The Cost of Illegals

Has anybody heard the news out of California lately? The state, long in financial trouble, is facing bankruptcy. They’ve already issued IOU’s to state employees, creating issues over which banks would honor the non-checks. Now the state legislature has voted to approve a big increase in worker taxes in the hopes of boosting revenue. It’s not going to solve their problems, especially with unemployment being so high. In fact I daresay it will only exacerbate the issues facing the state. California faced a fair-sized surplus, and instead of saving, they started spending.

Massive changes in regulating manufacturing cost the state hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Governator couldn’t hold his own as a Ronald Reagan wannabe and tossed in his bid with far-left liberals who were fighting for global warming legislation. He also refused to stand up to unions, which had fought to gain the costliest pension plans in the country. Worst of all, though, the California government still has not managed to see the reality of one of its worst problems.

Illegal immigration.

Even with taxes paid by illegal immigrants in the State of California, the state pays an estimated $9 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) for education, medical care, incarceration and other social services (such as unemployment). San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has proudly bragged that his city is a sanctuary city, refusing to allow SFPD officers to inquire about a criminals’ legal status–even when they’re suspected of committing felonies. They’ll be sentenced and, once sentence is served, released into the general population most times rather than deported. The Governator, Arnold Schwartzenegger, has done nothing to stop this.

So the State of California now faces bankruptcy while the San Joaquin Valley turns into a dustbowl and the agriculture there goes the way of the dodo. That’s because of environmental activists claiming that irrigation was harming a minnow. Despite that, though, it seems the lack of irrigation has had another ill effect: the Valley is now highly prone to dust storms that cause a great deal of damage and other animal populations are dying off. Funny how that works, ain’t it?

Back to my original point, California has long been friendly to the moochers in America who come to take and never give back, and now they’re paying dearly for it. The federal government, however–in all their wisdom–haven’t seen the lesson this has taught. In fact, I daresay they’re ignoring it. There’s a debate set to begin on an immigration overhaul bill that will include amnesty for the estimated 12 million plus illegals currently in the United States.

We wonder why healthcare is costly. We wonder why we have other issues. Did you know that illegal immigrants cost the federal government upwards of $23 billion annually? We’re not forcing them to learn English to live here, and they want their kids to be taught in THEIR language. That costs more than a conventional education. There are entire neighborhoods–particularly in California–where you’d swear you were in Mexico with the signs, storefronts and general atmosphere. There are places you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who speaks English rather than Mandarin or Cantonese. How does this happen?

We’d be a hell of a lot better off if we’d stop being so helpful to this segment of society, pull the red carpet out from under them, and send them home with the instruction to ask permission before they come back. Go through the legal channels. America has just about the least-stringent immigration laws of any civilized nation on the planet. We don’t need immigration reform. Send ’em back and save those jobs that Americans wouldn’t do for the millions of real Americans who don’t have jobs.


3 thoughts on “The Cost of Illegals

  1. “There’s a debate set to begin on an immigration overhaul bill that will include amnesty for the estimated 12 million plus illegals currently in the United States.”

    But, it’s not an Amnesty. It’s a Path to Citizenship! No wait, it is an amnesty. Why? Where you hear the sound of something at full gallop, then don’t think Zebra.

  2. Mel, as always the voice of reason. If only our country could wake up as one people who are as sensible as those who built this country.

  3. The problem with statistics about “illegal immigrants” is that many federally funded programs, including health care, prohibit asking about citizenship.

    So we really don’t know who is legal and who is illegal. All we know is that they are Latin.

    We do this on the theory that we want someone with a contagious disease to come, be cured, and not spread the disease. If they fear deportation, they will continue to spread the disease.

    I don’t dispute that we are paying for many illegals to receive care and benefits.

    On the other hand, if a county van is outside the GLBT center providing free HIV/STD testing, I really don’t care if the guy sitting next to me is a citizen or not… because I might meet him at the bar that evening.

    So it is a confounding problem with few blanket answers.

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