Innocence Lost

While I cannot publicize the names of either of my employers, I am proud that neither gives money to GLSEN.

I’ve known for some time about the practices of GLSEN and some of the teachers who are involved in the organization. It stands for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Sounds harmless on the surface, doesn’t it? Fact is, GLSEN is anything but harmless.

Aside from the organization pushing books about same-sex relationships on kids who are too young for such subject matter (I’ve blogged about that subject before), GLSEN stood accused of some pretty outrageous stuff in 2000. High school students aged 14 – 19 were treated to seminars on how to engage in gay sex practices of all kinds–not the least of which included fisting. In one seminar, the adult doing the teaching posed a question to his early-teen audience: “spit or swallow…is it rude?”

GLSEN apologized to the public in Massachusetts for the lewd discussions being held between adults and children. However, one year later, at the NEXT annual conference, they took it even further: they handed out “fisting kits” to the kids and even included illustrated instructions on how to cut a rubber or latex glove to make a crude dental dam.

They have never backed away from their reading list, though. Just out of curiosity, I read a couple of the books on their list–Queer 13 and Passages of Pride–and I was absolutely astounded that this sort of smut is being peddled in schools. The two books I read so completely disgusted me that I actually had to shower after reading. As adults, we have control over what we read. If we want to read something racy that’s our choice; we’re old enough to understand. But we also control what the children in our society read, and allowing these books to be displayed in a public school is every bit as bad as molesting them.

Children are not able to understand these adult themes. Even 15-year-olds are too young for this sort of thing. It isn’t up to us to explain gay sex practices to kids. I didn’t have that information as a kid, and trust me, I figured it out just fine on my own.

Garbage like this makes the gay community a joke to the world around us. It makes us an enemy. When our children lose their innocence because we are incapable of foisting our urges on them, our society is doomed.

And the GLSEN founder, the very man who helped these things happen–he’s now Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.”


2 thoughts on “Innocence Lost

  1. Half the fun of same sex action is figuring out how to do it!!! I bet the same goes for straight sex action too. An instruction manual? Forget it.

    The only instruction I support regarding gay/lesbian sex in the schools involves the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. That knowledge is necessary. That can be taken care of in any middle school or high school health class.

    This post makes me yearn for the good old days. I came of age in a time where tolerance on enough levels really did exist. As long as people kept private matters private, the world turned and it turned rather nicely. If Jeff and Frank want to go major league freaky in bed and do things that involve a lot of kinky behavior, then have at it. Just don’t share that with others. Nobody wants to know.

    Things have changed. Instead of simple tolerance too many among us in our world want to force every aspect of how we live on everyone else. Plus we want them to all jump for joy and say I approve!!!

    That doesn’t achieve jumping for joy. It doesn’t achieve approval. It dosen’t achieve tolerance. But it does generate plenty of intolerance.

    Funny though, I thought the good old days were rather bad. Funny how they seem to be better than the way things are now.

  2. I wish everyone would just take it back to the bedroom and leave it there. Really, it’s not any ones business as long as everyone is an adult.

    Sex manuals have no place in a school, leave them in the adult book stores where they belong and stop doing this to children.

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