Someone Needs to Tell Newt Gingrich, John McCain, and the Rest of the RINO-Loving Plague


Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates in the American populace in 2009, 40% to 36%, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Liberals rank third at 20%. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when conservatives were tied with moderates as the most prevalent group.”
I dedicate this post to my sweet friend, Tom.  😉

2 thoughts on “Someone Needs to Tell Newt Gingrich, John McCain, and the Rest of the RINO-Loving Plague

  1. I seriously don’t understand the title of this post in relation to the poll. Would you offer something especially to the mention of Newt?

  2. It’s quite simple, Alfie. In following recent news, Newt Gingrich is supporting the Republican candidate in NY. While Sarah Palin is going with the more-conservative third party candidate.

    I love Newt – he is brilliant, but he explained on Fox News that he believes its more important for us to push for the Republican candidates – even if they support federal pushes for liberal issues like abortion and gay marriage.

    Without regard for our personal opinions on such hot-topic issues, we must not allow large government to mandate without the proper Democratic process. To do so makes Republicans no better than liberals.

    Americans do not like issues like that mandated by a large government without having their say. It is proven when you observe such polls as the poll above.

    So, while Newt believes its important to support the Republican in NY no matter what, we need to remember what happens when Republicans start becoming liberal – actual liberals win elections.

    I am a conservative, and I will support the proper candidate no matter what letter is at the end of their names.

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