Who’s the Self-Hater…?

It never ceases to amaze me just how hypocritical the gay community can be. My Facebook buddy and gayconservative.org reader Matthew O. reminded me today of a post I started and never finished last year. It’s about QUIT, or Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism–it’s a group of San Francisco gays and lesbians who support a “free Palestine” in the face of “israeli terrorism”.

That’s hilarious. It’s so damn funny I forgot to laugh. I don’t understand how this works: I’M a self-loathing closet case because I’m a lesbian who happens to be politically conservative in American circles, yet it’s okay for a group of San Fran divas and diesel dykes to loudly protest in support of one of the most violently anti-gay cultures on the planet? How in the name of Muhammad and all the Caliphs does this work?

Israel is more openly supportive of GLBT folks than pretty much any other country. You may not be able to get married–hell, some hetero couples can’t get married for the religious authority there–but you have a lot more rights. For example, you can have a state-recognized union that gives the same next-of-kin and widow benefits that other couples have (something you don’t get here in the US). You can serve openly in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) just like any straight soldier. Sure, there’s religious backlash, but it’s not near what it is in countries governed by Sharia.

The Palestinian Authority is absolutely brutal. I read a story about one gay Palestinian who was interrogated with his head covered by a sack filled with feces before he was tossed naked into a bug-infested cell. He was later forced to sit on a Coke bottle. One American made the biggest mistake of his life and moved to the West Bank to be with his Palestinian lover; they lived in secrecy until one day they found a letter slipped under their door describing the five different death penalties for homosexuality (beheading, burning, hanging, stoning, and firing squad). One 17-year-old gay Palestinian was kept in a dank prison cell for months while he was cut with glass and had toilet cleaner poured into his wounds. Another gay Palestinian, a police officer, went to Israel for a tryst with his lover and upon his return was dumped in a pit and starved to death by fellow officers.

Gay Palestinians cannot be themselves with their families lest they be beaten, humiliated and forced to marry (that’s if they survive the PA once they’re discovered). They cross into Israel in order to be freely gay. I find it amazing that Hamas can get away with firing upwards of 7,000 rockets into civilian Israeli areas in just three years, but GLBT groups in the United States denounce the Israelis for terrorism. All they did was protect themselves. Where’s the terrorism?

What’s funniest of all in this group is their whining in one press release about having to “struggle for inclusion” among other groups protesting for a “free Palestine.” Gee, I wonder why THAT is?!? Could it possibly be because you’re fighting to justify a group of violent terrorists who wish each and every one of us dead SIMPLY BECAUSE WE’RE GAY???

Holy good Godfrey. Just when I think I’ve seen it all…


8 thoughts on “Who’s the Self-Hater…?

  1. Good Lord, just when I thought I’d seen it all. I can’t believe any self-respecting gay or lesbian person would support a government or country that would torture and/or kill someone because of their sexual orientation. What’s going to be next? Some group of women that supports the Taliban in Afghanistan?

  2. “I find it amazing that Hamas can get away with firing upwards of 7,000 rockets into civilian Israeli areas in just three years, but GLBT groups in the United States denounce the Israelis for terrorism.”

    The Arabs always get good press. Hamas should be happy the entire Gaza Strip wasn’t leveled to dust and everyone there driven into the sea.

  3. Ratboi, Code Pink supports all Muslim nations in standing against the US stance in the War on Terror. That blog will come eventually.

    John, that is exactly why I hate Americans’ propensity to always support who they deem the “underdog.” I don’t see the Arabs as the underdog, but the libs do, and because of that they’ll keep on supporting them.

  4. What a breath of fresh air this site is. I’m a middle-aged heterosexual conservative. I didn’t know about the situation in Israel for gays- we need to follow suit. It would be a smart thing for conservatives to shift their position on gay rights. It is really frustrating to have all gays judged in this country by the screeching anti-American sect of radical liberals- that is the issue, not gay-ness (Is that a word?).

    As Iran says, “We don’t have homosexuality in Iran”. That’s because they kill them when they are discovered. How on earth can any group of civilized people support the hate of the Persians and Arabs? Obama had a real opportunity to support dissent there this year, and he turned his face away for political expediency, and the media says little, unless you read the Wall Street Journal. I just don’t get where peoples’ heads are at sometimes.

  5. “I don’t see the Arabs as the underdog, but the libs do, and because of that they’ll keep on supporting them.”

    I don’t see anti-Israeli Arabs as human beings. When national death is the mantra you don’t get to call yourself a human being.

  6. Silly Mel, didn’t you ever watch “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”? Because QUIT obviously did.

    The white Crocodile Dundee hicks took one look at the men in dresses and said “Faggaridoos!” (or whatever the Australian word for “gaywad” is). But the gentle Indigenous People saw the drag queens and instinctively wanted to have a big group hug followed by a musical number — because that’s how indigenous people are.

  7. “What Islam could not achieve in centuries through military aggression, terrorism and political hardball, will now be accomplished by the global banking community that is stampeding to dominate Islamic banking ruled by totalitarian and brutal Shari’a law. Indeed, this brand of Islamic banking is the mother of all Trojan horses. Every citizen of every non-Islamic country should immediately see the clear and present danger presented by this unholy alliance.” More http://www.augustreview.com/issues/banking/global_banks_embrace_islam_2007121282/

    I received a gift subscription to Financial Times last year. Fairly frequently the FTSE runs large ads (approx 5×7, sometimes as large as 1/4 page) entitled “I Want Shariah Compliant Investment” that read: “Islamic investment is growing at a fast pace, with increasing demand for ways to invest solely in Shariah screened and compliant companies. To stay ahead, we understand that you need a comprehensive and Shariah compliant index solution. Based on the FTSE Global Equity Index Series, FTSE has created the FTSE Shariah Global Equity Index Series, a new series screened to comprise only Shariah compliant stocks, providing solutions that will always be in line with Islamic investors’ needs.” Here are a few other items I came across in FT:

    1/19/09 – Article: New Class for Islamic Finance – “The popularity of sharia-compliant investing is leading western universities to offer master’s degrees in the field

    3/309 – Article by John Aglionby “Islamic banks urged to show west the sharia way forward” – regarding the fifth World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Jakarta

    5/6/09 – A full page was dedicated to the “robust” Islamic Finance and the Economic Sharia Festival in Jakarta in February

    In addition, an ad ran earlier this year in FT announcing job opportunities with the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, it included this statement at the bottom: “Applications are only invited from citizens of member countries of the Islamic Development Bank.” ICD offered tax free salaries paid in US dollars and instructed applicants to send resumes with salary history, within three (3) weeks of the date of the advertisement to: http://www.isdbcareers.com

    Back in December 2008, I came across an article by Andy Polk entitled Exclusive: What You Need to Know About Shariah-Complaint Finance http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.2131/pub_detail.asp that went into depth about Shariah finance:
    “According to experts, the global market for Islamic Financial products in 2008 is worth over $1 Trillion and is expected to grow at 15-20% a year. Islamic financial products are likely to account for 50-60% of the total savings of the world’s 1.2 Billion Muslims in the next decade. The Islamic banking industry’s estimated growth is 20% through 2012. Right now, about $88 Billion dollars in Shariah Compliant Funds are currently invested in the U.S.

    Businessmen look at these statistics and salivate over the potential of new markets and increased profits. American financial institutions loaded with liabilities and debt now consider Middle Eastern investors saviors due to the new sources of capital.” You may want to have a look at the whole report. It’s a good read.

    When Wall Street gets involved and there’s enough money on the line, there’s no stopping the growth of Shariah in the US.

    I’m sorry to write such a dissertation but I think you all should know what’s going on here. There is zero tolerance for same sex perspectives in Shariah.

    I wouldn’t be as concerned about marriage equality as I would be about the rising force of Shariah in the U.S. right now – because if the demographics hold up, the Muslim population in America will reach dominant proportions in another 20 or so years .

  8. Throbert, it’s funny you should say that because I did kinda picture something like that when I first visited the QUIT website last year. I had literally just seen that movie the same day with my gay-boy roommate and have not been able to look at Hugo Weaving the same way since.

    Much the same way another (more unmentionable) movie forever altered my perception of Tim Curry…

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