Sarah Palin Gets Results!

When news broke last week that Sarah Palin was endorsing the third-party but more-conservative candidate; Doug Hoffman in NY, an independent poll had Doug Hoffman in third place at 23% trailing the Democrat and the RINO endorsed by Newt Gingrich.  Just Friday, Newt declared support for Hoffman ‘a mistake’ as he continues to give his support to the pro-abortion RINO, Dede Scozzafava.

After Palin’s announcement, Doug Hoffman raised an amazing $116,000 in one day and in a newly released independent poll today, Hoffman has soared to first place.

I hope Newt is paying attention.  I regard the man with so much respect and cannot believe he doesn’t notice the country’s crave for real conservative values.  As bad as I feel for Newt’s dissent, I am thrilled that once again; however, we are reminded of the sheer power that Sarah Palin possesses over public opinion.


4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Gets Results!

  1. I know, I struggle so much where Newt is concerned… every time I hear him talk about how we need a “moderate” who can support the “big tent” idea, I want to shout, “That’s exactly what we had with McCain!!” I hope they don’t actually believe that it was the mesmerizing power of Obama that won the election alone, that McCain was doomed no matter what. It was just as much McCain’s middle-of-the-road-edness that handed the Presidency to Obama. Reagan said it best- no pastels! Bold colors!

  2. I suspect that the evangelical dominance in the Republican Party will result in the party being relegated to a third party. I wonder if we may see a shift from the two parties we have known? At any rate, if traditional republicans are leaving, it is not because they have suddenly become democrats. Rather, they are being pushed out. I have posted that this will hurt the GOP. See:

    You might be interested in this article:

  3. euandus, Thank you for your post.

    However; I wonder why it is that the word “evangelical” seems to come back in style everytime the country proves itself to like conservatism!

    Moreover; the real competition here is not Democrat versus Republican anymore. It is conservative versus liberal. The only time the GOP is hurt (and we have election after election to prove it) is when Republicans stop acting like conservatives.

    So then, we immediately jump to blaming evangelicals because some beltway Republicans are terrified as being pinned as “conservative” when in fact if they wore it proud, they would win all elections!

    If someone is an evangelical and they like a conservative candidate, so what? That doesn’t mean that non-evangelicals cannot like the same candidate as well..

    On social issues, like gay marriage – if you are a conservative on any particular issue, it does not necessarily mean you are against the issue itself, most simply disagree with the political roads taken to achieve “progress.” If you force things on people without regard for their interpretation of the Constitution, it only deepens the divides that really hurt us as a country….

    And our unification – as a country – is more important than anything.

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