Pay Up, Sucka!

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Back on May 19 around 0200 (that’s two a.m. for you civilian folks), four men decked out in black tactical gear (including bulletproof vests) and carrying fully-automatic rifles burst into the home of a Gilbert family, assaulted a man and began ransacking the home for a stash of $60,000 in jewelry, all the while claiming to be police. When they heard the sirens getting closer, the men bailed, jumping into a Cadillac Escalade and a Jeep Liberty, driving away just as police arrived. Officers gave chase.

The Escalade was stopped without much of a fuss. Four of the men in the Jeep, however, led police on a chase that at times reached speeds of 120 MPH. The suspects bailed out and led a foot chase, then managed to get back to the vehicle and start pursuit again. Finally, an officer performed a PIT maneuver (Pursuit Immobilization Technique), sending the Jeep rolling.

One of the assailants was pinned under the Jeep–21-year-old Anthony Gonzales. By the time rescue crews arrived he was declared dead. The other four–Rafael Chacon, Robert Gonzales, Isidro Pinedo and Dominicio Soldano–were all arrested. All four have been charged with first-degree murder in Anthony’s death along with B&E, aggravated assault, kidnapping, attempted murder, evading arrest, misconduct involving weapons and wearing body armor during the commission of a crime.

On November 12, Anthony Gonzales’ mother Marlo filed notice of intent to sue the Gilbert Police Department. Her reasons? They caused his death–first by executing a PIT maneuver outside regulation, then by “refusing” to administer medical treatment after the accident.

You’ll love this. At age 21, Gonzales was already a convicted felon. He is also known as ADC inmate # 204684, conviced of armed robbery and sentenced to no less than three years behind bars. He was released in April of this year.

His gang’s home invasion occurred exactly one month after he was turned loose on the populace.

I feel no sympathy for Anthony Gonzales. I feel none for his family, either. Police officers responding to a home invasion where there are multiple armed suspects are going to do everything they can to stop the incident before innocent people are hurt or killed. They knew the men were armed and wearing tactical gear. They knew it was already bad and would get worse. All PIT maneuvers are dangerous, Marlo–you’re doing something you know will send a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed out of control. That’s why, once it’s done, all the cops get away from the vehicle.

As for the claim that officers refused to render aid, what were they supposed to do? Go charging in and asking, “do you need help?” Police officers, for the most part, are not charged with providing medical assistance because their priority is securing the scene. They called rescue crews, who would have staged–gathered somewhere nearby where it was safe–until officers cleared them to come in. They wouldn’t have done that until they knew none of the perpetrators was going to start shooting.

If anything, I would wish the police would sue Marlo and the families of the surviving perps–for raising the little hellions who terrorized the Valley. I wish the victims of the home invasion would do the same. Face it, honey: your child was a monster and you are making excuses. And if you really wanna get mad, get mad at your boy for not wearing a seatbelt. If he had been wearing it he wouldn’t have been ejected from the vehicle and it wouldn’t have landed on him (it’s worth mentioning that rarely does a person ever survive rollover accidents in which they end up pinned beneath the vehicle).

Those police officers are heroes for making sure that no innocent people were hurt or killed.


7 thoughts on “Pay Up, Sucka!

  1. Does this family think any jury will have sympathy for them? Are they that crazy? I hope the legal team representing the police does not back down.

    There is one way to stop such lawsuits:

    Loser pays the winners legal fees and court costs.

  2. “Face it, honey: your child was a monster and you are making excuses. ”

    No No No. He’s a good boy!!! It was the drugs that made him do it. It was the devil that made him do it. It was the gangs that made him do it. It was the full moon that made him do it. It was the cracks in the sidewalk. They drove him crazy. My son is a good boy. He is a real good boy. He’s not bad. He just did a bad thing. But, but, but, he really is a good boy.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…uh huh.

  3. John, tort reform should include those rules; it is how much of Europe staves off the incredible costs of such lawsuits. Have you noticed how that kind of tort reform has been shot down by both of the Democratic presidents we’ve had in recent history?

  4. I think you are an idiot first of all, no one deserves to die like that, yeah they were commiting a crime but these guys were on drugs and as a recovering addict I know what drugs can do too you. you are not in your right mind. And to blame the parents is fucked up it is not there fault. Everyone is responsible for themselves and what they do. Those kids lost there lives to they all got a life sentence. you have no compassion at all for human life I can see that. you got some issues and you need to take a good look at yourself before you open your big ass mouth.

  5. Oh, here we go…the whole “they’re on drugs, they’re not thinking correctly” excuse. They had to make the conscious decision to take the drugs, did they not? Nobody forced that part on them.

    Besides that fact, I have to ask, are we now supposed to ask, “hey, how are you feeling?” before we defend ourselves against a violent person? If someone points a weapon at me and demands my wallet, do I know need to ask what drugs he’s taking before I do something in self-defense? And if I do defend myself and that person is seriously hurt or killed, am I then the bad guy who needs to apologize?

    You think that being a recovered addict makes you a damned expert? Think again. Lemme tell you about me and what I’ve learned. I’m a former corrections officer. I’ve done juveniles and adults, males and females, low-, mid- and max-security facilities. I’ve done both state and private. I’ve dealt with all kinds of criminals, from the ones who were just youthful morons to the ones who loved to play the system. I now work as an EMT and occasional victim advocate, and I’ve seen the hell that drug addicts can visit upon innocent people. Don’t you dare tell me that I have no compassion.

    If you think you are more compassionate than I am, by all means, prove it. I tend to care more about the innocent victims of crime than those who perpetrate it – whether they’re strung out or stone-cold sober. You think I’m an idiot? The only people who think I’m an idiot are those who have made lame excuses for their piss-poor behavior before. So instead of pointing the finger at me, YOU are the one who needs to take a look at YOURself.

  6. @Anonymous

    I have compassion. For the victims of Anthony Gonzales.

    But not being bottomless, I gotta ration it somewhat, so I’m afraid there’s none for the scumbag that busted into a man’s house and pointed guns at a family.

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