of gays, and Randi said something that was so simplistic yet so succinct. She said that a great deal of religious peoples spend inordinate amounts of time judging others for what they believe to be incorrect or hell worthy practices. But the fact of the matter, she said, is that none of us know for sure if we’re right about our beliefs until the day we die, so we should all try to make life a little easier for each other by reserving judgment and to basically live and let live. I was paraphrasing, but the way she put it was so spot on and so simple at the same time. It was really eye opening the way she refused to judge others for judging her for her support of same sex marriage. That just popped into my head when I read your “prayer”…

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